Boiler Problem

I believe you’ve been through this nightmare at least once in your life. Winter, early morning, Friday morning, alarm bells. Time to get up. You wait a bit and enjoy the last moments of being under a warm duvet, taking farewell dreams. And you have to make a decision – you sit on your bed. But your body feels terrible: it’s cold! You’re freezing! You check the stove – it’s very cold. The only thing your organization could do was jump under the blanket again. But what now?

You can’t stay here anymore, even if you want to. Your job is waiting for you. This is the day of completion of this important project that you have been entrusted with. You can’t afford to leave. Then you try to break your neck to get dressed and get dressed while staying safe in bed. Did. And you go to the kitchen to brew delicious hot coffee. And here he is – the kettle. The cause of your problems. It has a small screen and only a few buttons. Nothing is more complicated than it looks. The cell phone has a full keyboard, so many options and even a camera, and you use it with such agility and agility. No problem! You press the “menu,” the screen has become light gray, but all you see is the number 43. Click again and nothing will happen.

You wait for a small fire sign, press another button, and now the number will be counted in reverse order. I wonder if it will explode when it reaches zero. No, I stopped at 26. Cold water, cold radiators, at least the coffee is hot. You turned off the kettle and turned it on again – it might help. You think by analogy with the PC – magically – the heat will return. And nothing more. Then you realize it’s Friday morning. The weekend will start in a few hours.

You planned to read, surf the Internet, just wanted to enjoy the silence of your home and learn how to do it in freezing weather. There’s a red alarm clock in your head. You come into the room and look for help. Help!!! No, screaming isn’t enough. You have to use something more efficient. Yes! Internet! Now you praise God for creating the world wide web. One of his best inventions. And fortunately, his speed is even at altitude. You go to Google, what else, plumbing looking. Since you live in Clapham, enter “plumbers in Clapham.” That’s it! Now it’s just a matter of choice.

Choosing the right thing is the main thing. You’ve heard of them – they’re so expensive. And this one — your friend had bad memories of it — you don’t remember what he was about, but don’t try. And you click there on Clapham Plumber, well, the website looks good and professional, you should try. You call the number, you don’t know if you can, you ask if anyone’s coming as soon as possible. Checkā€¦ Yes, there is a chance that you will spend this evening in the warmth of your cozy room. They told you something about the 16-18 time interval. You agree with the enthusiasm. Your roommate will be there to let them in.

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