How can you know who is calling from a suspicious number?

How can you know who is calling from a suspicious number?

Although we live in a technologically sophisticated world, it is only possible to imagine our life with phones which are the main target for many scammers. According to the statistics, almost 2 million complaints have been reported connected with fraud.

However, only 36% of unknown callers’ identities have been caught. Once they can access another person’s phone, scammers may use threats or violence to force them to do whatever they want. Technology advancement has facilitated the process of illicit actions.

Many scammers have started using robocalls to deceive as many as possible. They can even use a phone number for a legal organization or for a government to ensure that prey will answer. Regardless of the callers, whether live or automated, con artists often introduce themselves as a representative of a government or other familiar and famous organizations, asking to provide some valuable information.

For example, they may tell you that you have a problem with your taxes or a card account, and they may ask for a password or other sensitive data. Whatever the problem is, they ask you to provide the piece of information that they can use to access the desired target. Some scammers are brave enough to represent themselves as your lost grandchild, brother, sister, etc. If you want to learn how reverse address lookup works, go one reading this brief review. 

Warning signs 

If you want to learn more how to get an address from a phone number, you are welcome to read the following warning signs. 

  • Unsolicited calls sometimes call claiming to be an employee of a famous company like Microsoft or Apple. However, it is less likely for any representative of such companies directly call you, or ask for some valuable information. Of course, this does not refer to the cases when you have contacted them first. 
  • You may get unsolicited calls, especially after holidays or disasters claiming that, for example, a group of people urgently need money. 
  • Some callers offer to buy their services or products. In addition, they may offer you to even try their services for free by giving only credit card details. 
  • Sometimes you may even get automated calls that are scams. However, some institutions use robocalls in critical situations, like during political campaigns. 
  • Another common phone scamming includes a demand to make some payment through a gift card. This is done for some reasons. First of all, scammers sometimes introduce themselves as a relative or friend. In some scenarios, they may ask you to pay their bills because of which they have been arrested, or in some worse cases, they can even claim to be kidnapped. If you ever get a call from someone asking you to pay through a gift card, you may suspect scamming. 
  • Some phone scammers offer you unbelievable prizes or awards if you do some actions. For example, a lottery company’s ” representative ” may congratulate you for winning a free vacation or a lot of money. 

The best way in such situations is always to make snap decisions and avoid falling into a trap. It would be better to double-check and only provide sensitive information to yourself. 

 How to Avoid Phone Scammers

Although it is impossible to avoid phone scammers completely, there are certain tips that you need to consider to protect yourself and your beloved people from such scammers. 

  1. Never put your phone number in National’s Do not call Registry. Although this does not ensure that you will never get a call from a phone scammer, it will make it possible to many prevent telemarketers from calling you. 
  2. Some call-blocking apps will prohibit undesired callers from having access to your phone number. Some phone-service providers may also provide blocking tools. 
  3. Hang up on illegal robocalls. 
  4. If you get a call from a telemarketer, slow down and take your time making purchases. You are highly recommended to ask some detailed questions. Scammers may refrain from answering questions and force you to make a purchase immediately. 
  5. If you get a call from a travel deal, charities, business opportunities, etc., you should do some research. It will help you understand whether the caller is telling you the truth. Then, take your time making donations if you are 100% sure the organization is trustworthy. 
  6. Never answer phone calls from unknown numbers. A friend will only call you from an unknown number to ask how you are. 
  7. Refrain from returning to one-ring calls from unknown numbers. These may be scammers who will solicit money from your phone number per minute. 
  8. If you get a call from robocalls, never follow their instructions to press this or that number for further action. No legal organization will contact you via robocalls and ask so certain actions. Instead, they may lead to more robocalls. 
  9. Never give your financial or personal data, such as your credit card or social security number, to an unknown caller. If they claim that they have information that you need to confirm, never believe, 
  10. Never pay shipping charges for a product that you have not seen. Scammers use all possible methods to solicit money from trustworthy people. 

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Phone scamming is a common experience in the spying world. It is one of the most accessible ways for scammers to solicit money from a trustworthy person. Fraudsters may take all possible measures to achieve the desired target. Therefore, always stay vigilant against scams, and only easily trust every word you hear from an unknown caller. 

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