AdMaven Review 2023: Is It Best Ad Network In 2023?

AdMaven Review 2023: Is It Best Ad Network In 2023?

AdMaven review 2023: is it the best ad network in 2023? That’s a decision you’ll have to make once you’ve been through this piece.

I’ll discuss everything you may wish to know about the network. This includes its ad-formats, deposit & withdrawal policies, minimum requirements, targeting options and everything in between.

If you’re someone who needs to run ads, or a website owner who wishes to make money off their site, this AdMaven review is for you.

Let’s not waste time and get started then?

AdMaven Review: What is AdMaven?

I’ll keep it simple.

It’s an ad network that connects advertisers to publishers and vice-versa. Advertisers get access to thousands of high-quality websites. Publishers make money by displaying ads from these publishers.

As of March 2023, it’s capable of generating over 2 billion daily impressions!

Here’s an overview of its strongest features:

  • 6 different ad formats.
  • Both CPC and CPM pricing models are available.
  • Over 6 deposit & withdrawal modes.
  • Minimum withdrawal for publishers: $5.00
  • Very responsive live-chat
  • Extremely specific ad-targeting
  • Website:

If those features sound even remotely interesting, this AdMaven review is just for you. Jump right in.


AdMaven is meant both for publishers as well as advertisers.

The registration is pretty straight-forward and simple. (Yes, you can enter random digits/info in the “instant messenger” field)

Admaven advertiser account form

Do note that you’d need separate accounts if you wish to use AdMaven both as a publisher and an advertiser. You can however use the same e-mail ID to create both the accounts.

Let’s not waste time  and get down to actually using the platform, eh?

User-Interface (Publisher)

Being a website owner, my first choice of course is to monetize my website and make money off of it. Hence, I initially joined AdMaven as a publisher.

Here’s what it shows you once you login as a publisher:

As you can see, there aren’t many complicated options or buttons. There’s the left-sidebar as you’ve seen with hundreds of other websites. The left-sidebar lets you go to the different features/pages that AdMaven offers.

The right-sidebar is your workspace. Everything you choose from the left-sidebar is displayed here.

Bottom line? Absolutely no previous experience or technical skills are required to use AdMaven.

Adding a new website as a publisher

I liked the fact that the entire process to add a new website was extremely simple.

All I’ve to do is enter my website name (yes, they auto-fill the URL) and choose a vertical (niche).

Admaven publisher platform

Done! The website gets added instantly.

6 Ad formats

This is important for both publishers as well as advertisers.

So, AdMaven lets you place 6 different kinds of ads on your website. This obviously also means advertisers can buy ads in any of these 6 formats for their projects.

Maybe you’re new and do not understand the ad formats?

That’s no issue either. For each ad format, there’s an animation showing how the ad will appear. A description is available as well which further explains what each ad is and how it works.

Admaven ad formats

So, the available ad-formats are:

  • Pop: These are those full-screen ads that display themselves either on a new tab, new window, or a new tab (under). Personally? I find these frustrating as a website visitor. However, depending on your website and end-goal, these sure can be some of the most profitable ads out there.
  • Double click push: Well, these would allow you to collect push notification requests.
  • Push notifications: These actually are my favorite and have a have a 50% higher open-rates than e-mails!
  • In-page push: These Native floater ads slide in from the sides of your webpage and help grab some attention.
  • Interstitial: These again are some of the most aggressive but also high conversion ads that take demand attention by covering up the entire screen.
  • Content Blocker: Okay, this one is the most rewarding or the most fatal ad for you! It basically blocks your content and only allows access after push notifications are enabled. Is your content good-enough for people to allow that access, or will they hit the back button? It really depends on your content.

Some of these ad-types (e.g. In-page push) are invite-only. This is to protect the standards of traffic delivered to the advertisers.

This limitation doesn’t exist for advertisers. They’re free to choose any type of ad they see fit.

Advanced configurations

Of course, your choice isn’t just limited to the “format”. As a publisher, you also get to choose the placement and many other ad-specific settings.

E.g. for Pop ads, I get to select:

Admaven ad configuration

  • Site cap: This is the maximum number of times the ad pops on the entire site.
  • Cap per page: You get to set the max no. of times it pops for each “page”.
  • Caps interval: This is the duration after which the “Site cap” resets. Meaning, if you set the site cap to 3, and “caps interval” to 120, ads will be displayed 3 times every 120 minutes. You can also choose the value for the “caps interval”. Meaning, it can either be set as seconds, minutes, hours or days!
  • Interval between pops: Well, you can even set the minimum interval that should exist between each ad display!

These are just for the “pop” ads. Each ad format has its own controls. I’m sure you have a decent idea of the level of control and configuration you get, don’t you?

Payment modes

An important question here is how exactly can you pay for your ads on AdMaven. If you’re a publisher, how can you withdraw your funds?

As a publisher, you get a plethora of options to choose from. You can withdraw funds using:

Admaven payment modes

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Capitalist
  • Webmoney
  • Paxum
  • And even Bitcoin.

If you’re an advertiser, you can deposit funds using:

  • PayPal or cards (these card transactions are processed by PayPal).
  • Cards and Wire transfers (processed by BlueSnap)
  • Paxum
  • Capitalist
  • Or coupons.

Do note that if you contact the support team, additional modes may be made available for you.

Bottom line? Depositing or withdrawing funds shouldn’t be a problem.

Payment policies (fees, minimum deposit/withdrawal, hold-period)

So, what’s the minimum amount you can withdraw from your AdMaven account? How long do you need to wait before you can withdraw funds? Pretty legit questions, eh?

AdMaven holds your funds for net +30 days. Meaning, you get your payment the next month after it’s billed. I agree, this isn’t the fastest payout but this is close to the industry-standard as far as ad networks go.

AdMaven does charge a withdrawal fee depending on the payment mode. Here’s how much you pay for withdrawals using these modes:

  • PayPal/Paxum: $1.00
  • Bitcoin: 3%
  • WebMoney: 1%

Some modes (Capitalist, Payoneer, Wire Transfers) are free. You may still be charged but this charge is from your payment processors and not AdMaven.

Of course, there’s a “minimum payout” threshold as well. Again, it varies depending on the mode of withdrawal.

  • $5.00: PayPal/ Paxum/ WebMoney/ Capitalist
  • $50.00: Bitcoin/ Payoneer
  • $800.00: Wire Transfer

In my opinion, this is pretty desirable. $5.00 withdrawals? That’s impressive. Isn’t it?

User-Interface (Advertisers)

So, this is what you see if you login/signup as an Advertiser.

Admaven Advertisers user interface

Yes, tons of transparent, detailed and actionable data. The page shows:

  • The total amount you’ve spent
  • Total funds left in your account
  • No. of impressions
  • No. of clicks/views on your ads
  • CPC for your ads
  • CTR which helps you optimize your ads better
  • Total conversions
  • Earnings
  • And conversions/click.

This is just the first half of the screen.

If you scroll down, it’ll also show you:

  • Your top 5 campaigns
  • And Top 5 feeds.

Do note that this is an overview of “all” campaigns. It’s not the actual report for each ad. AdMaven does display individual , detailed reports for each ad if you need them.

In a nutshell, I’d say that gives you a pretty detailed insight of your campaigns, doesn’t it?

Ad controls and customizations (for advertisers)

This is one of the strongest aspects on AdMaven. The amount of control you get for your ads is beyond impressive.

Here’s the settings page:

Admaven Ad controls and customizations for advertisers

For starters, you get to set a start/end time for the campaign. I ofcourse choose to “start immediately” but you don’t have to.

You then get to set a total budget, daily budget,  default CPC, minimum and maximum CPC. Depending on the ad format, you’ll automatically be shown either CPC settings, or CPV/CPM settings.

These settings let you ensure you only spend exactly what you want even if you’ve got extra funds in your account.

Not sure what’s the right amount for your ad? AdMaven actually has “rate cards” you can download. These give you an idea of the CPC and impressions for each country and device.

Oh, you also get to choose your “Ad-spend” speed. If you select “ASAP”, your funds are used up as soon as the right target/device/user is found and an ad is served.

Admaven ad spend settings

However, if you select “evenly”, your budget is controlled so that only X amount is spend in a fixed period of time.

Then you can enable/disable “web” and “floating” push ads individually. Similarly, you also get to enable/disable interstitial ads.

You even get to choose if you want or do not want 3rd party traffic!

Finally, you get to set your campaign limits. How many daily clicks do you want? Maximum conversions you’re happy with? How many clicks do you wish to allow from the same IP? And finally, you get to set the no. of times you wish to display each ad to the same IP.

All in all, pretty easy to setup and it’s a lot of control, don’t you agree?

The next page lets you set the countries, days, and even the exact date & time when you want your ad to be displayed!

Then there’s a list of languages you can chose from. You get to select specific browser languages which should display your ads. You can also choose the operating systems you’d like to show your ads on.

Admaven language operating system options

Why stop there, eh?  AdMaven also lets you directly choose the “device” (mobile/ desktop/ tablet/ TV etc.) you’d show your ads on.

I get it, you need more control? How about “device manufacturers”? Yes, you can choose from about 300 manufacturers!

As the screenshot above shows, browser selection is possible as well!

Maybe you need even more specific targeting? AdMaven will let you choose if you wish to show your ads on WiFi/cable or cellular data (internet) users.

Oh finally? You can even choose the exact ISP (internet provider/ SIM card provider) to display ads for!

I must say, that covers just about everything. Doesn’t it? It’s extremely specific, granular and detailed.

Whitelist/blacklist IPs/Domains

While setting your ad campaigns, you’ll eventually reach the “TQ and Analytics” page.

This is where you get to whitelist/blacklist specific domains and IPs.

Admaven analytics review

Simply upload a list, and select if that’s your whitelist, or a blacklist. As simple as that.

[Updateland Bonus] Dedicated account manager

Imagine a dedicated account manager for your account! Someone who manages your account, helps with your problems and assists you with most other things on AdMaven?

While AdMaven does offer a dedicated account manager, it’s only for “some” accounts.

However, if you sign up using this link, you’ll most probably get one, for free. Hey, you invested your time on this AdMaven review, it’s the least I can give back, eh?

You also receive the manager’s Skype contact which makes things even simpler.

Is this a unique feature? Not by a long shot. Is this a feature most other similar platforms lack? Certainly!


Of course, this AdMaven review can’t be complete without talking about their support.

The company has a live-chat. Initially, I wasn’t very happy because it’s not 24X7. It’s only available during office hours.

However, once I actually had a problem, their response completely impressed me.  So, the response-time is fast, I get replies within seconds, it’s a few minutes at best.

However, what impressed me was their problem-solving knack. So, Bitcoin wasn’t coming up as a withdrawal mode for my publisher account. I let them know using the live-chat.

They instantly fixed it, within seconds.

Admaven support

That I believe shows that in case you’re ever stuck, the problem will be solved within minutes if not seconds.

They have a completely separate support team for you if you sign up as an advertiser! This team is obviously equally responsive, fast and informative (no reason they won’t be, eh?).

Yes, you can reach them via e-mail as well if you want to.

AdMaven review- Final verdict

So, is AdMaven the best ad network out there? I’m not sure of it being the “absolute best”, however, as an ad network, it’s more than impressive.

If you look at the payment policies, minimum withdrawal, ad-settings and everything else, I’m sure you’d agree it’s a decent platform.

Can it be improved? Certainly. Everything on the planet can be improved. However, does it have what it takes to get you exposure or help your website make money? I’d say so.

Hey, no amount of words on this AdMaven review will be enough to fully describe the network. Go sign up and give it a try?