All Clad MC2 – Cookware to Master Your Kitchen With!

This article will look at the All Clad MC2 line of cookware. This line is one of All Clads greatest achievements. It is one of the most popular lines of cookware available today and is highly prized by culinary professionals and home chefs alike!

The All Clad MC2 (which stands for Master Chef2) it the upgraded version of All Aluminum based Master Alloy line of professional kitchen cookware. The MC2 line is no different than any other line that is produced by All Clad. It is quality bar none! This line of cookware incorporates the standard MC2 three ply bonding construction design which is patented by All Clad.

This design utilizes an inner core of pure aluminum and adheres it with a All Clads permanent bonding technology with a layer of pure rolled 18/10 stainless steel on the cooking surface side of the cookware and a brushed pure aluminum alloy on the cooking exterior of the cookware. This makes for excellent heat conduction when cooking.

The sets of cookware in the MC2 line come with lids that are recessed and this enables a snug fit to lock in the flavors of the food you are preparing and the heat and pressure created when cooking your food.The handles of the All Clad MC2 line are stay cool handles and the the lids and handles are produced of the same top quality 18/10 stainless steel.

It is recommended that for the best results when cooking to use a medium heat setting as the heat conduction properties of the MC2 line do not require the higher heat of cookware sets that are not bonded, or a bonded set of lesser quality that does not have the heat distribution properties of All Clad and are made of the lesser quality 18/8 stainless steel.

The MC2 line of cookware is dishwasher safe although you might want to watch out for harsh dishwasher soaps with lots of phosphates as they may darken the aluminum exterior of this line of cookware. MC2 is the ideal cookware for the professional chef or culinary enthusiast with an eye for professional style.

The All Clad MC2 line has some of the most popular frying pans/skillets in the culinary marketplace today! Many times these pans have received 5 star reviews from users all over the world, both professional chefs and gourmet home chefs alike! This cookware is built like a culinary tank. It can take the use and abuse. One of the nicest things about the MC2 line is that it patinas gracefully. As with all All Clad products cleanup is a breeze and you can have piece of mind knowing that there is a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacture and they gladly honor it! If you are seeking cookware that will last for a lifetime of service then think All Clad MC2!

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