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The Swiss refer to a traditional Austrian or German dress as a dirndl, but refer to their own traditional clothing as an attempt. As in neighbouring Liechtenstein, the use of the term dirndl for a Swiss dress is not recommended. The style varies depending on the region, for example a Bernese Tracht.

Trying felt more rural and my family comes from cattle breeding, especially dairy farming. It was a way of life that was passed down from generation to generation as soon as they settled here, until the last few. Traditional German clothing in that region originated in the 18th century and combines traditional and popular elements of the time.

You would also wear a plaid or white shirt with it, but for this they sell more “feminine” cut shirts with short sleeves. The #1 Oktoberfest clothing tip is to avoid anything that looks remotely like an Oktoberfest Moser Dirndl costume. For the love of all that is good and pure, stay away from anything that says “beer wench”, “beer garden girl”, “leather pants honey” or my favorite so far “German servant” on the packaging.

The shoes are partly lazy/partly sturdy boot and the socks are woolen calf warmers + ankle socks essentially. A dirndl blouse is the white shirt that you wear under a dirndl. I use the term shirt here very loosely despite the sheer lethal grip of the garment.

Details of beer tents, dates, times, frequently asked questions, photos and much more. Dresses are everywhere at Oktoberfest and other Bavarian beer festivals and are also regularly worn by waitresses in Bavarian restaurants and by guests at weddings. While bracelets and wristwatches are not traditional Bavarian wardrobe items and may look uncomfortable in leather pants, they are totally fine to wear. We are also big fans of traditional Bavarian collarless jackets, although they can be very expensive. You’ll find that most affluent parents who are with their families have these stylish-looking jackets.

It is very likely that you will find something not far away. Someone who does not deny that there was traditional costume in Nordrhine-Westfalien. My relatives there will just give you the equivalent of a deer in lighthouse answer if I’ve asked about it. I sing in a German-American choir here in Evansville, and I’d love to wear a costume like my ancestors wore, rather than Bavarian traditions, but I can’t have a clue what they were wearing. Our men’s collection includes bundhosen for men, German plattlerhosen, try shirts for men and more. We are also happy to offer a collection of German leather pants for men, and we make it easy to buy leather pants online in the United States.