8 Best Sites like MegaPersonals

8 Best Sites like MegaPersonals

Sites like MegaPersonals aren’t easy to find. You’re looking for very specific sites that offer very specific things. Well, these are the websites closest to MegaPersonals. If you ask “how” simply refer to the next section.

I’ve made sure to include sites that fit everyone’s requirements. All of these are easy to use and understand. If you’re very new, I’ve even listed a few security tips to keep you safe. 

Bottom line? You’d find replacements for MegaPersonals here and that’s a guarantee.

How are these sites like Megapersonals? 

The first question is, how are any of these sites even like Megapersonals? That’s because the sites i’ve listed offer classified ads, and are mostly exclusive to adult content.

Yes, we did publish a ton of alternatives for Yesbackpage  and Bedpage too. 

We’ve tried to include websites that offer the following features:

  • Do not require registration or payment.
  • Offer escort/dating and other adult services.
  • Are accessible worldwide. 
  • Have a “classified ads”-like interface. 

If you’re looking for non-adult content, do have a look at our long list of sites like Craigslist. These will offer you classified ads for vehicles, apartments, coding, clothing and everything else you can imagine. 

Legal Disclaimer (MUST READ)

This article is NOT promoting or encouraging prostitution or any other illegal activity. It’s simply a list of websites which let adults meet. The article is purely compiled for educational and research purposes. 

We have no control over these third-party websites, the ads posted therein or the people posting them.

Please ensure all your activities (including paying for sexual services) is legal within your jurisdiction. We will not be held responsible for any of your actions.

How to stay safe on sites like MegaPersonals?

I include this section on most of my escort/dating articles and it’s even more relevant in the context of MegaPersonals. I’ll tell you why. 

Some of these MegaPersonals alternatives may potentially allow sex trafficking, prostitution or other illegal activities. Not “knowingly” or “willingly” but due to the lack of control on what’s posted on these sites.

You may fall victim to a scammer, cat fisher or even law enforcement! Hence, your safety, including physical and legal, is of utmost importance. 

Here are a few tips that should help you achieve just that:

  • As soon as you see an ad, you’ll want to call. Never do so with your primary number, or the number attached in your financials (bank/cards/PayPall etc.).
  • Whenever making contact, or signing up, do not use your real name or reveal your real address.
  • Do not carry surplus cash or documentation with you when meeting escorts/dates. 
  • Any payment, if required, should be retained till the last moment after the job is done. It’s common for people to take the money, say they’ve forgotten something in the car, and never come back.
  • Always confirm the other person’s identity before meeting them. A short video call is generally the best option. If not, ask them to send photos with specific poses. 
  • Never accept a substitute. Your partner may say she got held up for X reasons and sent her best friend. Not a good idea. 
  • If you’re taking a vehicle to the meet, try to take a rental as your car plates can divulge all the information about you. 
  • Oh and DO GET A VPN. In some areas/regions, hiring an escort/prostitute is illegal. The VPN protects your identity from the website, law enforcement and any other third-party. 

8 Best Sites like MegaPersonals

1. Ashley Madison 

Website: https://www.ashleymadison.com/

Nothing describes Ashley Madison better than its tagline- “Affairs and discreet dating”. Yes, Ashley Madison is meant for extra martial affairs. Even if you’re single a primary focus for the platform has been “discretion” or “anonymity”. 

Do note that the goal of the website is NOT to connect you to escorts. It’s to connect you to people who need an escape from their committed lives. In most cases, they don’t want any payment and you can simply meet and have a good time.

The app you can download for your phone (iOS/Android) doesn’t indicate that it’s from Ashley Madison. Similarly, any payments made to Ashley Madison also appear to be from a different name and Ashley Madison doesn’t show up anywhere. 

Wondering if you’ll find active users? It’s arguably the most active community on the planet, with over 60,000,00 registered members. 

Of all the sites like MegaPersonals on this list, this is the most feature-rich. You can chat in real-time, add friends and even have a “private album”. It also lets you hide your identity if you use its in-built masks and filters for your profile picture. 

Did I mention it’s free? 

2. Adult Friend Finder 

Website: https://adultfriendfinder.com/

Sex Town. That wouldn’t be a completely untrue name for AFF. That’s what it is. Every profile I see is either entirely or sem-nude. It’s good if you’re searching for sexual partners or escorts, isn’t it?

It’s a full-fledged social network and offers more features than most other social networks. You can add friends, send gifts, tips, join video calls, chat in real-time and so much more. 

The user-profiles are extremely detailed, they share everything that you may want to know about a partner. 

It also offers tons of filters so you can search for who you’re looking for. Yes, registration is mandatory. It’s also extremely active and you’ll find hundreds of thousands (if not millions) at any given time.

It’s free to register and use although some specific features may require subscription. Alike Ashley Madison, AFF isn’t primarily a “pay for sex” site. Most users are willing to share a bed with you just because they want to.

3. Tryst 

Website: https://tryst.link/

Tryst is my favourite MegaPersonals alternative. 3 primary and solid reasons for that. First, no other competitor offers even half as good search filters. Secondly, it’s custom-made for escort hiring. Its interface is extremely professional, modern and the listings are just much better.

You can search for a specific “service type”, this may include escort/BDSM/ online services or FBSM. 

It’s the only MegaPersonals alternative that lets you choose an “hourly rate”. Age filter lets you specify the exact age you’d like your partner to be. Then you also get to choose an ethnicity. Available options include asian/black/hispanic/ white/ middle eastern and so on. About a dozen body types too are available, you can choose from petite, slim, toned, curvy, average and even (wait for it), pregnant! How about choosing the breast size? Height? Heck, even eye and hair colour? Yes, all that’s possible.  

The platform sure enjoys a massive user-activity ensuring you’re never left in a ghost town.

You can even set “distance-ranges”. E.g. you enter “New York” as your region, and then search within 5/15/30/60miles of your selected region! 

The listings are extremely detailed. There will be a profile picture, location, and the rate!  In fact, the rate for different services (incall/outcall/digital entertainment) are all displayed seperately. You’re also shown the days when the escort is or isn’t available. It’s 100% free. 

4. Adult Search 

Website: https://adultsearch.com/

The name makes things pretty clear, doesn’t it? The website lets you search for adult services. As simple as that. It also is one of the most feature-rich alternatives to Megapersonals on this list.

You can hire female escorts, shemale escorts, body rubs and M4M escorts.Other available services include strip clubs, BDSM providers, swingers club, trans shows etc. 

It’s available across the globe, in any nation. You simply have to select your country and region. Of course registrations aren’t needed. Do note that it doesn’t allow sex traffic, or “trading sexual favours for money or other valuable goods”. 

It has this weird “at least 21 years old, or older” requirement which means you can’t legally use it even if you’re 18+ but <21. It costs $19.99 /month for all ads.

5. ListCrawler 

Website: https://escortalligator.com.listcrawler.eu

ListCrawler is pretty popular by now, and for very good reasons. 

Two major features make ListCrawler stand out. For starters, it displays a “verified” tag next to photos which it has verified to be legitimate. Secondly, you can read “reviews” left by other users on these listings. 

It also has many different lists you can view from the right-pane on the site. E.g. the Alligator list (linked above) is for “everything”. You can however choose from other lists such as MILFY,  AA OK (black friendly), Trans X, Ay Papi (Latina), Asian, Man Up (Gay)i etc. 

So, while there are no traditional filters, these lists do make up for it. 

You can choose your region from Canada/US/Europe/Oceania. Yes, it’s not exactly available “everywhere”. 

The entire website is full of classified ads for escorts and other similar services. Listings will almost always display the age, and contact number.

6. SkipTheGames 

Website: https://skipthegames.com/

Smart play with the name, wouldn’t you agree? The site lets you meet (hire) escorts. As simple as that. On your part, you only have to do two things, choose who/what you’re searching for, and your region. There are no other search-filters which sure is a bit of a downer. 

You can find male/female trans escorts, massage providers, people who satisfy your dom and other fetish cravings and so on. 

Now, do note that I’ve often found people here trying to redirect you to their OnlyFans or other social accounts. 

Each listing generally includes a few photos and a description of what the person can do for you. Contact info is mostly available or you may have to obtain it manually via their social channels.

Registration isn’t required to browse the platform. Ironically, registering is only possible if and when you do post an ad. You can not “not” post an ad and simply sign up. 

7. Call Escorts 

Website: https://callescort.org/

Call Escorts, lets you call escorts (duh). Before you get your hopes high, it’s limited to the U.S only. Scroll down (or up) if you want a good time outside of the U.S.

It’s extremely active and most ads you see are posted just a few minutes/hours earlier, no matter when you check them.

Profiles look a tad-bit more professional than most other adult classified sites. A contact number is displayed along with a big profile picture. There’s also a text description, location ,age etc. It also has a “reviews/flags” tab which helps filter scammers and catfishers. Only “female” can post ads here, of course, there’s no registration so technically anyone can. Male are allowed to post reviews though. Posting ads does require registration and email verification. It doesn’t have many search-filters so that may be a downer for some. 

8. 2Backpage

Website: https://www.2backpage.com/

This one is almost an exact clone of Backpage. Despite Backpage being seized by the FBI, apparently not everyone is equally scared. And yes, it does seem to have adult categories exactly like Backpage did. 

Out of its many categories, “adult” is a category that offers male and female escorts, body rubs, strippers, dom & fetish entertainers and so on. Yes it does have other categories such as community, dating, servics, buy-sell, real estate, vehicles etc. 

Because it’s exactly like Backpage, the interface, listings and everything else is identical as well. The listings are mostly text-based with a contact number and a few details. Registration isn’t required to browse, but you’d need to signup (using Google) to post ads. Yes, it’s available globally.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m sure you’ve got questions about these sites similar to MegaPersonals. Allow me to answer a few of them. 

Is MegaPersonals illegal? (And, how to stay safe).

Now that’s a question that we must address. 

Trump, when in power, signed the FOSTA bill. In the simplest of words, it allowed the govt. To sue and pursue websites enabling prostitution/sex trafficking.

Now, MegaPersonals is a “legal” website because it does not facilitate “sex trafficking” or prostitution. At least “officially”. It mentions in its T&C that “no illegal activity” is allowed, which of course includes prostitution (where prostitution is illegal).

Sites like MegaPersonals

(Source: https://megapersonals.eu/public/term-of-use

As far the website goes, it simply connects two people who want a specific service, period. Of course, what two people do when they meet in private is none of the site’s business. 

However, it’s still thin ice. How do you ensure you aren’t committing a crime and being safe? You can’t. If you scroll down to the “how to unblock MegaPersonals” section, I’ve shared how to stay invisible and hidden despite your actions. 

Why is Megapersonals United States not working? 

Since Backpage was taken down, a lot of fear and speculation has taken shape in the online escorts industry. Officially, MegaPersonals is still live & working in the U.S. However, you may not be able to access it depending on your location, region or many other factors.

One of the primary reasons may be that it’s been banned by your ISP. This means your internet provider doesn’t want you accessing a specific site. Of course your local/state/central government may have banned the site as well. Here’s how the MegaPersonals block looks like:

MegaPersonals banned

MegaPesonals also recently went on a “banning spree”. It seemed to block a lot of accounts for no reason whatsoever (mine included). Hence, simply creating a new account may solve your problem as well. 

The other reason of course could simply be that the website is truly down, although that’s a very rare occurrence. 

Whatever the reason, in the next section I’ll show you how to unblock Megapersonals in the U.S and everywhere else.

How to unblock MegaPersonals? 

Many of you searching for sites like Mega Personals probably would prefer Megapersonals anyway. Unfortunately, you can’t seem to access Megapersonals, can you? 

Well, I’ll help you unlock Megapersonals in the next few seconds. I did promise exactly that in the earlier parts of this piece, didn’t I?

MegaPersonals, or any website, can be “banned” for you primarily using your IP address. The IP address is just your unique identification on the internet. You have an unique IP address. It’s assigned to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

So, to unblock MegaPersonals, all you’ve to do is change your IP address. It’s much simpler than it sounds. In fact, it only requires a single click.

Step 1-> Get a good VPN. You can choose from any but I’d recommend NordVPN, it’s the cheapest and most secure VPN for all the features it offers.

Step 2-> Connect to any country that’s not the U.S. You can even try some U.S states. 

Step 3-> Go to https://megapersonals.eu/. It’ll work for sure. If it doesn’t, connect to a different city/country. 

Earlier, I mentioned the “legality” of MegaPersonals, didn’t I? Well, a VPN also massively protects you against that. 

Meaning, when you employ a (good) VPN, your identity is concealed. With VPNs like NordVPN, you’re virtually anonymous. This is because your IP address is changed, so anyone tracking you now only sees your new IP address, which belongs to the VPN.

Now, a good VPN like NordVPN is based out of countries that do not cooperate with the U.S or any other privacy-invading nations. NordVPN specifically is based out of Panama. But, more importantly, the VPN got its “no logs” policy independently audited. What this means is, even if they were forced, they CAN NOT share your data because they do not have it. It’s just impossible, giving you absolute anonymity. 

Is MegaPersonals legit?

Yes. MegaPersonals is a website that connects you to other people who may be interested in the same thing as your. There’s nothing “illegal” with that, is there? Do note that the ads posted on MegaPersonals, or the people posting them at times may be scammers, law enforcement or people with malicious intentions.

Is MegaPersonals real?

Certainly. MegaPersonals is a 100% real website. Most ads posted on MegaPersonals are real as well. You actually can find escorts and other services being offered. 

Is MegaPersonals safe?

The website by itself is safe. However, the users who post ads or respond to ads may not always be safe for you. This is why I’ve listed the security precautions mentioned earlier. 

You might be interested in reading my recent article on Best Sites like Doublelist.

Sites like MegaPersonals- Final words 

That’s it folks. I’m confident you’ve got what you came here for. If you follow the legal requirements and the safety tips, you should be golden. 

If you ask me for the best alternative to MegaPersonals, I’m afraid there’s no clear answer. Of course Ashley Madison is the best place to start. But, after that, it’s all the same. It would depend on what you’re seeking, your location and overall intentions. 

And yes, you can access most of these websites on your phone in case you want to.