Backup Marathon Tape Heaters

If possible, it is also recommended to specify tape clamping devices to keep the heater in place. These devices have a lower thermal expansion rate than the heater, so they can help keep the heater firmly running during operation. There are two steps you can take to ensure good contact with the machine running. First, make sure that the measurement of the outer diameter of the machine run is accurate. The manufacturer of the heater takes into account a space of 0.25 “, so it is not necessary to reduce the dimensions of the belt. Until recently, most processors felt that if individual machine parameters could be stabilized with effective process control loops, there was no real need to integrate product data.

However, these standard variants and terminations of the Duraband heater do not represent the scope of our capabilities. Ceramic belt heaters consist of a resistance cable that is inserted into a ceramic core. These central elements are hinged, which gives the heating tape a high degree of flexibility. By far the most common culprit for the failure of belt heaters is environmental pollution. Liquid plastic, hydraulic oil and moisture are three main causes of premature contamination errors. Of course, keeping heaters free of contaminants will reduce failure and replacement rates.

Watlow’s pre-wound cable nozzle heater has been molded into a compact, hermetically wound coil to deliver 360 degrees of heat. This nozzle heater features a 5-inch-long, heat-free rear section that eliminates defects in the adapter area due to overheating. 3.) Make sure that the heater is placed correctly in the barrel: touch the perimeter of the heater with a rubber hammer. This measure provides a final conformation from the heater to the cylinder.

Some of the special options you can consider are the double-wire metal mesh, the two-piece construction, and the expandable one-piece construction. Mixed, ceramic and aluminium belt heaters are available in all standard sizes and finishing Industrial Band Heater Manufacturer versions. Configurations for all equipment in the plastics industry, including injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion. Backer Marathon ceramic belt heaters are a powerful alternative to conventional mica belt heaters.

In recent years, the thinking has increasingly changed that real-time cavity information could be used during the filling process as an effective substitute for product quality data. Belt heaters and cartridge heaters are very similar in design and application. Strip heaters, on the other hand, use a straight design and often have slats to heat the ambient air. In harsh environments, these heaters can be sealed and built with various elements for a more durable design.

A robust housing made of aluminized steel equipped with a thermostat and a resettable high-limit cut switch. If the water-based material below the drum heater is reduced, the high limit switch activates the shutdown of the heater. 5.) After the machine has performed a first warm-up, it is advisable to tighten the tension straps again.

Since mica bands are conductive heaters, intimate contact with the surface to be heated is important to ensure a long service life. The operating temperatures of the jacket should not exceed 850°F. (Note that this rating applies to the heating cover, not the process). The maximum wattage varies by manufacturer, but the average is 35 W/in2.

Starflex MPI belt heaters have minimal expansion and offer tight drum adjustment to ensure optimal heat transfer over the entire operating temperature range. Starflex MPI belt heaters can operate at temperatures up to 600°F. The second most common cause of premature failure is poor contact between the machine running and the heater. Because mica, high wattage, and extruded aluminum strips are conductive heaters, a tight fit is crucial.