6 Best Online Background Removers (2023 Reviewed)

6 Best Online Background Removers (2023 Reviewed)

Photos have become an essential part of our digital world. Many advertising companies and businesses rely on good photographers to get attractive photos. But what if you don’t want to spend money on a professional photographer or graphic designer? Well, spending money to remove the background can be expensive. But if you are looking for the best background remover online, we have your back.

In this article, we will tell you about the top online background remover tools that you can download in 2023. Let’s discuss these software tools and see how they can help to remove the background.

Part 1. Why Do We Need a Background Remover?

Before using the online background remover, it is important to understand why you need a background remover and why it is helpful for you. A background remover is the most used technique for removing unwanted items from your pictures. If your background is not good, your photo will not look attractive. That is why it is important to use background removal online. There can be many other reasons why you should use a background remover; some of the top ones are discussed below.

  • Changing the background of the photo can help reduce stress
  • It helps in increasing the focus on the main product
  • Background remover is used to make the images stunning
  • It helps optimize photos for other uses
  • With it, you can make the background transparent or change it to any suitable color
  • An online background remover is ideal for content creators, marketers, e-commerce platforms, advertisements, and photographers

These are the common reasons why you should use a background remover. If you are looking for the best tools to remove background from images online, continue reading.

Part 2. 6 Best Online Background Removers

Are you searching for a free background remover online? Below, we have discussed some of the top free online background removers that you can download and use in 2023. All these apps are easily available and will remove background from image online for free. Let’s discuss these applications one by one.

1. HitPaw Online Background RemoverHitPaw Online Background Remover

The first free online background remover in our list is HitPaw online background remover application. It is the best tool for removing background from all your images. Besides, it is super-fast and works automatically. The tool is perfect for online shops, social media platforms, and more. Graphic designers can also use this software to remove unwanted objects from your photos. It comes with powerful editing tools to create stunning and eye-catching images.


  • Powerful and fast application for beginners and professional users
  • Best image background remover online
  • Bulk background remover is also available
  • Add shadow effects with one-click
  • 100% safe and no watermark
  • Available on Google Play Store and App Store
  • No File size limit in the premium packages
  • No limitations, and advertisements


  • Should add more advanced features
  • Sometimes delays in removing the background

Price:  $0.26 per day

User-Friendly: Perfect for beginners

2. Remove.bg


Remove.bg is another free online background remover tool that helps you remove background from any picture. Using this software, you can make your background white or transparent according to your requirements. It uses AI technology, which means you can remove the background in 5 seconds. It is 100% safe and free, which means you don’t have to spend any money while removing the background.


  • Best online background remover for photographers, developers, individuals, media, and more
  • You can integrate with other apps
  • Remove background from images and videos within seconds
  • Has a straightforward interface


  • Offers Unclear pricing structure
  • Drag-and-drop function is not present
  • Customer service is not good

Price: $0.21 per image

User-Friendly: Yes, it is ideal for individuals and newcomers

3. PixCut


Wondershare PixCut is an online tool that removes image backgrounds for free. With just three simple steps, you can remove the background and make it better. It also provides different options, such as bulk background removal, watermark removal, and more. You can also use its API and link it with different apps with one line code.


  • Remove Image Background for Free
  • Quick and efficient background removal
  • 100% free and automatic
  • Paste or add the link of your image to remove the background
  • API integration is also available
  • Accepts all the formats, including jpg, png, bmp, and gif.


  • Offers limited editing features
  • Not for professional users

Price: $18.99 per month for the premium plan

User-Friendly:  The tool is perfect for novice users

4. Clipping Magic

Clipping Magic

Name: clipping magic app

Clipping Magic is another background remover tool that can remove the background from any photo. This software offers multiple functions, such as cropping, adjusting, and more. It is the best program for touch-ups and ensures that you can get high-quality images. You can use this software to remove unwanted elements from your pictures.


  • Smart image background remover
  • Batch processing function is also available
  • Easy to use app and has a user-friendly interface
  • Remove the image background online with one click
  • Smart Auto Crop feature is also available


  • Offers limited features in the free version
  • Image size and resolution options are not accurate

Price: Light version starts from $3.74 per month

User-Friendly: Has a straightforward interface for beginners

5. BGremover


Vance AI has introduced a tool called BGremover, which allows removing background from your images within 5 seconds. Yes, you heard it right. It is a go-to tool that removes the background with one click. No matter what your background is, it can erase it with ease. Once the background is removed, you can edit the photos, add icons, and more.


  • Removes background online with one-click
  • Ideal for graphic designers, cars, graphics and more
  • Optimize JPG/PNG/JPEG Images With AI
  • Change Background Unlimitedly
  • Offers a batch mode to remove background


  • You have to purchase a subscription after 3 credits
  • Export choices are limited

Price: 100 credits are for $4.95 per month

User-Friendly: Because of  easy to use interface, it is best for beginners

6. Background Eraser

Background Eraser

Name: background remove online

If you want to remove the background on your mobile, then you can download the Background Eraser application. It is available on Google Play Store and is downloaded by 100 Million users. It can easily remove the background from your images and make them more stunning. You don’t need to hire any professional to do the task.


  • Fast and efficient background remover for mobile users
  • 100% safe and free
  • No need to worry about advertisements
  • Provides advanced editing features


  • Sometimes, it doesn’t save images with a white background
  • Froze up and refused to load properly

Price: Free

User-Friendly: Super easy to use

Background Remover Online Comparison Table

Background Remover Online Comparison Table

Part3. FAQs About Background Remover

1. Can I Customize the Background?

Yes, you can use the HitPaw online background remover to customize your background. It offers an editing option which you can use to edit the images.

2. How to Remove Background from Image without Photoshop?

You can use different online free background removal tools that allow you to remove background without using Photoshop. With these apps, you just have to drag and drop the images, and you are good to go.

3. How to Choose a Suitable Background Remover?

If you are planning to choose a background remover for the first time, make sure it has the drag and drop option so you can upload the image easily. Also, it should be free and allow you to edit and remove unwanted objects.


Among the free online background remover apps, HitPaw Online Background Remover is the best choice for removing background from the images. It is a simple application and offers advanced features for everyone, including professionals and beginners. It offers a good price, which means you can remove multiple backgrounds in less amount.