Animation Outsourcing Glossary

Getting the most out of these specializations is an important advantage of working with an external development studio. You’ll also have access to specialists who can handle certain project issues and fill gaps using your skills. Some animation studios are partially active on their website and independent websites, but consistently post on social media. If you want to work with one of them, it’s usually a good idea to check their social media accounts. Our animated video company is the perfect place to outsource animation services that bring characters, environments and props to life.

As you’d expect from a 2D or 3D animation outsourcing company, we love to build different models and give them movement, so we’re always looking for new opportunities. If you have 2D or 3D work that needs the touch of experienced animators and artists, we are happy to help. Just contact us through one of the methods mentioned and we can create something spectacular together. Companies have been using digital media to showcase their products and services for decades, and the clips produced today sometimes surprise with their sophistication. You can see how it works on our virtual tour of a skyscraper in the center of a city. The game development process starts with a lot of planning to make sure you understand your goals, budget, and technology needs.

Time is money, especially in light of the tight development schedules inherent in the gaming industry. Rocksalt is a game art and animation outsourcing studio with a presence in India, Singapore, the Philippines and Denmark. Our specialties include 3D and 2D gaming art, concept and marketing art, animation, AR VR, VFX and asset integration services. Feeding the imagination to create a winning game art design is what we do best.

Such animated objects are more impressive and realistic, making games more popular with the younger generation. 3D animators produce a more stylized and detailed form of images that help convey the heroes’ character traits, attitudes, behaviors, and background. Apart from that, 3D animation for game developers and designers is more impressive and generates higher revenue due to its high user engagement. Only an experienced game animation company with qualified experts can work with 3D animation.

Over the past 10 years of our operations, companies have outsourced animation work to us and rely on our professionals to provide exceptional solutions. We are committed to delivering maximum customer satisfaction and helping our clients turn their vision into reality. They are essentially companies that mainly focus on specifically delivering the animation part of the pipeline in game development processes for other production teams. Their ability to deliver quality animation outsourcing companies and quantity quickly stems from the fact that they are constantly working within that part of the pipe and are incredibly efficient and skilled at it. Looking for an animation outsourcing company may seem like a daunting task, but it’s significantly easier than trying to do all your animation in-house, especially when it comes to standalone titles. As a result, game developers can receive professionally crafted art designs for relatively ridiculous money.