10 Great German Festivals Not To Be Missed

The Berlin International Film Festival is one of the most prestigious red carpet events in Europe. During the Reeperbahn, the entire city of Hamburg comes to life with music. The Day of German Unity on October 3 is the national festival of Germany.

The beautiful northern city of Hamburg is of great importance in Western culture. To honor the port that has contributed so much to Western culture, Hamburgers celebrate their birthday every year oktoberfest on the first weekend of May with a huge festival called Hafengeburtstag. More than a million people visit an extensive festival complete with boat shows, fireworks, concerts and an open-air fair.

If you are interested in art, then Germany is definitely the place for you. There are countless museums and galleries to explore, and you’re sure to find something you like. So if you’re ever in Germany, make sure you dress your best. Or, if you’re traveling during Oktoberfest, try wearing this Bavarian German Oktoberfest costume for men or this GRACIN women’s costume.

Germany enjoys a number of national and regional holidays and other festivities that take place throughout the year. Tanz in den Mai, literally “dancing until May” is the name of most festivals that take place every year on April 30. This celebration has its origins in walpurgis night, the night to get rid of evil spirits and celebrate the arrival of spring.

The first band is black, the second band is red and the third band is gold. On the other hand, “Weizenbier” literally translates to “wheat beer” and has been brewed since the 1500s. In fact, we’re almost certain that this was the first type of beer ever invented.