11 Lookmovie Alternatives To Stream Movies/TV Series

11 Lookmovie Alternatives To Stream Movies/TV Series

Best Lookmovie alternatives in 2024: Each of these websites lets you stream movies and series absolutely free. No registration or payment is required. 

I’ve manually verified each links’ uptime and every single link is working as of January 2023. I’ll also discuss server availibility, movie-quality, collection, ads and overall experience for each of these sites.

Point being, if you’re a movie buff and you’d like to stream movies for free, this piece is for you. 

How to stream movies on Lookmovie alternatives safely

“Safety” may not be your first concern on these free movie streaming sites, but it should be. I’ll tell you why:

  • These websites have hundreds of background scripts, mostly for ads.
  • You never know which ad/click takes you to which website. 
  • In most cases, you’ll have to close 2-3 tabs after each click before you’re taken to your destination.
  • It’s easy to install viruses/malware or just overload your system using these scripts and ads.
  • Legality is another concern. You never know which of these sites are sharing pirated content and which are legal. 

On top of all of that, these sites are often blocked by your local ISP/govt. Hence, they won’t open for you. (I’ve got a solution).

Just get yourselves a good VPN. Make sure it has “WireGuard” protocol as it enhances speed and you need speed for streaming, don’t you? The VPN should also have an independently verified “no logs” policy. 

You can simply go with NordVPN. It’s one of the cheapest yet most secure (based in Panama) VPN. It also has in-built ad blocker as well as a malware blocker! Oh, it also unblocks any restrictions your govt./ISP may have placed on these sites! Solves all the above problems, doesn’t it?

The 11 Best Lookmovie Alternatives to Stream Movies and Series

1. LookMovie2

Website: https://lookmovie2.to/

No, the name isn’t the only reason why it’s listed at the #1 spot on this list of websites like Lookmovie. The site actually offers some of the best features you’ll see on this list.

For starters, the UI is very modern and professional. You can either choose your movies from a list of “categories” or “genres”, or click its “filter” button. Doing that gives you more filters such as release year and rating.

The thumbnails are probably the most informative I’ve seen as well. Each movie thumbnail informs you about the movie’s quality, rating, and release-year. Makes choosing movies extremely easy, doesn’t it?

Most available content is very high in quality (720P at least). Unfortunately, the video-player doesn’t let you control the quality. In-built subtitles too are rare, you can upload your own though. 

2. SolarMovie 

Website: https://solarmovie.vip/

Once you arrive on the website, use the top bar if you don’t have very specific requirements. You can find movies based on their genre/country/release-year/ content type (movie/series) and there’s even a A-Z list for all the available content.

Got specific titles in mind? Use the search-bar on the homepage. Solarmovie does have very new movies and series so recency isn’t a problem.

The thumbnails are impressive too. They tell you the quality, run time, and release year without you having to play the movie. 

On each movie-page, you’ll see a long list of similar movies which saves you from having to think what to binge on.  

Doesn’t have dozens of servers but atleast 2 servers are provided in most cases. Most movies support ultra-high definition playback (1080P) but you get to choose! You can also opt for 360P/ 720P if that’s what suits you.

Subtitles in dozens of languages are often included as well. 

3. HindiLinks4U

Website: https://hindilinks4u.support/

No, this isn’t just for “Bollywood” fans. Rather, If you seek movies in “Hindi” this is the best Lookmovie.io alternative you can land on. As the name suggests, HindiLinks4u offers movies in Hindi, from India but it isn’t limited just to Bollywood. It’s also one of the best choices to stream Hollywood hindi dubbed movies free. 

It’s very updated, if your movie/series is about 7 days old it probably is available here. The thumbnails are interactive, meaning, hovering over them reveals more details about the movie/series. However, the “quality” isn’t revealed unless you “play” the movie.

Yes, not everything is HD and you may find a few hall-recorded prints. Especially with very new movies/series. No quality-control is available. Subtitles too are missing. It does offer at least 2 servers in most cases though. 

4. Fmovies

Website: https://ww4.fmovies.co/

The website has a top-bar using which you can easily filter for genres, country, movies/series, and top IMDb titles. Of course you can always use the search-bar.

I did find its content recency a bit slow. Meaning, it didn’t have new movies that some other websites like Lookmovie on this list already had.

I do like its thumbnail UI because it tells me the movie-quality. The movie-pages are very detailed, a long synopsis, genre, actor, director, country etc. are listed. 

Fmovies probably has the most servers I’ve seen on this list, up to 4 of these are available. The servers may take a second to load, please do not take them to be dead (I sure did).

In-built subtitles (although, often just in English) and quality-control options are available. Talking of quality, that’s impressive for most of the movies. 

5. YesMovies 

Website: https://ww.yesmovies.ag/

YesMovies has one of the best collections of recent and vintage titles that you can stream for free.  Most titles available are 720P or higher which is rare on these sites. Simply search for what you wish to stream using its search bar.

You can also use its top-bar to find movies. You can use its “genre”, “country”, “movies”, “TV-series” and “top IMBd” buttons to find your movies.

It has one of the most detailed movie-information pages ever. Every detail about the movie including a pretty detailed (yes, they didn’t cut corners) synopsis is shared. The movie thumbnails also tell you the quality of the movie so you don’t have to play the video.

Each movie/series offers about 3 servers. If the default server isn’t working, just select a new server from the “list of servers” from the right-sidebar. 

The video-player also lets you upgrade/downgrade the video quality when you need to. In most cases, you’ll also get in-built subitltles! 

6. The Flixer

Website: https://theflixer.tv/

The name is probably inspired from “The Fixer” although this hasn’t been verified. So, the site has a big search-bar that lets you easily find the movies and shows you may be seeking.

The top-bar doesn’t offer many filters but you can click on “Movies”, “TV Shows” “Top IMDb” etc. to slightly narrow your searches. 

The thumbnails do not display movie quality, a major and recurring disappointment. However, nearly all the content is 720p+ so the quality itself isn’t a disappointment. 

The movie-collection too makes up for the lack of quality-display on the thumbnail. It sure is fresh and recent. 

Does offer at least 2 servers for each movie. Has one of the most impressive video players. You get to control the quality, but hey, that’s not “impressive” is it? What’s impressive is, it offers in-built subtitles in about a dozen languages.

7. RainierLand 

Website: https://www1.rainierland.to/

RainierLand is straightforward to use and understand. At the top there’s a search bar using which you can search for the movies you want. Below that are a few tabs genre-tabs, these include “action”, “animation”, “comedy”, “drama”, “family’, “horror”, “sci-fic”, “thriller” etc.

Then, majority of the screen displays movie-thumbnails. The content recency is impressive and most newly released titles are available. 

Unfortunately, a movie’s quality isn’t displayed on the thumbnail. You’ll have to play the movie/series to know its quality. There are multiple servers for most content which let you play your movie even if the primary server is down. 

Almost all servers redirect to a third-party website where the movie is actually played. Quality-control options are often not available. 

8. M4U Free

Website: https://ww1.m4ufree.tv/

It’s one of the most filter-rich sites like Lookmovie on this list. I say that because everywhere you look, you’ll see filters on the homepage. You can narrow your search down using genre, release-year, language, production country, and many other filters.

Not sure what you wish to stream? Simply clicking the “New movies” or “New TV Series” option to get recommendations you may like.

In fact, it also has “Top day” and “top week” lists that let you easily stream what’s already popular. 

 I love its “tags” feature. Every movie has a few tags attached, they’re generally attached to names of actors, production houses, genre etc. You can click on these tags to easily find other similar movies with the same tags.

Offers multiple servers. Does have built-in subtitles in most cases and allows controlling the video quality. The quality by default is often 720P or higher. 

9. ZMoviess

Website: https://zmoviess.co/

I’ll be straightforward. I love & hate its thumbnails. The homepage displays dozens of movie thumbnails that you can pick from. The thumbnails displays the movies’ rating and release-year; I love them for this. But, they do not display the movie-quality which is where the dislike comes in.

The freshness of the content is impressive. Anything released within the last few days can often be found here.

The movie-page does have a short synopsis for the movie and a list of details about the movie. In most cases, there’s a single server for movies. No in-built subtitles or quality-control options are generally available. 

10. Vumoo

Website: https://vumoo.to/

Vumoo is wildly popular even though it could make its interface a bit more informative. The homepage is well-populated with the latest movies and series. However, the thumbnails aren’t informative. You do not know the quality, rating or any other information from the thumbnail. 

Yes, clicking on a movie-thumbnail does take us to the movie page which has all the information (release-date, genre, cast, IMDb rating etc.)

Server availability isn’t impressive either and I’ve often found movies with just a single server. Similarly, movies also do not have a quality-control or subtitle feature.

The search-filters aren’t impressive either. There’s a search-bar that lets you search for movies directly and that’s about it. However, it’s here primarily because of its massive collection and uptime. 

11. PrimeWire (formerly LetMeWatchThis)

Website: https://primewire.mx/

PrimeWire is one of the oldest Lookmovie2.to alternatives here and is nearly 5 years old. The interface is simple, a top-bar lets you filter for genre, country, IMDB rating etc. of the movie. The left-sidebar has a long list of content genre. 

If you scroll down on the homepage, you’ll see a section that displays all the “trending” content. On scrolling further down, you’ll see a list of “latest” content. This is what you should look at if you need the freshest content.

The “latest” listing also displays the video quality right there which means you don’t have to play a movie to know its quality. Also has a “rating” for all the available content.

While not very server-rich, most content offers you at least 2 streaming servers to choose from. You’ll also get to control the quality of the video as well as subtitles (yes, in-built subtitles can be found).

Lookmovie Alternatives: summing up (read this).

I get it, you’d rather skip this. You shouldn’t. Yes, you’ve got your Lookmovie2 to alternatives but give me a second of your time, please?

If at any time, you can’t access any of the above links, it’s probably not because the site is dead. It’s because it’s locally blocked for you. Get a VPN as it protects you not just from these websites, but protects all your internet activities and makes you invisible to any govt./ISP out there.

Also, refrain from downloading any “downloader”, “streamer” or any other such software off these sites. Not safe. Sure, the VPN helps yet it’s best to avoid these downloads. 

Finally, this list isn’t absolute. There certainly are more alternatives to Lookmovie than what we’ve got here. But I’m guessing these should suffice for now, don’t you agree?