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This also applies to the riposino after lunch, the sacred time of day that runs from 13:00 to 16:00. Try dolce vita, believe me, it’s the best in Italy. Like most European destinations, the best time to visit Italy is in spring and autumn. Shoulder seasons are when temperatures are pleasant, costs are lower, and there is less crowding. Not only Canadians and Americans like to visit Italy, it is also a popular destination for other European countries.

While we’re talking about eating in restaurants in Italy, some other things to keep in mind are the pictures of food on your menu screen. Compared to the Trenino del Bernina previous point, although hotels and restaurants will tell you that they have Wi-Fi, it is usually limited to a certain area or very weak in general.

The legendary cities of Rome and Florence are a must-see, but lesser-known cities like Naples are not prey. Milan, the capital of fashion, and Venice, “the floating city” should also be prominent on your itinerary. There are plenty of lesser-known cities and attractions hidden from “tourist” sights that can be just as fascinating. The Roman style is world famous and there’s no better way to escape the tourist cliché than to dress in style, especially if you go to famous restaurants and clubs. Let sharp and intelligent be synonymous with this and don’t underestimate what you can achieve with flashy black accents to travel like a truly special scarf.

There is always something to do, so check in advance. Near Pozzuoli has underground caves, just like Turin with its underground. The railway line is quite important and there are many buses, so you can go anywhere. Be sure to book in advance as Salerno is very popular and can be expensive all year round due to its mild climate. In December, they are famous for their street lamps.

As you may already know, Italy is a very popular tourist destination. Especially in the summer, people from all over the world come to visit every corner of “la Bota”. Once in Italy, the best way to get around is by train. For long-distance routes, it is better to book in advance with Trenitalia and reserve a seat. If you travel shorter distances, it is also possible to show up at the train station and buy a ticket there. I never leave my Airbnb, hotel or guesthouse without a camera so that I can collect all the memories of the beautiful country.

Moving between Florence and Rome, a distance of 187 miles, takes just over 90 minutes by high-speed train and more than 3 hours by regional train. Prices range from $30 on the cheapest intercity trains, while a first-class ticket costs nearly $90. Travel tips to Italy, everything you need to know to prepare before visiting this beautiful country.