Stravopys Review 2023: Create Digital Menu for Your Restaurant

Stravopys Review 2023: Create Digital Menu for Your Restaurant

Share your menu/product catalogue and accept orders from customers simply by sharing a QR code! If that interests you, this Stravopys review is for you.

Doesn’t the paper menu sound outdated? Customers having to shift through pages trying to find what they want?

With Stravopys, they can get the menus delivered on their phones, in seconds. Then, they can simply search for their disch/item directly instead of having to search for it. Yes, it makes you look cool too, doesn’t it?

Let’s see if Stravopys is worth it. Oh, did I mention it’s 100% free to try? It is, so don’t reach into your pockets just yet.

What is Stravopys?

I agree, the name isn’t exactly descriptive. Stravopys is basically a QR Code menu generato (and a lot more).

In simpler words, you can create a digital menu that anyone can access simply by scanning a QR code.

When your QR code is scanned, users land on a website. This website contains all your menu, sub-categories and everything else.

What’s more is, Stravopys can also be used to take and deliver orders. This essentially means you can build your entire business right away, without a single outlet! Simply list everything you can cook/sell, take orders, deliver them directly to the customer. No restaurants or million dollar investments needed!

On top of the menu, Stravopys can also be used to offer passwordless login to your WiFi, monitor what users search for on your website and more.


I like to begin with the UI. That’s because if an app isn’t user-friendly, its features are nullified. The features mean nothing if they can’t be “used easily”, don’t you agree?

Fortunately, Stravopys agrees and follows the very traditional layout consisting of the top-bar, left sidebar and the centre-screen.

User Interface

The left-sidebar is basically the “feature list”. Almost everything that you can do with Stravopys can be found on the left-sidebar.

The top-bar displays your “establishment” (restaurant/cafe or any other business) and lets you add new establishments.

There’s a secondary top-bar that lets you create categories for your menu.

Stravopys even starts you with a demo menu so you don’t have to start from absolute scratch. You can simply begin editing the items/images in these menu to get things done quicker.

The menu you have can be controlled easily and in single clicks using the three small buttons displayed next to the name of the menu.

So far, there’s nothing that seems complicated or hard to understand, is there?

Independent menu categories

Stravopys  lets you create “menu categories”. By default, you get “Breakfast”, “Main course” and “Dessert”.

Of course, you can add anything else you’d like to the list. E.g. I’ve added “Updateland special” just to demonstrate how it works.

Independent menu categories

You can even create “subcategories” within a primary category. It’s best for scenarios such as “breakfast > continental / Indian / Chinese > veg / non veg” and so on.

With a single click, you can also “prohibit orders” for individual categories. Imagine you have items that are only available during specific times of the day, well, you can disable the category for all other times!

Dozens of item customizations available

  • Being a “menu” app, I guess the customizations you can make to the individual food items is of utmost importance, isn’t it?

Well, each item you add gives you 4 primary options:

  • General
  • Variations
  • Extended
  • And Special offer.

Let’s start with the general customizations?

start with the general customizations

  • Title: The name of the food item
  • Subtitle: It’s basically like a short catchy phrase you can use.
  • Description: This is where you describe your food, ingredients and other details.
  • Price: I’m sure you know what this is.
  • Amount
  • And the image.

While this covers all the general details, you of course can add other information to your listing.

The ‘variation’ tab lets you add additional items to the primary item. E.g. if my primary item is a Pizza, I can add tomatoes, cheese, dips as additional items.

variation tab

You can even add ‘groups’ to the same item. E.g. I can add a non-veg and a veg group, each with their own additional items to the primary item ‘Pizza’.

Then there are the ‘Extended’ customizations you can add.

Extended customizations you can add

  • Item type: You can add the exact ‘type’ of item you’ve added. It can be a dish/drink/hookah etc.
  • Cooking time lets you specify an expected cooking time for the dish.
  • New: When enabled, a ‘new’ label would appear on the item indicating its a recent addition to the menu.
  • Label for new: You get to choose what exactly the label should say when you enable the ‘new’ button. Some cool ideas are- ‘fresh’, ‘must try’ etc.
  • Spicy level: This lets you choose from mild/medium/hot/ and extra hot.
  • Allergens: If you’re adding ingredients someone may be allergic to, you can mention those here so your customers don’t get sick. It also may add trust and reputation for your business.
  • Vegetarian: Enabling this would display a vegetarian icon next to the food.

Finally, the last possible customization is ‘special offer’. You can basically add make these special listings with special prices. They get highlighted on your menu and may get more orders.

Password-less WiFi QR Codes

If you thought Stravopys was only for menus and food, you were wrong.

Stravopys also allows your to offer free WiFi to the customers at your table easily. You can create WiFi QR codes.

All you need to do is enter your SSID (name of your WiFi) and the password. The process hardly takes a minute at best.

Password less WiFi QR Codes

Simply ask your customers to scan these codes and they’ll be connected to your WiFi instantly.

Invite team-members

Stravopys understands that running any business is easier with a team, you probably got one, haven’t you?

Of course you can invite team-members to your Stravopys admin dashboard.

Detailed statistics

No one likes long spreadsheets and crunching numbers. But, that’s a crucial part of your business, any business in fact, isn’t it?

Stravopys makes this easy. It displays nearly every crucial information as far as your Stravopys stats go.

Detailed statistics

For starters, it’ll display the total QR scans, total categories on your menu,  total subcategories, menu items etc.

You can even check “number of menu views” by date and time. Helps you identify peak hours for your menu.

The good news is, these aren’t displayed as boring stats. Rather, everything is displayed in neat graphs and box charts which does make things way less boring.

Header Customization

As stated earlier in this Stravopys review, scanning the QR code takes users to your digital menu which basically is a website. j

Of course, you get to customise  how your header looks like. You get to edit the header (generally the name of your business), add a tagline, and the image that’s displayed.

Header Customization

All of this takes less than 3 clicks and 1 minute at best, they sure made things easy, didn’t they?

Take orders and build a business

This is another side of the Strovopys coin. I personally tried Stravopys more for this feature than its QR code abilities.

So, it lets me ‘take orders’. Now, this practically let me set up my restaurant/catering/cafe or many other businesses.  As long as I’ve a team that can cook/ deliver other similar products, I can build my menu, and start accepting orders.

It does offer a few pretty advanced order features, these being:

Take orders and build a business

Absolutely no “website building” skills are required. There’s even an integrated form. It collects information such as client name, address, special comments for the order, phone no. etc.

Of course, these fields can be customised in a single click. You can even set an automated “success” message that’s displayed once an order is placed.

Similarly, you can set how you wish to get notified. You can set e-mail and/or Telegram. Setting up the Telegram chat automation is extremely easy as well.

Finally, you can enable/disable 3 modes of payment, these can be online/cash or terminal.

3 online modes of payment

I just said you can accept online payments, didn’t I? But how hard/complex or integrating that is? In this case, it’s a walk in the park.

On the “Order Settings” page, you get 3 online payment modes you can set. These are:

  • Stripe
  • Fondy
  • LiqPay

Stravopys Pricing Plans

So, the final question arises, how much does Stravopys cost?

Nothing! Well, not for the trial at least.

There’s a 100% free trial that doesn’t need your credit card or any such detail. Simply enter an e-mail ID and you get your free Stravopys trial account.

As for the paid plans, a single plan exists but the pricing differs based on your payment term.

Stravopys pricing plans

  • Standard plan/ monthly: $19.00/month
  • Annual plan: $199.00/month (2 months free).

There’s an additional “Network” plan that lets you add up to 20 establishments/ businesses and costs $499.00/year.

Final words- Stravopys review

That’s about it folks. Time for my personal opinion here, eh?

In my opinion, if you own a business where your customers order food, Stravopys takes things to the next level for you. It’s easier, simpler and faster for everyone.

If you don’t own a business yet, and would like to start, Stravopys lets you do that. No coding, domain, landing page, server required. Simply list your products and start delivering the orders.

Using the platform is as simple as it could be, I’m sure the attached snapshots concur the same, don’t they?

All in all, I’d say I’m pretty impressed. However, why take my word for it? Go sign up, it’s 100% free and is the best way to judge it on your own, isn’t it?

Digital nomads in the hybrid office. How are they revolutionising the office layout?

Digital nomads in the hybrid office. How are they revolutionising the office layout?

Digital nomads define a new era of professionals who combine their passion for travel with the opportunity to work remotely. They symbolise a modern approach to working life, characterised by independence, freedom and mobility. Nevertheless, this working style does not lack challenges, such as effective collaboration or maintaining communication continuity. In dealing with these issues, today’s offices are beginning to adapt to these specific needs, creating advanced virtual working environments that facilitate integration between remote workers and stationary team members. Find out how adapting to the needs of digital nomads is shaping the future of offices in a hybrid working world.

hushoffice hushhybrid officepod

Who are digital nomads?

Digital nomads are a new category of workers, who combine remote working with a passion for exploring the world. These are individuals who are not confined to one workplace. They use technological innovation to work from the most diverse locations of the globe. Some move every few months, while others prefer a permanent home, travelling only occasionally. Common to all digital nomads is their autonomy and quest for adventure. They can be freelancers, full-time employees or even business owners. Over the past decade, digital nomadism has come a long way – from being a niche lifestyle to the mainstream. The rise in popularity of this lifestyle is due to a number of factors, including cultural changes that emphasise the value of experiences over material possessions.

How have digital nomads changed workplace culture?

Digital nomads have revolutionised the concept of a customary workplace, while also contributing to the evolution of work culture around the world. Their independence, mobility, and ability to integrate work and travel into their lives have come to symbolise a new era of professional flexibility. Owing to them, the boundaries of the office have expanded beyond the space’s four walls and the world has become one big workplace.

They preach that work does not have to be confined to a single location or completed in a nine-to-five schedule. They show that work-life balance can be achieved in ways that previously seemed impossible. They have made the culture of work more inclusive, results-oriented and open to a variety of experiences and perspectives. In the age of digital nomads, the value of an employee is not assessed by where they perform their duties, but by how they contribute to the team and what results they achieve.


Offices tailored to the needs of digital nomads

With their unconventional approach to work, digital nomads have helped to revolutionise the concept of office design. In response to their needs, employers started transforming their offices into flexible, multifunctional environments. It became apparent that the modern office should be adaptable, as it enables a seamless transition between individual and team work, as well as balancing deep focus and respite.

Coworking zones: a place for nomads in a digital world

Professionals who combine work and travel are keen to take advantage of the coworking offices available around the world. These are specially designed spaces that allow you to rent a desk by the hour. However, modern coworking spaces go a step further, offering facilities such as Hushoffice acoustic work pods. These are small, soundproofed rooms designed for undisturbed phone calls and video conferencing, and focused work.

Coworking zones have thus become both a space in which to perform duties and an environment for those who roam the world in search of inspiration, without sacrificing professional working conditions.

Office space for online meetings

To meet the needs of office workers and digital nomads alike, employers need to create the right environment for online meetings. Providing a high-quality internet connection and sound, they must create the ambience to showcase their professional approach in the digital world. HushHybrid acoustic work pods take up very little space, so you can use them to quickly create ideal video meeting spaces. They cut out noise and distractions, enabling smooth communication.

Hybrid collaboration areas

Spaces for hybrid collaboration have become increasingly necessary in many offices. Preferably, they ensure a seamless transition between virtual and physical interactions, blending the advantages of both. Multi-person acoustic work pods are used for working on projects together, regardless of where the participants are located. In addition, hybrid collaboration zones promote team integration by encouraging spontaneous meetings and idea exchanges, both face to face and online. In this way, digital nomads can reap the full benefits of the flexibility of remote working, while retaining the value of authentic human interaction.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Small Businesses

The customer experience is one of the most important pillars of today’s marketing. If you can identify customers’ most important moments, you know how to best reach them. Hiring and retaining the best talent is essential to success in digital marketing. However, companies are noticing that there is a significant generation gap, as the supply of specialized profiles does not always meet demand. Brands, especially if they’re new, don’t have a loyal customer base.

Imagine setting up an automated email marketing campaign where all actions are automatically triggered and executed. Instead of spending the day manually completing daily tasks, you can now focus your energy on driving strategy. The usability of the website and the user experience are important factors in this section of your analysis. How does your competitor design its products: Are they separated by function, target segment, prices or are they unfiltered, which causes complicated traces of breadcrumbs? Whether the customer can easily navigate through your competitor’s resources and successfully process their payment is an important knowledge. Understanding how your competitors save abandoned carts or whether they don’t care at all is key to your competitive advantage.

(See the insertion “Using Customer Focus Groups to Evaluate Value.”) The following describes a process for creating a value model using field value ratings. To measure value in practice, it is crucial to have a common understanding of its value in the trading markets. Before we go into detail about creating value models, we need to briefly explain what we mean by value.

The customer’s system may only contain aggregated order information that only shows how much has been paid in total. To make the task even more complicated, invoices themselves often contain incomplete item descriptions that make it difficult to determine exactly what was purchased. Initially, GCS assembled a case team consisting of a consulting manager, a consultant and a business analyst. The project team was a smaller, cross-functional group with representatives from each of the departments on the steering committee and was responsible for working with the GCS case team.

It’s true that most companies will use some form of market segmentation, which means they know if their target audience is primarily online, offline, or a combination of both. But to be heard among the multitude of promotions and ads present in our lives, experimenting with a variety of marketing methods is not a bad thing. It’s incredibly rare to find a successful brand that doesn’t use social media. For this reason, social media marketing should take a firm and consistent place in your marketing strategy. The real value of smart marketing is getting the right deals at the right time in the right place. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the location where you run your business.

The target audience is who the company expects to buy your product or service. If we use the previous example of diapers, the product itself is aimed at babies and toddlers, but of course they will not be the ones who make the actual purchase. In these circumstances, advertising and marketing efforts should be directed to the target audience, which is made up of the parents and guardians making the purchase. Your marketing strategy framework is more of an overarching strategic overall plan that is connected to the entire brand and its business goals.

Many customers, such as .B the commercial producer, understand their own requirements, but do not necessarily know what it is worth for them to meet these requirements. For suppliers, this lack of understanding is an opportunity to convincingly demonstrate the value of what they offer and help customers make smarter purchasing decisions. If you’re ready to bring more traffic to your website with high-quality content being published all the time, check out our Content Builder service. Arrange a quick consultation and I’ll send you a free PDF version of my books. Get started today and generate more traffic and leads for your business.

Brochures are great for many businesses that rely on local marketing, such as .B a car wash or restaurant. If that’s what you and your brand are, you’ll need a brochure template that’s ready to use right out of the box when you have an event, sale, or the opportunity to publish some. If your sales team introduces itself to one of your potential marketing agency customers, you want a brand launch pad as a marketing guarantee. You don’t want to run the risk of having different information on different covers, fake brand colors, or messages that don’t match. Every time you send an email, from a newsletter to an order confirmation, you create an interaction between your audience and your brand.

There may or may not be many different government regulations that may or may not be in your favor, and besides, political factors are likely to be out of your control anyway. It also requires a lot of work, so this type of marketing material is the next level. The more information you provide, the more visibility you get online. LinkedIn company pages are pretty comprehensive, while Instagram bios are short and creative. Our information is provided free of charge and is intended to be useful for a variety of companies based in the United Kingdom ( and Québec ( Due to its general nature, the information cannot be considered exhaustive and should never be used as a substitute for legal or professional advice.

Email campaigns and various social media platforms have made it very easy to reach a wider audience. The main advantage is that you can do all this without burning a hole in your pocket. The leads you can find online are a much larger group than you can only attract locally. With digital marketing techniques, you can reach a global audience in a cost-effective, scalable, and measurable way. When small businesses start, they often focus on how to get the first customers in the door.

Why Digital Marketing Is Necessary For Small Enterprise

If individuals can’t find something about you online, chances are you’ll lose them as a customer. News, features and sources round business, startups, know-how, leisure, occasions, way of life and subjects that matter to the plenty. Casablanca, Morocco-based Chari, a B2B e-commerce and FinTech startup, on Thursday, closed a bridge round at a valuation of $100 million. Using tools like Google Trends and following Quoras and Reddit boards are a number of nice methods to learn about what keywords and matters are trending. Facebook Audience Insightsis a fantastic software to find potential audiences and deep dive into what other interests these audiences could have. You can use this data to uncover new potential audiences to check.

These platforms enable companies to answer buyer questions, alleviate misconceptions, and even generate gross sales. This may be achieved through regular useful blog posts, newsletters, reveals, promotions, and special presents. Nowadays, many people the world over are spending their time on-line. In order to benefit from this huge audience base, maximising your online presence is vital. Digital advertising is all about reaching the best people on the right time. Hence, to begin with, one will must have an attractive on-line store with straightforward navigation to enhance audience reach.

Various budding applied sciences like AI can be included into Digital Marketing which additional emancipates this advertising branch of enterprise. You can higher perceive the seller from critiques of their different prospects KOL marketing. We all have witnessed the inseparable revolution of expertise as nicely as the significance of Digital Marketing. Increased accessibility and affordability of digital media have given immense power to this rising know-how of Digital Marketing.

Mobile apps present shoppers with special offers and coupons, buyer help, and comparison instruments, which improve our understanding of the buying process. With digital advertising, a marketer can observe the whole shopping for journey of the client. Before digital advertising grew to become in style, not many people had been talking about the buyer journey, primarily as a outcome of it was difficult to understand and analyze. More typically than not, a customer would go to a bodily retailer after seeing an ad on TV or within the newspaper, decide, and pay for the product or service inside the store. However, in digital advertising, we will track every step that a customer makes, usually from the moment when they’re triggered to discover a solution or product.

With so many advantages obtainable for simply about any budget, it makes sense why so many companies are succeeding with digital marketing efforts. Fast ahead to the current and digital advertising is as necessary, if no more so, than traditional advertising methods. This divide seems destined to grow wider over time, as many businesses are diverting funds from traditional to digital advertising methods. Taken as a whole, it is vital for companies to plan and execute a viable digital advertising strategy. Now, one factor is for sure that on-line advertising is far more effective than traditional marketing. The professionals understand the importance of digital marketing and devise a strategic plan customised for an individual enterprise.

Additionally, it is often less expensive than traditional advertising, and enables you to measure success every day and pivot as you see match. It is important that the modern marketer has a way to monitor the success of their marketing campaigns. This helps manufacturers see what is working and what isn’t in terms of their advertising techniques.

And although we are saying it so much, the way folks shop and buy actually has modified along with it — which means offline advertising isn’t as efficient because it used to be. Digital advertising makes it simple to comment on issues and controversies that relate to your product or your trade. In this fashion, you possibly can set up yourself as an authority on such matters, main readers to trust you, come back for more information, and eventually make a purchase.