Social Support in College: The Importance of Strong Relationships

Social Support in College: The Importance of Strong Relationships

Healthy relationships are crucial for the success of college students. According to research, more than 70% of university students struggle with homesickness, with more than 20% of college dropouts terminating their studies because of mental health problems. Evidence shows that social support is important in learners’ mental health and academic performance.

Understand that healthy social networks can enhance the student’s life and improve self-esteem. However, these relationships don’t just happen. Students have to work on how they relate with others. Here are some reasons why solid social relationships are crucial in college.

Benefits of Social Support

Research associates social support with broad factors like identity, better motivation, networks, and empathy. Support is also linked to healthier life choices and improved interpersonal functioning. Here are a few notable reasons why students need to work on their social relationships in college.

Improve Mental Health

One of the most important reasons why college students need to work on their social support systems is that it relates to their mental well-being. Experts often link having a perceived strong social support system with robust psychological health. Remember, social support means having friends and family you can turn to in times of need or distress.

These relationships can be critical whether you are going through a personal crisis or in need of urgent assistance. Your loved ones can also prove helpful when you just need someone to spend time with and share your worries. In addition, the experience can be therapeutic and serves as a stress relief mechanism.

Being surrounded by caring and supportive people helps students see themselves as better capable of handling daily stresses. They are also able to get tips on things like where to order custom essay writing service online.

Is Good for Physical Health

Another benefit of social support for college students is concerns about physical health. Evidence shows that healthy relationships lead to responsible choices and behaviors. Furthermore, when students participate in healthy social groups, it has a normative effect on their behaviors. In other words, students can get to change their attitudes about exercise and healthy meals when their relationships are healthy.

Of course, there are instances where social groups can negatively affect your behavior. For instance, peer influence can lead students to drug and alcohol abuse. However, group influence can also push students to make healthy decisions as well. Evidence also shows that social support leads to longer lives.

Supports Collaborative Learning

Evidence shows that educational experiences that are active and social tend to lead to deeper learning. According to experts, students who collaborate on tasks report higher-level thinking and better oral communication. Collaboration also leads to better leadership skills and improved self-management.

Collaborative learning is also linked to better knowledge retention and an improved sense of responsibility. These students engage in social interactions often and have a better understanding of different perspectives. What’s more, they become more tolerant of others and are better prepared for real-life social situations. Besides, collaborative learning helps students to cope with difficult assignments together and share their knowledge with others. It is possible, for example, to find a good argumentative essay writer among your group mates who can help you with writing tasks.

Improved Motivation

Learning motivation is the driving force behind students’ psyche that guarantees the progression of learning activities. Motivation gives direction when learning and results in learning activities, allowing students to pursue and reach certain goals. The factors shaping motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Extrinsic factors, in this sense, is the form of conducive learning situation and perceived rewards. On the other hand, social support is a necessary form of extrinsic motivation.

Recent studies have established a link between social support and students’ academic motivation. College life tends to be frustrating, and most learners struggle to keep up with the demands. Due to the challenges, the college dropout rate has risen as most people opt out of campus life. According to experts, healthy social support helps students remain motivated and can be a remedy for homesickness.

How to Establish and Improve Social Support

Growing a healthy social support system is a deliberate undertaking. It requires specific actions aimed at getting to meet new people and interacting to generate long-term connections. For example, students can grow their social networks by volunteering. When they pick important things and get more involved, the students meet people with whom they share interests and values.

You can also grow your social network by joining a gym or fitness group. In addition to allowing you to meet new friends, exercise is also great for your mental and physical well-being. Make sure you attend class to meet your coursemates and interact in meaningful ways.

Social support is an important factor in college students’ mental, academic, and physical health. This article highlights a few reasons students need to deliberately grow their social networks. Nothing quite matches the feeling of knowing that there are people who can support you whenever you encounter challenges.

The Importance of Transcription in Achieving Business Success

The Importance of Transcription in Achieving Business Success

Having an organized and accurate record of conversations, meetings, and events is essential for any successful business. Transcription services can help companies capture vital information in a timely manner and ensure that important decisions are made with the most up-to-date data available. By providing transcripts of audio or video recordings, transcription services can provide businesses with key insights into customer feedback, market trends, product development strategies, and much more.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of transcription in achieving business success.

What is Transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting spoken words or other audio recordings into written form. It’s a critical part of capturing and organizing important conversations, meetings, lectures, and other events. Using a transcription service, companies can quickly convert audio or video recordings into an organized and easily searchable form of text.

How Many Businesses Use Transcription Services?

According to a survey conducted by the International Association of Professional Transcribers (IAPT), 66% of businesses use transcription services. This statistic highlights the importance of transcription in achieving business success. The survey also found that companies that use transcription services are more likely to have higher customer satisfaction rates and improved employee engagement.

What Are the Benefits of Transcription for Business?

Transcription services provide businesses with a variety of benefits, including:

Increased Accuracy and Timeliness of Information

Transcription services help ensure that important conversations, meetings, and events are accurately recorded. This helps businesses make decisions with confidence and reduces the need for costly re-recording of conversations.

Improved Organization of Data

Using transcription services, companies can quickly organize and search through audio or video recordings. This makes it easier to locate key information and make quick decisions when needed.

Better Customer Service

Transcription services can help businesses provide better customer service by providing transcripts of conversations that customers may have had with the company’s representatives.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Transcription services also allow companies to capture employee feedback and opinions in a timely manner and use this information to enhance employee engagement.

Assisting Employees with Focusing on Their Other Tasks

Transcription services can help free up employee time and resources by taking care of tasks such as transcribing audio recordings. This helps employees focus more on their other tasks, such as developing strategies and analyzing data.

Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Transcription services can also help businesses boost their marketing efforts. By providing transcripts of customer conversations, companies can gain valuable insights into what customers want and use this information to target their marketing campaigns. While measuring marketing performance can be difficult, transcription services can make a part of your marketing processes easier.

Providing High-quality Transcripts

Transcription services can provide businesses with high-quality transcripts. This allows companies to use transcripts for a variety of purposes, such as conducting legal proceedings, creating records of meetings, or providing transcripts to customers.

Time and Money Can Be Saved

Using transcription services can also save companies time and money. By outsourcing the task of transcribing audio or video recordings, businesses don’t need to hire and train additional staff members. Furthermore, transcription services can help companies save on storage costs since they don’t need to store physical recordings.

Summarizing Important Meetings

Transcription services can help companies keep track of important meetings and summarize the key points quickly. This helps businesses make better, more informed decisions by quickly reviewing and making sense of large amounts of data.

Separating Business from Personal Information

Transcription services can also help businesses separate business-related conversations and information from personal conversations. This can help businesses ensure compliance with various privacy regulations.

Helping with Business Accessibility

Transcription services can also help businesses become more accessible. By providing transcripts in multiple languages or formats, companies can make their services available to a wider range of customers. For example, for businesses with large websites and many videos, making these videos accessible is vital and necessary for those with vision or hearing difficulties.

Helping to Reduce Digital Storage Space

By using transcription services, businesses can significantly reduce their digital storage space. Transcription services allow companies to convert audio and video recordings into text documents, which take up much less digital storage space than the original recordings. This makes it easier for businesses to manage their data and reduce their digital storage costs.


Using transcription services can help businesses in a number of ways, from providing better customer service to helping reduce digital storage space. It can also assist with marketing efforts, enhance employee engagement, and help with considering business accessibility. By providing high-quality transcripts in multiple languages or formats, businesses can ensure that their services are available to a wider range of customers. Taking advantage of transcription services can help businesses save time and money, as well as make sure their important meetings and conversations are accurately documented.

The Importance of Identity Governance in Access Management

The Importance of Identity Governance in Access Management

In today’s world, data breaches and cyber attacks seem to make headlines on a daily basis, so it is more important than ever for organizations to manage their access to sensitive data and resources effectively. But due to the rise of remote work models and the increased complexity of modern IT solutions, ensuring proper access levels can be daunting. That’s where identity governance comes in, the superhero of access management.

In this article, we’ll talk about identity governance and explore its critical role in Access Management. We will cover most of the things you need to understand its importance and to follow its best practices. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn more about identity governance.

What is Identity Governance?

Identity governance is mainly a comprehensive framework for managing digital identities, privileges, and access rights within an organization. The purpose of this framework is to ensure that all users only have access to what they need daily and nothing more and to maintain the security of sensitive data. In simpler terms, identity governance helps organizations answer the critical question of “Who has access?” and “Why?”.

This framework usually includes several components including identity provisioning, access certification, and access request and approval. Identity provisioning is the step of creating and maintaining user permissions. Access request and approval are where admins manage how to grant access to specific resources. Lastly, access certification is the process of analyzing and certifying access rights to stay up-to-date with the current roles of the users.

In short, identity governance is a structured approach to access management that offers a better way to control digital identities and their access permissions. It is a great way to ensure access is granted or revoked consistently and securely. By implementing identity governance policies, organizations can effectively manage user identities while protecting sensitive data from every kind of digital threat.

Why is Identity Governance Important in Access Management?

Effective access management is essential for the security of an organization’s resources. After all, the saying, “With great power comes great responsibility”, is definitely true when it comes to access management. Organizations have the responsibility to ensure that only authorized personnel is allowed to access sensitive information.

So how does identity governance help companies do that? For one, it helps ensure that access is granted based on a user’s role and job function. The ability to assign access permissions based on roles reduces the risk of intentional or accidental data breaches. It also ensures that people only have access to resources within their rights.

In addition to this, identity governance can help organizations manage the lifecycle of access rights. This means that access is granted or revoked in a timely manner, and there are no leftover permissions if that user is not allowed to it anymore.

If you think about what would happen if all the former employees or contractors still had some type of access, you can imagine how that would damage an organization. Using identity governance, they can immediately revoke access once the contract is finished.

Last but not least, identity governance is critical to maintaining compliance with regulatory bodies. Most security regulations require organizations to use access control mechanisms and monitor all access to sensitive data. Organizations that have identity governance policies can meet these requirements quite effectively and avoid costly penalties and legal issues.

All in all, identity governance is essential to access management procedures since it offers a structured and comprehensive approach. Identity governance is the superhero we need to protect our organizations from the increasing number of cyber threats in today’s interconnected world.

Best Practices for Identity Governance

In this section, we’ll talk a bit about the best practices for identity governance, and introduce a new concept called Privileged Access Management (PAM). PAM focuses on managing and controlling privileged accounts, which have elevated permissions that can be used to gain access to sensitive data. For this reason, Privileged Access Management (PAM) best practices go hand in hand with identity governance tips and should be considered together.

Use strong passwords and MFA

When it comes to securing privileged accounts, strong passwords are a must but they are not sufficient. The best way to secure access to sensitive data is by enforcing password policies but also using multi-factor authentication (MFA) as an added layer of security. MFA asks for something else other than a password such as biometrics, one-time codes, or facial recognition.

Implement least-privilege access

This is definitely surprised when we talk about PAM and highly privileged accounts. But in general, least-privilege access is far more secure since this principle limits access rights to the minimum necessary to perform a job. Although organizations will have some accounts that have elevated rights, a least-privilege approach should be adopted and access should be granted carefully.

Conduct regular security assessments

PAM policies and other identity governance procedures will have some vulnerabilities due to new and old accounts, emerging threats, and the scope of data an organization stores. This is why regular security assessments are critical; they help to detect these vulnerabilities and address them to have updated PAM policies.

Monitor and audit privileged access usage

Privileged access is prone to over-usage, so it needs to be monitored and audited frequently. In order to identify suspicious activity and prevent data breaches, organizations should monitor elevated accounts and see if data usage is acceptable or not. The most important thing in this case is checking all access attempts including successful and unsuccessful ones. This will help you have a better idea of what’s going on in a network.

Identity Governance and Compliance

Identity governance helps organizations achieve compliance since most security regulations require them to take specific steps to protect sensitive data and control access. Effective identity governance means that an organization regularly tracks and updates access levels, limits access permissions, and ensures authorized access only throughout its network.

An example of this is HIPAA, which requires organizations to protect individuals’ health information. By having proper identity governance policies, organizations can limit access to health information so that only a few elevated accounts can see this information.


Access management is a hot topic due to the increasing number of security threats and pressing regulations. Identity governance, which refers to a set of policies and procedures to control access, is an integral part of this practice. By having clear-cut policies, organizations can secure the sensitive data in their networks from the prying eyes of the Internet, and offer their audience a safer digital environment. From strong authentication to handling privileged accounts, identity governance is the center of access management.

The Importance Of Cybersecurity

Daily backups are a prerequisite for recovery from corruption or data loss due to security breaches. Consider using a modern data protection tool that performs regular incremental backups throughout the day to avoid data loss. Write and distribute a clear set of rules and instructions on cybersecurity practices for employees.

Yahoo revealed that a breach in August 2013 by a hacker group had compromised 1 billion accounts. In this case, security questions and answers were also compromised, increasing the risk of identity theft. The breach was first reported by Yahoo on December 14, 2016, and forced all affected users to change passwords and re-enter unencrypted security questions and answers to encrypt them in the future. However, in October 2017, Yahoo changed the estimate to 3 billion user accounts. An investigation found that users’ passwords in plain text, payment card details and banking information were not stolen. However, this is still one of the largest data breaches of its kind in history.

Midsize companies often have the same cybersecurity concerns and risks as larger companies, but without all the employees and the time to implement the equivalent level of information protection they need. The importance of cybersecurity is a topic that needs to be discussed. With the advent of technology and digitalization, we are exposing ourselves to attacks from hackers and other nefarious people who want to compromise our data and steal from us. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to protect your business from cybersecurity threats with the right management strategies.

It’s important to remember that not everything is critical and companies have a mission outside of information security unless that company is a cybersecurity company. No matter what type of business your business operates, even if it’s technology-based, your business can benefit from a number of outside eyes. The technology and data around cybersecurity is constantly changing and evolving. penetration testing This means that while you have some of the brightest technical minds grinding your code, your focus isn’t necessarily on security, and the result is a vulnerability. You expand your business from an idea to a fully functional and profitable unit. With success comes customers and, as with most businesses, it stores personal information that can be used either in marketing or by a purchase.

Nouveau Solutions is a company specializing in network and security solutions, providing consulting, professional services, software development and managed services. Support your IT professional: It can be uncomfortable to hear, but most cybercriminals have much more experience than your average employee when it comes to digital crimes. The best IT security systems can provide your team with the features and support they need to effectively fight even the most determined criminal. Companies in all industries that rely on digital technology must have an external backup of their computer systems. If your employees are known to use passwords such as “1234” or “admin” for all of their business and personal accounts, their data is extremely vulnerable to a data breach. A cyber threat is the possibility of a successful cyberattack that aims to gain unauthorized access, damage, disrupt, or more.

At Spector, we can provide a set of policies related to IT and cybersecurity, as well as a framework for a company’s collaboration. Portal is a place for all your applications that is protected and restricted for members of the company. With this portal, users don’t see the actual passwords of individual apps and they can be easily added or removed to ensure protection. A potential data breach can easily bring your website’s server to a standstill. The few minutes of charging problems can upset your potential customers and lead to a huge loss for your business. Even people use common privacy tools like a free proxy to VPN for online purchases.

The Importance Of Presentation Skills In Higher Education Institutions

Improving public speaking also has an impact on how well you converse on a personal level. You will be more articulate and able to express yourself better in social situations, which can help you network and add more connections and customers. Practical communication skills are essential to ensure that information is provided in a timely, transparent and professional manner. For those who have mastered the presentation skill, the size of the audience does not matter.

Not knowing how to attend meetings can lead to the perception that you don’t care about attending or that you don’t have anything worth contributing to. Follow the public speaking approach of never starting neutral. Prepare yourself physically with the forward thrust of conscious breath support and coordinated gestures. Public speakers often do this to allow their listeners to connect the dots.

Presentations are the scenarios for business communication where you have more control and more time to prepare. They also have the greatest responsibility and the highest expectations, along with the fear of failure when they are in front of an basic powerpoint training audience. Not only do you have to start strong and set the tone for the presentation, but you are also expected to be the expert on the topic. In an attempt to cover everything, your presentation may become shallow and you may lack commitment.

Presentation skills are invaluable and can sometimes make or break your sale or project. Excellent presentation skills can help you advance in your career and also get your dream job, so it’s a good idea to develop them now. Managers are often expected to present new ideas to employees, customers, partners or even the public. A lot of money and pressure can be spent on these presentations. Therefore, it is up to the company to choose someone who has strong presentation skills to take the initiative in such projects. People who possess these skills are more likely to be noticed by their superiors and move up the career ladder.

Personal relationships, social interactions and work situations require you to share ideas with other people. You can learn to calmly take an opposite point of view, present your ideas in an organized and coherent way, and defend your views to others. Public speaking is a great way to develop critical thinking skills. Writing a speech requires a lot of careful thought, from the analysis of the audience to the last sentence. It’s not enough just to have a message, you also need to figure out how to adapt the message to the needs of your audience.

Presentation skills can be defined as the skills that people use to communicate information to different audiences in an effective and engaging way. Presentation skills include organizing your time, using body language, choosing the right presentation material, answering questions from event participants, and audience participation. The more excited you are to present your ideas and showcase your expertise, the more excited and engaged your audience will be. Own your topic and know what you are talking about, it is one of the most important presentation skills you should have.

Excellent presentation skills are really life skills that you need to integrate into more areas than just the conference room. Public speaking is a form of verbal communication, but you need other ways to make a good presentation. Giving engaging, easy-to-understand lectures is an important part of the strong oral communication skills that are a work requirement for many positions. Many presentation skills are relevant for individual inquiries or sales calls.

This feeling comes from something called the energy of attention. Speakers recognize it and learn to raise it, rather than move away from it. Another step of action for public speaking is to focus on positive perceptions, not negative ones. We want our listeners to determine with their judgment that we are driving the bus and taking them somewhere. Regardless of the personal charisma or charm, clear and convincing presentation is a skill that everyone can learn, refine and master.

Although improving your presentation skills takes a lot of time and energy, the result is definitely worth it. Because the way you present the information is no less important than the content you present. You can break down the biggest challenges at meetings by looking at them through public speaking glasses.

Importance Of Entrepreneurship

Here are some things we wanted to know about typical customers for this new product. Successful entrepreneurs use market research to track trends, make better business decisions, and maintain their company’s competitive advantage. Regardless of whether you start or expand your business, research is essential to understand your target markets and increase sales. Around 1700 Daniel Defoe, best known for his novels, especially Robinson Crusoe, started publishing commercial and economic news.

Entrepreneurship statistics show that one third of all companies pass their tenth year, which can be considered a great success. The vast majority of successful entrepreneurs are actually middle-aged men who have been in the industry for some time. These small business statistics come from Scott Shane, a professor at Case Western Reserve University. Explain the figures claiming that entrepreneurs have become smarter, have chosen profitable sectors and have used reliable business management technology.

Finding the first people who believed in vision as much as I did was what brought the product to life. Finding Alain and Olena made me realize that if I want to build a successful business, I have to build a team first. He started conversations with CEOs from three of the world’s largest airlines and several CEOs from the world’s leading hosting companies.

Many other small business owners plan to maintain new business activities and services they set up during the pandemic, SHRM said. Only 9 percent said innovations would stop after the virus threat disappeared. In addition, immigrant companies saw a 36 percent loss in business and women’s companies experienced a 25 percent trade decline, the NBER shows The company announced live broadcasts through its website, email and social media.

This led to numerous conversations, which became a deep-seated passion for solving a widespread problem that would lead to catalytic change between individuals and the broader technological ecosystem. This should be, since starting a business is practically one of the greatest challenges anyone can face in their life. In business, it is a constant war with competition to win business and increase market share. It is also a personal challenge to use all this to focus inward and turn a company out of nowhere into a power that makes a lot of money or is so effective that it is also sold or acquired for profit. Entrepreneurs are almost determined by their efforts to continuously develop new ideas and improve existing processes. You have to start wondering what it takes to be a leader, because for the most part you will do a lot of work yourself.

Companies often use advertisements to show how their product has more benefits or is more effective than the products of comparable competitors. In some cases, the retailer believes that advertising should be done because the competition treats newspaper pages or television polishes with its own advertisements. Unless other market retailers aggressively emphasize their own products, they are likely to be overlooked by consumers.

Since the pandemic started, it has also added part-time and contract staff in response to customer needs. Some people know from an early age that they were destined to own their own company. Others start a business because of changes in life (fatherhood, retirement, job loss, etc.). Others may be employed, but wonder if the role of Business news the owner / entrepreneur suits them. Allow tax and accounting professionals and companies of all sizes to boost productivity, navigate change and deliver better results. With technology-optimized workflows guided by in-depth experience, we help organizations grow, manage and protect their companies and their customers’ businesses.

It is believed that young people are responsible for the most successful companies out there. However, studies have shown that middle-aged men succeed much more often in their business, especially if they have previously worked in the field. Business statistics tell us that entrepreneurs who start their business and hire at least one employee are on average 42 years old.

From my perspective, a CSR strategy shows that a company is compassionate and treats all people, including employees, well. And a company committed to improving the world is likely to attract more talent. CSR efforts also help promote a more productive and positive working environment for employees. Growing a business requires a diverse range of skills, but the only feature that unites them all is leadership. Entrepreneurs transform an idea into a product or service that has value for customers.