Smart Home Devices you Must Have in 2023

Smart Home Devices you Must Have in 2023

Ever seen those futuristic movies where everything is automated and you don’t really have to move around so that you could use your devices? In the age of the internet, that has actually been made possible through the introduction of smart home devices. However, in order to get smart home devices to work, you must ensure that all your devices are connected to an internet connection that is fast enough to run all the devices efficiently, such as Spectrum Internet.

Spectrum even allows you to be connected to the internet on the go so you could keep tabs on your devices at home, all made possible through Spectrum Hotspot which is available nationwide! Back to smart home devices that you need to have, here are some devices you should make sure you have at home for more comfort and convenience:

Smart Light Bulbs

There was a time when we used to wish we didn’t have to get up so that we could turn on or turn off the lights. Lucky for us, that time is now here. With the introduction of smart lights to society, everything has changed drastically. We now have lights that can turn off on their own and you can even set them to be dimmer when you are trying to sleep or just want to take a nap.

You can even set times through the internet at which the lights could turn on or could turn off on their own, which could help you save a lot of energy. Similarly, you can even use voice control to toggle your lights on or off without even having to use your hands!

Amazon Echo Dot (5th Generation)

How could you have a smart home if you don’t have a hub for all your devices? That is where the Amazon Echo Dot kicks in, but be sure to get the 5th Generation of the Echo Dot since it comes with a brilliant clock display. Many people would agree when we say that the Amazon Echo Dot is the best smart home device that you could get for yourself.

One of the main reasons to get this hub for yourself is because of how affordable it is as compared to other hubs you could get for yourself. The previous Echo Dot did not have a clock integrated into them while this one does. Even though this seems like something small but it makes things a lot more convenient. The clock display doesn’t only show you the time but also the current temperature, the song that is playing and a lot more, giving you all the more reasons to buy it!

Hai Smart Showerhead

Given the current energy crisis that we live in, it would be a smart idea to save water since we might not have any water at all in a few years if we aren’t careful enough. One of the best ways to save water is to install a smart showerhead in your bathroom which can save water for you without you having to consciously do it. It is also capable of heating the water for you, optimizing temperature at a very comfortable level.

There are also some showerheads such as Hai, that you can set limits too for the temperature and water consumption and they can calculate until they reach those limits and turn off. So go on and save all the water you can with a smart showerhead like Hai.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Gone are the times when thermostats were just used to regulate the temperature of your house. You now have smart thermostats that are capable of doing a lot more. For instance, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat can connect to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit. The thermostat comes with a built-in speaker and you can connect it to your Spotify account so that you could play music in your house. Imagine your thermostat playing your favorite playlist loudly in the house.

The thermostat comes with a touch-screen display and it has sensors that can read the temperature in your house and can regulate the temperature if it is getting either too hot or too cold. It can also ensure that all the rooms in your house have the same temperature.

Smart Locks

Picture this, you are out of your home but you need to unlock the door for someone who came while you were away, what would you do? You would obviously use smart locks in your house. You can connect them with cameras in your house just so that you could double and once you are sure, you can remotely lock and unlock doors in your house since the locks are connected to the internet and so are you.

Wrapping Up

Now that we live in times of technological development, it is important that we keep up to speed as well and that we integrate smart home devices in our homes as well. You should invest in some devices as well so that you could see for yourself how convenient the whole process is!