7 Best Sites like GoMovies To Watch Movies Online

7 Best Sites like GoMovies To Watch Movies Online

This list of sites like GoMovies will make sure you get all the working alternatives to GoMovies right here. Yes, all these websites have been tested and they’re working as of January 2024.

If you like watching movies, preferably without downloading them, this list is for you. Each of these websites lets you stream movies without any registration, payment or subscriptions.

Of course, the movie quality, number & types of available movies, and many other factors vary for each of these sites. 

Let’s first start with what’s important, eh?

Block AVT (Ads/ Viruses/ Tracking) Before Accessing These GoMovies Alternatives

This section may seem to be out of context here, give me a second to clear the air.

These websites are some of the easiest ways hackers hack into your systems. More commonly, they infect your system with viruses and other malware. How? You’ll be clicking on so many links and movie-titles you won’t even notice which popup did what! 

At the least, the ads on these websites are extremely frustrating. Each click will launch a few new tabs and popups in most cases. 

Oh, then there’s the issue of legality. You never know which of these sites are legal and which aren’t. Streaming movies illegally is a crime. Your identity and exact location can be tracked using your IP address.

To block all 3 of the above threats (Ads/Viruses and Tracking), all you need is a good VPN. I’ll suggest going with NordVPN. It’s the most secure, feature-rich, verified ‘no logs policy” and yet the cheapest VPN out there (less than $2.50/month!).

It’ll block ads, and viruses and change your IP address so you can’t be tracked. Then, some of these websites may be blocked in your region/country. It helps unblock any and every website out there. 

Legal Disclaimer 

We haven’t verified the legality of these sites, or the content on them. We have no direct/indirect control over the websites or the content on them. As such, it’s your (the reader’s) responsibility to asscertain the legality of the sites and their content. Do not stream movies from an unlicensed/illegal source. 

The 7 Best Sites like GoMovies To Watch Movies

1. UpMovies

Website: https://upmovies.to/

Two major reasons make it the best Gomovies alternative 2024. User-Interface & number of streaming servers.

In terms of “interface” you’d rarely find another site here that’s designed better than 5Movies. The homepage has multiple sliders and each slider has a category.

You can easily scroll through the newest movies, recently added movies/series, anime/cartoon, Asian Drama etc. 

Of course the more traditional top-bar with filters such as release-year, countries, asian dramas, genres etc. are available as well. You can also use the search-bar to type directly what you’re searching for.

The content recency is impressive. Everything released in the last 7 days or so seems to be available. 

All the details about a movie can be found if you simply hover over the thumbnail. These include release-year, cast, run-time, director, and even a synopsis. Ironically, the “quality” isn’t mentioned so you must play a movie to know if it’s of a quality you can watch. 

Its seconds biggest strength is its “streaming servers”. I’ve seen nearly 50 available servers for most movies! It’s almost guaranteed your movie will play, no matter how many servers fail! 

The video-player depends on the server. So, it’s almost sure that you can control the quality/playback speed/subtitles for movies on one of these servers.

2. Cmovies 

Website: https://en.cmovies-official.site/

Cmovies is another one of those rare sites like Gomovies that actually paid attention to the user-interface.

You can pick your movie from the top-bar by clicking on a genre, country, or list of top IMDb movies. Or, you can scroll down on the homepage. Hundreds of movies are displayed in various categories. 

The movie thumbnails do include the movie-quality which saves time. In case of TV series, the exact episode number too is displayed on these thumbnails. 

Hovering over thumbnails reveals more details such as release-year, cast, run-time etc. A synopsis and related hashtags can be found once you click on a thumbnail and reach the movie-page.

Cmovies ensures your movie plays by offering 6-7 servers for most movies. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a subtitle or quality-control feature on any of these servers. The playback speed however can be controlled.

Each movie page also has a “ You may also like” section which gives us more similar movies. Makes finding your next binge easier. 

And yes, ads will kill you unless you employ NordVPN or some other VPN/ad-blocker. 

3. MoviesJoy 

Website: https://moviesjoy.plus/

Moviesjoy interface may be basic, but that’s a good thing, keep things simple eh? The homepage has tons of movie thumbnails. You can click on any of these to start watching right away.

Of course, you can search for your movies using a search-bar on the right sidebar. Have nothing specific in mind? Use its top-bar to simply scroll through “comedy movies”, “horror movies”, action movies’ etc. 

The available content is fairly fresh and new although I’ve seen more updated databases elsewhere. The movie-pages too could be more descriptive, they don’t display the movie release-date for some reason. But hey, do you seriously care?

As for movie quality, most content is HD if not exactly 4K. In rare cases you may stumble across 480P videos as well. 

The video players are impressive. You’ll find subtitles in over a dozen languages, in-built, automated subtitles! And yes you can control the quality, as well as playback speed of the movies! 

In most cases, you’ll find more than one servers for the movies, yes, there aren’t dozens of those but it isn’t a “single-server” site either.

Yes, ads exist. Tons. That’s exactly why you need NordVPN or any other VPN to block those out.

4. Bmovies 

Website: https://bmovies.vip/ 

BMovies has an interface that’s almost traditional to most websites like Gomovies. You’ll find a big search-bar on the homepage and a top-bar that offers filters. 

If you know exactly what you wish to watch, use the search-bar. If you don’t, use the top-bar to find movies that suite your type, these include genre, country, release, tv-series etc.

There’s even a very advanced feature that lets you combine multiple filters. E.g. “Denmark + horror + 2023”. 

The thumbnails are informative, they’ll tell you the movies’ quality, run-time and release year before you click on the movie. Helps find exactly what you need without you having to play the movies.

Of course, more details can be obtained from the movie-page such as production house, IMDb rating, cast if you care.

It’s one of the most server-rich websites like GoMovies offering up to 6 streaming servers in some cases. 

The control offered by the video players is equally impressive. You get to choose a subtitle from a dozen languages, upgrade/downgrade the quality, and control the playback speed! 

5. YesMovies 

Website :https://ww.yesmovies.ag/yes.html

Probably one of the more popular names (123movies, Fmovies, Solarmovie, and Soap2day) on this list, isn’t it? The homepage here is simpler, with a big search bar. 

However, the magic happens when you search for anything, anything at all. The actual YesMovies site is revealed then. You’ll then get to choose a genre of your preference or a country where your movie was made. You can also choose from a list of “top IMDb” movies.

The movie quality is mentioned on the thumbnail. And yes, not everything is 1080P, but that’s natural and expected, isn’t it? An extremely detailed movie-page tells you everything else about the movie if that matters to you.

While it may not have as many servers as 5movies or Cmovies, it does have 3 on average which get the job done.

The video-player is flawless. It has in-built subtitles. Yes, that’s only in English but that’s something, isn’t it? The subtitles can be customized for font-colour, size, opacity etc. The quality of the video too can be increased or decreased. 

Yes, despite being immensely popular it’s not free from the sin of ads.

6. Watch Free 

Website: https://watch-free.tv/

The name couldn’t be simpler. It lets you watch free TV, that’s it. It may not be the GoMovies new domain but totally serves the same purpose. 

The interface isn’t very “friendly”, specially if you wish to use filters. Filters exist, getting to them requires a few clicks. When you do reach them, only “genres” and “release-year” can be selected. 

Of course you can simply search for the movie directly using the search-bar at top. 

Movie thumbnails look basic but below each thumbnail you’ll get information such as movie-quality, run-time etc. Nearly all the available content is HD, about 720P or 1080P.

The video players are impressive. They offer the two most needed controls- subtitle and quality-control.

Yes the movie-pages give you more information about the movie, but who reads those, eh?

A long list of “related movies” is shown which helps me easily switch to the next thing I’m going to waste my time with. 

It’s massively lacking in terms of servers. In most cases you get a single server and that’s it!  Content recency is impressive though, has nearly everything. 

7. LookMovie 

Website: https://www.lookmovie2.to/

A very professional interface greets you. I also liked the fact that they’ve an optional “membership”, this removes all ads. Hey, if you aren’t using NordVPN, the membership helps you get rid of the ads as well. 

Most movies/series released within the last few weeks are available. The release-date as well as quality of the movie is displayed on the thumbnail.

An advanced filter also lets you filter for genre, release-year and rating of the movies. Or, yes, use the search-bar.

You get 3 quality-options in most cases, full HD, HD or 480P. A subtitle option exists as well however LookMovie doesn’t offer in-built subtitles, you get to upload your own though. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t multiple servers. While I’ve never found a dead server, if you do, there’s no replacement/alternative. 

Frequently asked questions

Now that you have a few replacements for the GoMovies official website, allow me to answer some questions you may have.

What is an alternative to GoMovies?

This list will give you all the replacements for GoMovies that let you stream and watch movies for free when you can’t access GoMovies. 

Is GoMovies safe?

Like all other options on this list, we do not have a direct idea of how safe GoMovies or its replacements are. This is why you need NordVPN or some other good VPN to protect you from viruses, ads, and being tracked.

What is GoMovies new site name?

There’s no way to ascertain which new GoMovies site is the official replacement for GoMovies. This is why we came up with these GoMovies alternatives so you can pick any of these. 

Sites like GoMovies- Conclusion 

I’m confident you’ve got enough best free movie streaming sites like GoMovies to watch free movies by now, haven’t you? The best part? Every single one of these websites works. If they don’t work for you, enable your NordVPN (because they may be blocked for you) and re-try.

Even with a VPN, try to refrain from downloading content from these sites. Apart from that, these GoMovies alternative websites will let you stream nearly any movie, in a fairly good quality, without any registration or payment.

There isn’t much to say about these then, is there? Go give these a try. If for some reason you don’t like option A, come back here and pick one of the other sites like GoMovies eh?