5 Web Design Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

5 Web Design Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

A website is a critical requirement for any business looking to grab customers’ attention. However, you may spend a ton of your time designing your site, selecting an attractive theme, crafting a compelling copy, and adding stunning images but still fail to get any visitors. Here are the common website design mistakes that can hurt your business.

1. Poor navigation

A customer may visit your website but end up getting stranded on what to do next. Poor navigation does not only confuse your visitors but also makes it hard for Google’s web crawlers to understand your website. Prioritizing internal linking between your site pages can give your visitors a clue about where they’re headed.

2. Non-responsive web design

In web design and development, responsiveness means designing a website that works and looks good on any device. You may choose a design that works well with a laptop or desktop but works extremely poorly with small devices like smartphones and tablets. A non-responsive design can’t optimize your website on the user’s small screen.

If your website can’t adapt to your visitor’s device, the user won’t spend their time browsing the site. Besides, your unresponsive website will poorly impact the user experience and generate a poor web layout when people use different devices to browse. This will lead to low-quality images and poor readability. Be sure to work with a reputable web design and development firm like Bizango for a high-quality and responsive website. 

3. Low load speed

People move along online platforms at lightning speed. Someone will spend a few seconds on a website before zipping through social media and emails. If they click on your site and it takes hours to load, they’ll simply move to other websites, probably those belongings to your competitors. Remember that there are so many websites offering the same information as yours. How do you make your visitors stay? Boost your page loading speed to four seconds or less.

4. Annoying pop-ups

You may have stumbled upon those disruptive pop-ups while browsing. A visitor may put up with one pop-up, but having several of them prompting them to download or subscribe can drive them away, never to return.

Most website users find the pop-ups annoying because they obstruct their view and hinder the site navigation. Be extra careful when integrating pop-ups on your site.

5. A home page without H1 Tags

The H1 tag is the first thing that users and search engines use to determine what your website is about. A site without an H1 tag will probably fall in the SERPS.

Including an H1 tag on your homepage does please not only the search engines but also your visitors. When a visitor browses your site, they can know what it’s all about at a glance.


After spending a ton of your time creating your website, you’ll feel frustrated if it doesn’t engage any visitor. Visitors like beautiful and well-polished sites. By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll not only make people find your website on Google but also get attractive SEO results.