Does Green Tea Have Caffeine? – Let’s Find Out!

Could this be true? Green tea contains caffeine? I’ve read all these wonderful things about this vintage beer and how much it can be useful to you. The last thing I thought about was stimulants! Let’s look at the facts!

I am still surprised by the many studies I have read about the health benefits of these leaves. It has existed for centuries, and although Asians have been reaping the benefits all these years, we have only just begun to unravel the mystery of this plant. The benefits I read seem endless.

Did you know that it has been proven to help people with headaches, diabetes, depression, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer? The list is expanding. In fact, I am learning more and more how to lose weight and get rid of fat by increasing metabolism. New research every day reveals new benefits!

With all these health benefits, should we worry about caffeine right now? I don’t think so! Your regular cup of coffee has much more heat (180 milligrams per cup) compared to green leaves with a paltry 75 milligrams per cup. One cup of these popular all-natural fruit smoothies with an extra boost of energy contains even more caffeine. So you can relax, sip and enjoy!

Still worried? Don’t worry, there are ways to cut that amount in half. The best way is to fly and get off. It’s true! Just let the buds soar as usual and throw away the first batch. In the next few weeks the benefits will be much less. Also buy plants at the end of the year, as spring buds contain more stimulants. So if someone asks you, “Does green tea contain caffeine,” share the good news!

If all this talk about tea makes you think… What for? You might want to know about the supplements. One or two capsules a day and you can enjoy life with updated health and energy. I love that sound. I’m on the run all the time. Work… Take care of the house … Shop… Shop. Pop and let’s go!

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Nora Saward is a registered nurse who is dedicated to improving her health through nutrition and leading to a greener life through dietary supplements, foods for healthy skin and drinking clean water.

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