WorldBus Review: Is it Best Web Hosting That Accepts Bitcoin ?

WorldBus Review: Is it Best Web Hosting That Accepts Bitcoin ?

WorldBus review: Is it the best hosting provider in 2023? Like every other host, it certainly claims so. Of course, we do not take blindly believe in claims, you shouldn’t either.

Hence, if you’re in the market for a web host, and WorldBus caught your eye, this review is for you.

I promise to be completely unbiased, honest and transparent throughout this review.

Also, I’ll put the server through a number of tests and share the result transparently with you.

You’re the one who will decide if the server is worth your time, or you’d rather skip.

Let’s get started with this WorldBus hosting review then?

WorldBus Review: Overview

Here’s an outline of everything you get with WorldBus that may interest you:

  • Available server types: Shared, VPS, cloud, dedicated
  • 7 server locations
  • Free migrations
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 40Gbps free DDoS support
  • Free domain (in some cases)
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Entry price: $1.99/month
  • Accepts Bitcoins (in addition to fiat payments)
  • Website:

If the features above seem interesting, keep reading.

Why trust this WorldBus review?

You’d find dozens of reviews of just about anything on the web. However, the reviews often are without a strong base. That’s exactly what we don’t do here on Updateland.

For this review, I actually signed up at WorldBus, created a site and tested it on multiple fronts.

Here’s my registration mail:

And here’s my site:

World Bus review 1

Hence, everything I say (or, type) on this review comes purely from experience.

The company sure claims it’s the best, of course, we’d do our own tests before we accept that claim, eh?

Let’s get started.

Available server types

WorldBus offers all the major server types you may wish to purchase.

This means, despite your budget and requirements, WorldBus would have something for you. Available servers include:

  • Shared servers
  • VPS
  • Cloud servers
  • Dedicated servers etc.

Management and root access

If you go for VPS or dedicated servers, you do get full root access.

Also, these servers are unmanaged by default. Meaning, you’d have to upgrade, manage, secure and basically do everything for your server on your own.

This of course requires technical skills or you’d need to hire someone.

However, you can purchase management and support for an additional price.

7 server locations

One of the best features on WorldBus? It offers you the choice of 7 locations.

You may be looking for offshore servers, or maybe you just have a very specific target audience. These 7 locations make sure both you and your audience get peak performance.

The available locations for now are:

  • Turkey
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • UK
  • France
  • Finland
  • And Netherlands

Do note that the locations you get depend on the server type you go for. Not all server locations are available for all server type.

Comparatively, even some of the most reputed companies do not provide as many options, do they?

Free migrations

It’s possible you already have a website hosted with some other host. In case you wish to migrate to WorldBus, they do it for free!

It sure isn’t a massive “wow” feature. If you already own a site you probably do know how to migrate your site.

Free SSL certificate

While this too isn’t a very unique or rare feature, not all hosts offer this.

Now, without the SSL you’ll probably never rank on Google. Moreover, Google would show warning signs to each visitor which would massively drive down your audience.

WorldBus does offer a free SSL certificate (from Let’s Encrypt). It’s not only free but also pre-installed when you install WordPress.

.GE free domain

This isn’t a site-wide offer. However, at times, WorldBus does offer promotions that grant you free domains.

As of now (February 2023) they’ve a special “free hosting with domain” offer. If you register a .GE domain, you get a year worth of free shared server!

I know, it’s generally the other way round. But hey, the point is, you’re getting one of these two things for free and that’s big.

Free 40Gbps DDoS protection

WorldBus takes care of your security as well.

You get free DDoS protection up to 40Gbps for free on most plans, especially shared.

You can also opt for higher protection but that could cost extra.

But hey, unless you’ve got some real enemies, I’m pretty sure 40Gbps is decent protection, isn’t it?

Basic speed test

I generally put all my servers through a few tests. This basic test is a simple Pingdom test.

It tells me how fast the site loads. Do note that this test depends heavily on a site’s content (code, content, graphics, etc.) and hence may not be the same for everyone.

Anyway, I got impressive results from most locations for my WorldBus site.

Worldbus Basic speed test

The above result is from Germany, which is the same as my server location.

Just to get an objective view, I selected a really distant location (Japan, Tokyo), the site loaded in 1.55 seconds. It’s still impressive considering the distance.

World Basic speed test 2

As Google says, anything below 2 second is desirable and that’s exactly what I got.

Server Response Time (SRT) test

Well, as I just said ,the above test was heavily dependent on my site’s content.

So, let’s get a more objective, universal view on the server speed?

The SRT is basically the amount of time the server needs to respond to a browser’s request.

In other words, if this is slow, your website would be slow.

Well, here’s the SRT for my site from multiple locations:

WorldBus SRT test result

Now 6ms is just IMPRESSIVE! However, that’s expected considering I’m on their shared server which is in Germany.

But then, even the highest time is  just 301ms which too is pretty acceptable considering the location!

In a nutshell, I don’t think you’d face massive problems as far as server speed goes.

WorldBus hosting pricing plans and refund policy

Of course, after all the bells and whistles, it all comes down to the pricing plans, doesn’t it?

The plans depend on the server types (obviously).

However, I’ll just list the entry-price (cheapest server) for all categories. If you want higher specs you can always go for the more expensive ones. But, it’s the entry-price that decides if it’s within or out of your budget, doesn’t it?

  • Shared servers start at $1.99/month
  • VPS Starts at $12.99/month
  • Cloud servers will cost you $17.99/month minimum.
  • Dedicated server start at $64.99/month.

Now, comparatively, I’d say the entry-points are pretty decent. Wouldn’t you? I mean $1.99 is as low as we can expect it to go, isn’t it?

The best part? There’s a 30-day refund policy on all packages (except domains and dedicated servers).

This means, unless you’re absolutely sure of the services being offered, you do not have to pay.

Bitcoin and fiat payments

Of course you can purchase WorldBus services using traditional modes of payments such as cards, PayPal etc.

However, it also supports Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) for payment. This does offer you some privacy as far as your financial transactions go.

They even offer local payment modes in some cases!

Do note that WorldBus isn’t an “anonymous web server”. Meaning, they require real name, address and other details when signing up.

Acceptable Use Policy

Considering this is a hosting review, it’s only fair we go through their AUP before signing off, isn’t it?

WorldBus is actually a lot more lenient than most other hosts out there.

Some controversial things it allows (on it dedicated servers) that most other hosts do not allow include:

  • Tor relays
  • And Video streaming

Also, any content removal request is only entertained when it comes directly from Dutch authorities.

Now, the list of “not accepted” content is pretty long (but reasonable).

Worldbus Acceptable Use Policy

So, unless you’re trying to host something outright illegal, I’m guessing you’d be fine. Wouldn’t you?

24×7 live-chat, phone, Telegram & E-mail support

There are a dozen things that can go wrong with any server out there. It helps to have a live-chat that’s available round the clock, doesn’t it?

WorldBus has a 24X7 live-chat that helps you out with any issue. Now if I’m being honest, the initial contact does take a bit of time (about 2-4 minutes). However, once a representative is assigned to you, the replies arrive in less than a minute.

The staff is helpful and not “robotic”. They “talk” instead of sending you official, formal replies or links to solutions.

They even have a contact number you can use to get in touch directly!

Of course, you can also get in touch via E-mail but it’ll obviously be slower than live-chat.

WorldBus review- Final verdict

So, is WorldBus the best host out there? Well, that’s not a claim I’m qualified-enough to make.

However, I would say it satisfies everything you may need from a host. Especially, for a $1.99 price tag its features are more than impressive.

The support is impressive, 7 server locations, free migrations/SSL certificates and everything does add up, doesn’t it?

For now, I’d say why don’t you go give it a try? Its 30-day refund policy ensures you do not pay unless you verify that everything I’ve mentioned on this WorldBus review is the truth!

11 Best Hong Kong VPS Hosting Providers

11 Best Hong Kong VPS Hosting Providers

This list gives you the best Hong Kong VPS Hosting companies. You may either need a server in Hong Kong, and/or a company that operates out of Hong Kong. I’ve included both of those here.

Now, a VPS  is quite different from a shared server, is it not? Hence, the things you look for in a VPS differ as well.

So, for each of these companies, I’ve highlighted the most important aspects you’d want to look for.

Let’s get started then?

The 11 Best Hong Kong VPS Hosting companies in 2023

These are the Hong Kong hosting companies I’ve included on this list:

  • ICD Soft
  • VPS Server
  • Layer Stack
  • G Core Labs
  • Internet Solutions
  • Host Hong Kong
  • Filetruth
  • HostUS
  • Koddos
  • SinoHosting
  • Control VM

Quite a few options, eh? Let me help you out.

How to choose the best Hong Kong VPS servers?

Here’s how to choose the best VPS hosts from Hong Kong:

  • Managed vs. Unmanaged hosts: I’ve mentioned which of these are managed and which are unmanaged hosts. If you’re very new to VPS, go with managed hosts, else, unmanaged hosts are generally cheaper but require a bit more hands-on approach.
  • Freebies: Some hosts provide free domain, control panel, backups and other freebies. Compare the other features for each of these hosts and then see if the freebies do or don’t make a difference for you.
  • Migrations: Some hosts will migrate your server from your current host for free. Others will either charge, or not provide any such service. If you already own a site and aren’t comfortable moving it on your own, choose a host that offers free migrations. If you self-migrate or don’t own a site yet, this feature doesn’t matter.
  • OS Choice: Check if your choice of OS is readily available with the VPS. Custom installations are generally painful and require a bit more skills.
  • Backend features: I’ve mentioned speed, uptime and security if and when possible for these hosts.
  • Support: Some of you may need constant support. I’ve included the availability (or the lack of) live-chat for each of these hosts. Managed hosts generally offer better support.
  • Root access: Not all Hong Kong VPS hosts provide root access to the servers. It offers more control but also requires more technical skills. Do you need this?
  • Pricing/refunds/free trial: Pay attention to the pricing, as well as the refund policies (if any).

Although, I’m guessing if you’re on this list you’ve got a pretty decent idea as far as choosing VPS hosts go. Let’s get you some servers then!

1. ICD Soft

Website: Soft

  • Hong Kong servers: Yes
  • Total server locations: 3
  • cPanel: Free
  • Root access: No
  • Live chat: Yes
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free trial: No. 15-day moneyback.
  • Management: Managed only

ICD Soft is the best Hong Kong VPS hosting for multiple reasons. For starters, it offers a completely free control panel! This essentially gives you the ease of shared hosting with the power of a VPS. It also lets you install and manage WordPress, as well as many other applications.

It even includes daily backups for free. On top of that, even a free SSL certificate is included. You get “Let’s Encrypt” on cheaper plans, and RapidSSL on the more expensive packages.

Finally, you even get a free domain on most plans!

Already have a website? ICD Soft will migrate your website absolutely free, even if you’re on their cheapest VPS plan!

As you continue on this list, you’d notice that most of these features are either absent, or paid with most other HK VPS companies.

Only managed VPS plans are available. As on most managed servers, root access isn’t offered.

Obviously, you get to select Hong Kong as your server location. Except Hong Kong, you can also choose from USA and Europe.

Finally, there’s a 24X7 live-chat to help with any queries! Paid plans start at $1.90. There’s even a 15-day moneyback guarantee if you don’t like what’s offered.

2. VPS Server


  • Hong Kong servers: Yes
  • Total server locations: 15+
  • cPanel: Basic dashboard included for free
  • Root access: Yes
  • Live chat: Yes
  • Free migrations: No
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Management: Unmanaged + managed

VPS Server, as the name suggests, is a company that specializes in VPS. It offers a total of 15+ locations to choose from, and one of its data centres is in Hong Kong.

Apart from HongKong, it offers Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Australia, London, New York and many other locations.

Now, the website does mention managed VPS, however, it’s not actually available. Rather, they provide optional advanced technical support for an additional $49.95/month.

All the common operating systems, including  Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Windows, ClearOS, Arch Linux etc.

It does offer root access. Optional cPanel can be purchased as well. However, it does offer a free basic control panel/dashboard. This lets you manage your server to some extent without a command line.

It has dozens of plans you can choose from, depending on CPU, RAM, space and other resources. You don’t get free migrations though.

The best part? There’s a 7-day free trial! You only pay if you continue your subscription, which start at EUR 2.99/month.

The company does offer a 24X7 live-chat. It’s very responsive, fast, and informative.

As for the server’s quality, we did a few. For starters, the ping test was pretty impressive:

Hong Kong VPS hosting

I even downloaded a 1GB file off the server. The speed was at par with my normal Internet speed, indicating the server isn’t slow.

Finally, payments can be made using both fiat modes (traditional money) or Cryptocurrencies.

3. LayerStack


  • Hong Kong servers: Yes
  • Total server locations: 4
  • cPanel: Optional, paid.
  • Root access: Yes
  • Live chat: Yes
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free trial: No
  • Management: Both managed & Unmanaged

LayerStack is a Hong Kong VPS hosting that offers both managed and unmanaged servers.

Except Hong Kong, you can also select from Japan, Singapore, and Los Angeles for your VPS location.

What makes it special? It has direct CN2 routing to China, something that you may find useful if you’re searching for Hong Kong VPS servers.

It does offer a few OS choices. You get to select from Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows Server, Alma Linux and Rocky Linux.

Root access is provided by default. cPanel can be purchased additionally. Automated backups aren’t free, but are available and can be purchased.

For some locations (Hong Kong included) it offers load balancers. These let you distribute the load across servers for better performance.

As for the server’s performance, I tested its Hong Kong servers, and here are the results:

VPS hosting in Hong Kong

I did a test file download (500 MB) and the speed was pretty impressive.

The company does offer completely free migrations if you already own a server with another company.

Finally, for payments, you can use the traditional payment modes (no Cryptocurrencies). Support is pretty impressive with its 24X7 live-chat!

Paid plans start at $10.04/month on its yearly plan.

4. G Core Labs


  • Hong Kong servers: Yes
  • Total server locations: 35+
  • cPanel: Optional, paid.
  • Root access: Optional
  • Live chat: Yes
  • Free migrations: No
  • Free trial: No
  • Management: Unmanaged (60 EUR/hour for management)

G Core Labs is a company that offers a lot more than just VPS servers. However, its Hong Kong based datacenters are why it’s on this list. It does claim to offer the best Hong Kong VPS hosting, obviously, that’s debatable.

Except HK, you can choose from over 2 dozen locations. These include multiple cities/regions in the U.S, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and everywhere else. Regions close to HK such as Singapore and Seoul too are available.

Servers are unmanaged by default. Management costs 60 EUR/hour!

The website doesn’t mention other OS except Windows and Linux, however, you do get to choose from Debian, CentOS and others.

Unfortunately, they do not offer root access by default. On  Linux servers, you get SSH (so you must have a bit of prior experience with VPS) and for Windows they offer access over RDP.

If you get in touch with them, root access is sometimes possible.

Free migrations aren’t offered. You must move your site manually if you already use a different host.

They do have a live-chat team. In fact, it’s one of the friendliest, most informative and fastest support teams on this list. Automatic Acronic backups are available, starting at EUR 5.99/month.

VPS Plans start at EUR 4.49/month. Cryptocurrencies not accepted.

5. Internet Solutions


  • Hong Kong servers: Yes
  • Total server locations: 1
  • Root access: Yes
  • Live chat: No
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free trial: No
  • Management: Unmanaged + free basic management

This is a Hong Kong based company. All its servers are located in Hong Kong and that qualifies it for this list, doesn’t it?

Because it has China routing, Chinese search engines can totally crawl your websites despite their heavy censorship!

Free migration is available on all VPS plans! Moreover, it offers basic management for free on all servers!  This is pretty rare and would let anyone use the VPS without a lot of technical skills.

It also includes automated backups.  The last 2 weeks’ worth of data can be recovered for free. Root access is offered on the servers.

Plans start at $30.00/month (or, $300.00/year). For payments, you can use both traditional currencies as well as Cryptocurrencies! It’s actually one of the first VPS providers to start accepting crypto!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a live-chat! There are no free trial for VPS (7-day trials available on their Shared plans though). There’s a 1-day refund period though.

6. Host Hong Kong


  • Hong Kong servers: Yes
  • Total server locations: 1
  • cPanel: Optional, paid.
  • Root access: Yes
  • Live chat: Yes
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free trial: No (14-day moneyback)
  • Management: Optional

As the name suggests, this is a Hong Kong  VPS company that specializes in Hong Kong servers. In fact, only Hong Kong servers are available!

Now, by default all servers are unmanaged. However, if you get a cPanel/DirectAdmin license, they’d manage your server for free.

Root access is sure provided on all plans and packages. They do offer free migrations if you have a pre-existing website.

They do have a live support feature. Now, it may take about 5 minutes for you to get a representative. However, once you’re connected the chats are pretty fast and instant.

The normal operating systems including Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, Red Hat etc.

Fair warning though, the site looks extremely basic. They’ve been here for over 13 years and probably forgot to update the layout.

Paid VPS plans start at HK$280.00. The VPS plans are non-refundable.

7. Filetruth


  • Hong Kong servers: Yes
  • Total server locations: 5+
  • cPanel: Enhanced cPanel free
  • Root access: Yes
  • Live chat: Yes
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free trial: No (15-day moneyback)
  • Management: Both managed and Unmanaged

Filetruth is one of the less popular yet a decent Hong Kong VPS provider. Without doubt, you can start with servers located in Hong Kong. Other locations include Singapore, France, Germany, and the USA.

It offers both managed, as well as unmanaged servers. It offers free domain names on its VPS plans which is pretty desirable and rare.

Obviously, full root access is provided with the VPS plans. The company does keep and offer free automatic backups. However, this is at the company’s discretion and may not always be available.

Enhanced  cPanel is included for free with every VPS package. There’s a 24X7 live-chat available.

VPS plans start at $50.00/month. There’s a 15-day moneyback guarantee on all server plans.

8. HostUS


  • Hong Kong servers: Yes
  • Total server locations: 9
  • cPanel: Paid/ free with Managed servers
  • Root access: Yes
  • Live chat: No
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free trial: No
  • Management: Both managed and Unmanaged

HostUs offers servers from Hong Kong, as well as 9 other locations including 5 regions in the U.S, London, Netherlands, and Singapore.

It offers both managed and unmanaged servers. The more expensive plans do include a “free” domain name, SSL, as well as cPanel.

Even on its managed plans, they do offer complete root access. The managed services extend just beyond the “server”. As in, they help with WordPress installations, plugin installations and almost everything else.

Up to 20 free migrations are included with the managed plans.

A wide range of OS including Windows, Linux, Arch Linux, openSUSE, Slackware, Fedora and many others are available.

Dozens of plans are available depending on the server resources. The cheapest plans start at about $5.95/3 months.

Unfortunately, there’s no live-chat.

9. Koddos


  • Hong Kong servers: Yes
  • Total server locations: 3
  • cPanel: Paid
  • Root access: Yes
  • Live chat: No
  • Free migrations: Yes (with managed servers)
  • Free trial: No
  • Management: Both managed and Unmanaged

Koddos does offer VPS servers from Hong Kong. All VPS plans offer complete root access.

Except its Hong Kong datacenter, you can also opt for Netherlands or the USA.

Daily backups too are included for free. All plans also offer 1 free dedicated IP address. DDoS protection is available if you pay a tad-bit extra.

Its managed plan includes cPanel by default as well as free website migration. Note that the migration isn’t included on the unmanaged VPS.

The managed Hong Kong VPS is limited to CentOS, however, the unmanaged package lets you chose from Fedora, Debin, SUSE, Ubuntu and others.

Unfortunately, there’s no live-chat support. You do get 24X7X365 support but only on the managed plan.

10. SinoHosting


  • Hong Kong servers: Yes
  • Total server locations: 3
  • cPanel: Paid
  • Root access: Yes
  • Live chat: Yes
  • Free migrations: Yes (cPanel required)
  • Free trial: No
  • Management: Both managed and Unmanaged

SinoHosting claims to be one of the “top hosting solutions in China”. Again, I haven’t verified the legitimacy of this claim.  However, they do offer VPS servers in Hong Kong and hence are on this list.

It offers unmanaged servers by default. They simply install the server and get you the root access.

However, management services can be procured for an additional RMB 1,000.00/month, equivalent to about $157.00/month. Basic management such as cPanel installations and other basic issues are sorted for free.

They do offer free migrations but only if you’ve got cPanel at your old host as well as at SinoHosting.

Except Hong Kong, you can choose from US and Mainland China.

A 24X7 live-chat is available and it’s pretty fast as well as helpful.

11. ControlVM


  • Hong Kong servers: Yes
  • Total server locations: 4
  • cPanel: Paid
  • Root access: Yes
  • Live chat: Yes
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free trial: No
  • Management: Both managed and Unmanaged

ControlVM is another contender for the spot of the best VPS in Hong Kong. The other locations it offers are Singapore, Malaysia and Germany.

Root access is included with all the VPS plans. Servers are unmanaged by default. There are 3 management plans you can go for, starting at about $69.00.

Backups aren’t free but can be purchased. You need to specify the “number of backup retention” as well as  the size of the backups.

The OS-choices are bit thin. You get Linux or Windows to choose from.  A free  control panel is available although it needs to be installed manually.

As for free migrations, they’re provided as long as your source host isn’t using some custom configuration or OS.

Which is the best Hong Kong VPS hosting?

There’s no one absolute best hosting on the planet.

It majorly depends on your personal requirements. The amount of traffic you’re expecting, the content you’re trying to host, your requirement of a managed/unmanaged server and so on.

However, you can’t go wrong with either of these. That’s because I’ve included those VPS companies in Hong Kong that offer the most options to you. This will let you easily pick the company you’re most comfortable with.

If you still need a concrete answer, LayerStack is a decent place to start at.

Go now, pick a Hong Kong VPS hosting, that site won’t built itself now, would it?

8 Best VPS Hosting Seattle [Tested]

8 Best VPS Hosting Seattle [Tested]

The best VPS hosting Seattle in 2023. If you need a VPS server in Seattle, this list will help you get it.

Getting a VPS server helps you get a faster website, with a lot more  customization and scalability than a VPS server. However, getting a VPS server close to your target-audience just takes things to a whole new level.

Every single company on this page offers VPS servers from Seattle.  Obviously, that’s just one metric. To help you choose better, I’ve also discussed the other metrics you need to consider when choosing your VPS.

Let’s get you a Seattle VPS then?

How to choose best VPS hosting Seattle?

I’m confident anyone on this piece already know how to choose a Seattle VPS. However, just in case you’re new, I’ve curated a list to help you out.

  • Management: VPS servers are either managed, or unmanaged. Managed servers are servers which are completely managed from the company’s end. You do not have to take care of updates, security, software or any other issues. Unmanaged servers only give you the “server”. You need to take care of everything on the server from your own end
  • Root access: Most VPS companies offer root access by default. However, some do not, especially on their managed plans. Hence, be sure to verify its availability before you choose a server.
  • Refund policy: Verify if the company has a refund policy. If yes, how long.
  • The pricing: Your budget obviously comes into effect. However, as a thumb rule, it’s okay to spend a few extra bucks when it comes to servers. Do not always prioritize the budget if you can help it. Cheap isn’t always better with these.
  • Freebies: Check if the company offers any freebies. Free migrations, SSL certificates, and free backups are generally helpful and offered often.
  • Server quality: I’ve tested as many of these servers as possible and shared the results on this piece. Obviously, a faster server is the better choice.

The 8 Best VPS Hosting Seattle 2023

1. Hostwinds


Hostwinds VPS Seattle

  • Management: Unmanaged + Managed
  • DDoS protection (paid)
  • Root access (for both managed & unmanaged servers)
  • 72-hour moneyback guarantee
  • Paid backups available
  • 24X7 live support
  • Free migrations
  • Starting price: $4.99/month

Hostwinds is actually one of the more popular names on this list. I’ve used it previously when I was searching for VPS in the Netherlands. Seattle is just one of its 4 other locations.

It offers both managed, as well as unmanaged VPS. The managed VPS is like having a personal system administrator for your VPS. Hostwinds will take care of any and all issues on your managed VPS from their end. This includes updates, security, software installation and everything else.

I tested out its Seattle servers and the speed I got was sure impressive.

best vps seattle

This is impressive because my normal internet downloads average lower than 1.5Mbps! So 3+Mbps for a server from Seattle? Totally impressive.

Root access is available on both its managed, as well as unmanaged plans. This is important. Not all VPS providers offer root access on their unmanaged VPS servers.

The company also offers free migrations. Not just from a different provider, but also from a different server type (e.g. Shared to VPS).

Now, Hostwinds does have nightly backups. However, there’s a $1.00 base price + $0.03/GB monthly storage. It’s not very expensive, but it’s not  free as well.

DDoS protection too is available, at an additional cost.

Unmanaged VPS servers in Seattle start at $4.99/month. Managed VPS costs $8.24/month minimum. There’s a 72-hour refund policy.

As for support, there’s a 24X7 live-chat that’s pretty responsive.

2. VPSServer


seattle VPS Server

  • Management: Managed + unmanaged ($49.95/month extra)
  • Root access
  • No free daily backups
  • 24X7 live support
  • 7-day moneyback guarantee
  • No free migrations
  • No free SSL certificates
  • Starting price: $4.99/month

I’ll be honest, do not expect a lot from VPS Server in terms of support or freebies. It sure provides you VPS servers in Seattle. Arguably, it’s one of the best Seattle VPS servers, but that’s about it.

I say that because there are no free migrations, free SSL certificates or free backups.

All servers are unmanaged by default. You can opt for “management” at any time, by enabling SLA. This in my opinion is a tad-bit expensive and costs an additional $49.95/month.

On the flip side, it offers a 100% free 7-day trial on most of its VPS packages. The plans start at a low $4.99/month.

The support is impressive though. There’s a live-chat you can connect to any time of the day and they help you out.

Root access is provided on all plans. I did test the network and it averaged out at about 2Mbps. Not the best on this list, but totally more than I expected. In other words, it won’t slow your site down.

3. UltaHost


UltaHost Seattle VPS Hosting

  • Management: Managed + unmanaged (on request)
  • DDoS protection (free)
  • Root access (for both managed & unmanaged servers)
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Free daily backups
  • 24X7 live support
  • Free migrations
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Staging environments
  • Starting price: $5.50/month

UltaHost is one of the most feature-rich VPS in Seattle. I say that because it offers a ton of freebies which most other options on this list do not.

So, by default, all its plans are “managed”. However, you can get in touch with the team and request unmanaged servers.

It’s one of the very rare companies on this list that offers a “staging environment”. This lets you “preview” your website without making it live on the web.

It also offers free daily backups which as you’ve seen most VPS providers do not. Then, there’s also free migration if you’re already hosted on some other server. SSL certificates too are taken care of without any additional cost.

Root access is obviously provided on all plans (yes, including managed servers). Basic DDoS protection is provided by BitNinja among some other features.

There’s a 24X7 live-chat support that helps you whenever you need. Plans start at $5.50/month. There’s a 30-day refund policy across all plans.

4. Cloudzy

Website :


  • Management: Unmanaged only
  • DDoS protection
  • Root access
  • 7-day moneyback guarantee
  • No free backups
  • 24X7 live support
  • Doesn’t offer migrations for free.
  • Starting price: $7.95/month

Cloudzy is what most other Seattle VPS on this list would be like. It offers what most of you seek but nothing too extravagant or surprising.

So, I started out with a speed test. I must say I was impressed. At my location, given my distance from Seattle, and my normal speed, what I got from these servers was impressive.

vps hosting seattle

As I mentioned earlier, anything above `1.5Mbps is a very rare occurrence for me.

Then, you do get to choose from Windows/Linux options. Root access is provided with all servers. This offers you full and absolute control over the VPS.

The servers also have in-built DDoS protection.

There are a total of 4 plans to choose from. The cheapest plan is priced at $7.95/month. The most expensive plan costs $54.95/month.

Unfortunately, they do not offer managed servers. Free backups too aren’t included but that’s expected, most VPS companies have similar backup policies.

Now, there’s a 7-day moneyback guarantee in case you don’t like the services. As for support, there’s a 24X7 live-chat. It’s instant, very responsive does solve most of your problems.

5. VPSDime


  • Management: Unmanaged + managed ($10.00/10 minutes)
  • DDoS protection
  • Root access
  • 72-hour moneyback guarantee
  • No free backups
  • No live-chat for unregistered customers
  • Doesn’t offer migrations for free.
  • Starting price: $7.00/month

VPSDime does offer VPS hosting Seattle with most, if not all the feature you seek. It has this very desirable “optional add-on” business model.

For starters, all its plans are unmanaged. However, if you pay an extra $10.00/10 minutes, you get complete management from their end.

This is better than committing to a much higher “fixed” management fee. You’ll only need management once or twice a month, or less. Why commit to such charges, right?

Then, it does offer nightly backups for a fixed price of $5.00/month. Again, The “per day” cost on this is negligible and it’s almost free, isn’t it? Each day’s backup will be retained for 3 days!

Similarly, you can pay a few extra bucks and get FTP setup, cPanel hardening, remote desktop setup and much more.

VPS plans start at an affordable $7.00/month. There’s a 72-hour moneyback policy on all its plans.

Unfortunately, there’s no live-chat for unregistered customers. It’s not very good with freebies either. You don’t get any of the free stuff (SSL/migration).

Basic DDoS protection is free. Root access is available on all plans.

6. RackNerd


  • Management: Managed + unmanaged (on request)
  • Root access
  • No free daily backups
  • No refund policy
  • 24X7 live support
  • Doesn’t offer migrations for free.
  • No free SSL certificates
  • Starting price: $17.99/month

RackNerd is another VPS providers that offers VPS servers in Seattle. It too isn’t very generous with its free add-ons.

It does offer complete root access on all its VPS servers. All servers are unmanaged by default. You may be able to get management but there are no official plans. You can get in touch with the team, they do offer management in some cases.

Although,  no freebies are included. You don’t get the SSL, free migration or backups for free.

As for support, there sure is a 24X7 live-chat you can take help from.

The plans are on the higher end of the budget. The cheapest plan you can opt for is $17.99/month.  (There’s another plan starting much lower, but it’s only billed annually and is priced at $22.99/year).

There’s no refund policy whatsoever.

7. Premium RDP


  • Management: Managed only.
  • Root access
  • No refund policy
  • No free daily backups
  • Live-chat exists, doesn’t work.
  • Doesn’t offer migrations for free.
  • No free SSL certificates
  • Starting price: $7.00/month

Premium RDP is probably the cheapest managed VPS on this list. It starts at a low $8.00/month. All its plans are managed and unmanaged servers aren’t available.

Root access is provided with all plans.

While most other freebies aren’t available, it does offer free DDoS protection. Multiple OS distributions are sure available and can be chosen from.

DirectAdmin Control panel is available for free. Most other panels can be purchased during signup.

8. PureVoltage


  • Management: Unmanaged
  • Root access
  • No refund policy
  • No free daily backups
  • Live-chat exists, doesn’t work.
  • Doesn’t offer migrations for free.
  • No free SSL certificates
  • Starting price: $7.00/month

PureVoltage is low on this VPS hosting Seattle list for a reason. It only offers you the VPS, absolute nothing else. This is only being listed because it does offer VPS servers in Seattle. But, honestly? This should totally be your last choice.

All servers are unmanaged. There’s a live-chat that doesn’t always work and most of the time you can’t get a hold of a representative to help you out.

Root access is provided on all plans. You do not get free SSL, backups or migration. All of that is to be managed independently from a third-party.

Plans start at $7.00/month. There’s no refund policy.

Final words- Best VPS hosting Seattle

So, which is the best VPS hosting in Seattle? I’ll say Hostwinds.

Note that there certainly are VPS providers much better than Hostwinds. However, when it comes to “Seattle” as a datacenter, Hostwinds winds.

Obviously, any other provider with the list will make you happy (more or less). Do note that I’ve exclusively listed the “VPS” providers, and not the cloud servers.

Even though this wasn’t a “ranked” list, I’ll say the top 6 on this list offer the best VPS Seattle hosting, the bottom 2 are more of last straws.

But hey, your budget, requirements and everything else is subjective and personal isn’t it? So, I’d advise you start with Hostwinds and see if it works for you. If not, you can always switch to one of these other best VPS hosting Seattle companies, right?

10 Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting Providers

10 Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting Providers

Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting 2024: These are the best servers your Bitcoin can buy. Most of these companies wouldn’t just be limited to Bitcoin and accept most other crypto payment as well.

Budget wouldn’t be an issue here as even the best companies let you start for less than $6.00/month.

If you’re new to VPS, I’ve listed a few points below that should help you select your VPS wisely.

Do note that even though this article will specifically list “VPS features”, all of these companies also offer shared servers.

Let’s put your Cryptocurrencies to use then?

How to choose the best company to buy VPS with BTC?

The process of using Bitcoin to buy VPS is exactly the same as buying VPS with any other form of payment.

You simply need to choose “crypto/Bitcoin” when you get the payment options, and make your payment.

However, here are a few factors you should consider when choosing a VPS in general, especially for Crypto benefits:

  • Server locations: Anonymity, privacy and even tax benefits associated with Crypto can only be leveraged if your server is in one such privacy/tax-friendly nation. Netherlands and Switzerland are some of the best locations. As for your audience’s location, having a server close to them helps, or, you can always use a CDN.
  • Refund policies for Crypto: Most companies that accept VPS pay with Bitcoin have a different refund policies for their fiat payments as compared to Crypto payments.
  • Root access: If you know how to manage VPS you can always use the command-line, or, just attach a cPanel to your VPS. In either case, it’s best to go with servers allowing root access.
  • Managed or unmanaged servers: While cPanel makes managing your server easy, going with a managed VPS takes the entire workload off your hands.

Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting Providers List 2024

For this list, the priority is “the server’s quality”. This means, every option that’s listed here is listed not simply because the company accepts Bitcoin. But, also because it truly offers the uptime, speed and security your website needs.

Let’s see which of these Bitcoin VPS hosting fits you best?

1. BitLaunch


Primary features:

  • 4 different providers to choose from
  • 20+ server locations
  • 50+ Cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Complete OS/App control
  • 24X7 live-support

BitLaunch is the “most feature-rich” option on this entire list for a very specific reason. It offers its own servers, but also lets you buy servers from some other best VPS providers as a mediator.

Best VPS servers in 2023

Those providers do not accept Cryptocurrency directly on their platform. Hence, you get to pay for those servers using Cryptocurrency if you use BitLaunch as a mediator (without any extra fee or commission).

Because you get to use 4 different providers, you get nearly all the VPS options you can imagine or need.

Some provider may offer backups others may not. Similarly, DDoS protection, cPanel and all other features differ based on the company you go with.

As for locations, you get over 20 regions to choose from. If one provider doesn’t have the exact country/region you need, you’ve got 3 other providers to choose from!

E.g. I selected “Vultr” and it offered me over 17 regions to choose from! But then, it doesn’t offer in-built DDoS protection.

Then there’s tons of customization options. You can select the OS, size, CPU and a lot more on a single screen!


Point being, you get options and are free to build your plan as you wish to!

Searching for anonymity? You’ve got it! Bitlaunch doesn’t force you for real personal details. You can enter any name or e-mail when signing up. Furthermore, you can pay using Cryptocurrency for all servers further strengthen your anonymity.

Obviously, you must still adhere to the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) of whatever server company you go with.

2. Cherry Servers


Primary features:

  • Only unmanaged servers
  • No free migration and SSL certificates
  • Root access
  • 3 server locations
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • Cheapest VPS server: $11.16/month

Cherry Servers is a company that has made quite a name for itself. Because you’re looking for a VPS hosting with Bitcoin, let’s just say it accepts over 80 different payment modes. And yes, many different Cryptocurrencies are on that list.

You get 3 server locations to choose from, US, Netherlands, and Lithuania. Root access is provided on all servers.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer free migrations or SSL certificates. Additionally, it only offers unmanaged servers.

A live-chat does exist however it’s not always online. You may have to wait some time (in my experience, 20minutes+)  to get an agent. Obviously, this doesn’t always happen if you’re lucky.

Plans start at $11.16/month. You can choose between hourly or monthly billing.

3. MonoVM


Primary features:

  • Nearly 20 server locations 
  • shared /VPS/ Dedicated servers. 
  • Unmanaged servers
  • BItcoin +other Cryptocurrencies accepted 
  • 7 day refund policy
  • A.I powered love. Ha

MonoVM is one of the best Bitcoin VPS on the planet. It’s based out of Lithuania, one of the most privacy-friendly nations on the planet. 

The company offers everything, including shared, VPS, Dedicated and even domains !

Maybe you need a specific server location? The company offers nearly 20 server locations to choose from. New York, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, London, Paris, you name it and they probably have it. 

All the VPS servers are unmanaged by default. Of course, support is provided when required. Root access is provided as well. 

They accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other Cryptocurrencies.  Fiat too is accepted but I doubt you’re interested in those traceable payments, are you? 

There’s also a 7 day refund policy just in case you decide it’s not for you, no risks involved. Oh with all the A.I storm ravaging us? Their 24X7 live chat is A.I powered which means it’s extremely fast, I personally was impressed with the accuracy of its answer as well.

4. 1Gbits


  • AUP: Only Lithuania and server country laws apply
  • Unmanaged servers
  • Root access
  • 10+ server locations
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • 7 day refund policy
  • Cheapest VPS server: $15.00/month

1Gbits is one of the most privacy-respecting offshore Bitcoin VPS servers on the planet. It of course accepts Bitcoin  but what truly makes it “offshore” is it doesn’t care about your content legality. The only condition is the content must be legal in your server-country and Lithuania. Your native country’s laws do not matter!

It also is one of the most location-rich options on this list. You get to choose from France, USA, Sweden, Poland, UAE, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Romania and many other locations!

All servers are unmanaged, however, I personally was impressed with their support. It’s very fast, responsive and the answers were detailed. Paid management isn’t available as of now.

All the general OS options are available including Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD etc. Both Linux and Windows VPS are available. Root access is provided. The starting price is set at  $15.00. You can pay using many other Cryptocurrencies and aren’t limited just to Bitcoin either. Of course fiat payments are accepted as well.

5. Namecheap


Bitcoin VPS Hosting

Primary features:

  • Managed & unmanaged servers
  • Free migration
  • Root access
  • 1 server location (United States)
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • 30 day refund policy
  • Cheapest VPS server: $6.00/month

Namecheap was the winner in our list of 10 best VPS hosting with cPanel. Because it accepts Bitcoin, it naturally becomes on of the best VPS Bitcoin hosting, doesn’t it? It actually was one of the very first companies in the industry to start accepting Cryptocurrencies.

You obviously get complete root access although I doubt any of us like managing VPS servers manually. While we’re on the topic, let me mention that it offers 3 management types:

  • Self managed: Free. You can still hire them to fix issues for an hourly rate of €15.44/hour.
  • Basic: €10,29 /mo- lets you hire the team for individual events, but for an additional €10.44/hour.
  • Complete: €25.73/month Full management 24X7, no hourly or additional rates.

All the servers are located in the U.S. You may already have a website, the migration in that case is free.

Plans start at EUR 7.08/month. You do get support at any all times using its live-chat. Not sure if it’s for you? They offer a 30-day refund policy just for that!

6. InMotion Hosting


vps hosting accept bitcoin

Primary features:

  • Managed & unmanaged servers
  • Free migration and SSL certificates
  • Root access
  • 2 server locations
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • 90 day refund policy
  • Cheapest VPS server: $6.00/month

Doesn’t matter if you’re too new to manage your server, or too busy and lack time. InMotion Hosting caters to both your needs by offering a managed, as well as an unmanaged server.

Already got a website? Not a problem. They migrate you for free! Need SSL certificates? Those are included for free as well.

Targeting audience from a specific location? You can choose from either a Los Angeles server, or one in D.C (Washington).

Everyone likes control, don’t you? InMotion Hosting offers root access on both its server types.

Managed plans start at $19.99/month. Unmanaged plans start at  $6.00/month. It has the longest refund policy on this entire list, and probably the industry, 90 days! You get to try your server risk-free for up to 3 months!

7. Hostwinds


vps accept bitcoin

Primary features:

  • Managed & unmanaged servers
  • Free migration and SSL certificates
  • Root access
  • 3 server locations
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • Cheapest VPS server: $4.99/month

Hostwinds is a server you can go with if you’d like a cheap VPS hosting with Bitcoin.

It has the unmanaged plans for professionals while full management is offered if you’d like to stay sane and save time. Root access is provided regardless of the management type.

Unmanaged plans start at a very low $4.99/month. Even the managed plans are comparatively cheaper and start at just $8.24/month.

Free migration is provided on all plans. The SSL too is offered which is expected as it’s offered with cPanel in general.

It’s not limited just to Bitcoin but also accepts many other Cryptocurrencies. A total of 3 server locations are available- Netherlands, Seattle and  Texas.

There’s a live-chat that you can connect to at all times.

8. AbeloHost


Primary features:

  • Both managed and unmanaged servers
  • 2 free migrations
  • Root access
  • Netherlands servers
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • Cheapest VPS server: EUR 9.99/month.

AbeloHost sure doesn’t get enough credits for what it offers. It doesn’t discriminate based on your VPS-skills, You get full management if you want or you can grab their self-managed servers.

The only country you get is Netherlands. While it’s quantitatively a loss, it’s one of the best countries on the planet to get yourself a Bitcoin VPS.

You obviously do get root access. Free migration is offered but only twice per account which I’d say is enough, isn’t it?

Now, the cheapest VPS starts at EUR 9.99/month. A live-chat sure is available 24×7, while I’ve always found it online and helpful, you may have to wait at rare occasions.

9. Shinjiru


Primary features:

  • Unmanaged servers
  • Management add-on available for individual events.
  • Free migration
  • Root access
  • 7 locations
  • No live-chat
  • Cheapest VPS server: EUR 9.99/month.

If you’re looking for Bitcoin payments, you  value privacy and anonymity. Those are two of the primary values Shinjiru has built all its reputation on.

It’s an extremely anonymous, privacy-respecting offshore VPS provider that accepts Cryptocurrencies.

You get to choose from a very long list of 7 locations. The options include Netherlands, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Singapore, Malaysia, Bulgaria, and Holland.

All servers are unmanaged by default. You can enrol their help for server issues based on a case-to-case basis. This has a one-time fee for each event, starting at $20.00. (OS reinstallation is free).

Shinjiru does offer free migrations. Root access too is provided for all servers.

Unfortunately though, there’s no live chat on the website. I wasn’t kidding when I said they’re a very private bunch, you can only contact them using the anonymous chat app WICKR or Skype.

The cheapest plans start at $11.90/month.

10. VPSServer


Primary features:

  • Managed & unmanaged servers
  • Doesn’t provide free migration or SSL
  • Root access
  • 15 server locations
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • Cheapest VPS server: $3.99/month

VPSServer is a bitter-sweet moment . On the sweeter side, you get to choose from as many as 15 locations! It’s rare for you to find a longer list anywhere, isn’t it?

Then, it’s the only server on this VPS list that accepts VPS Bitcoin payment AND offers a 7-day free trial.

On the bitter side, there’s no free migration or SSL. There’s no management either and you must manage the server yourself. You can however activate a SLA that costs $49.95/month for management.

You can always attach a cPanel to your unmanaged VPS to make management easier.

It does have one of the fastest and most responsive live-chats on the website. Plans start at $3.99/month.

11. Virtual Systems


  • Both managed and unmanaged servers
  • Management costs $50.00/3 hour.
  • Free migration available
  • Root access
  • 2 server location choices
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • Cheapest VPS server: $18.00/month.

VSYS is a company that focuses largely on privacy and anonymity of its users. This is a VPS hosting accept Bitcoin in addition to nearly every other altcoin. It accepts DOGE and LTC automatically and you can use all other altcoins by talking to them manually.

Talking reminds me, they do have a live-chat that’s available 24X7 and will help you use other altcoins.

While they do have a 40 day refund policy, this doesn’t apply to crypto payments. All servers are unmanaged by default, you can order management for an additional $50 for 3 hours.

Root access is provided on all servers. There are two server location choices- Ukraine and Netherlands.

Free migration is offered but only if you’ve got cPanel on your previous host. Plans start at $18.00/month.

12. Coin.Host


Primary features:

  • Only unmanaged servers
  • No free migration and SSL certificates
  • Root access
  • No server location choices
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • Cheapest VPS server: $8.97/month

The name tells you that it’s a company that lets you buy VPS with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. I’ll be honest, it’s probably the least feature-rich server on this entire list.

They only offer unmanaged servers so you either have to be good with the command line, or buy cPanel.

There aren’t many location choices either and only the default server is available.  No free migrations or SSL certificates are provided.

The only two good things about the server are that it offers root access and there’s a 24X7 live-chat you can talk to.

The cheapest VPS server is priced at $8.97/month.

13. HostStage


Primary features:

  • Managed + unmanaged servers
  • Free migration and SSL certificates (Only on managed servers)
  • Root access
  • 3 server location choices
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • Cheapest VPS server: $4.95/month

I like to be honest with you folks, this is the only VPS hosting with Bitcoin that I’ve not personally used. However, I heard about it from multiple sources and that’s why it’s here.

The company offers both managed and unmanaged servers. You get root access on both the server types.

Free migration and SSL are offered but only on the managed server. It also lets you select your server locations, choices include France, Canada or USA.

It’s one of the cheapest BTC VPS on this list starting at $4.95/month. You can expect support around the clock with its 24X7 live chat.

Conclusion: Which is the best Bitcoin VPS hosting?

BitLaunch is one of the best investments for your Bitcoin on a VPS server. Cherry Servers is the second option I’d recommend.

For the other options, I’ve listed all the major features/flaws that defines them. Depending on your project & budget you’re free to make your pick.

Just be sure to verify the company’s crypto refund policy in case that’s important to you. Fly away then, go pick the best Bitcoin VPS hosting for yourself!

7 Best Canada WordPress Hosting 2023

7 Best Canada WordPress Hosting 2023

Need the best Canada WordPress hosting sites in 2023? You just found them. If you’re someone who needs Canadian servers, this article is for you.

And yes, all of these servers are “WordPress servers” and not the normal shared servers you may be familiar with. Meaning, you’ll get WordPress specific features such as automatic updates, pre-installed or one-click WP installations, free themes etc.

In fact, some of these companies are WordPress-exclusive. Meaning, they don’t even let you host non-WordPress sites.

New to WordPress sites? These truly are some of the best hosting for WordPress in Canada and hence offer free website builders. You drag & drop elements to build your website in minutes.

Let’s get started then?

How to choose the best Canada WordPress hosting?

If you’re very new to WordPress hosting, here’s how I’ve chosen (and you should choose) your CA WP Hosts:

  • Canadian servers: Obviously, you may want to go with companies that offer servers from Canada. All the options on this list do.
  • Free migrations: If you already own a website you’d like to get free and hands-off migrations, wouldn’t you? All the sites here offer that as well.
  • Free SSL certificates: These help you rank higher and stay secure, again, all options here offer that.
  • Staging environments: This isn’t mandatory but Staging environments help preview and edit sites without making them live. You may need to go with more expensive plans in some cases to avail this feature.
  • Free domain: Top domains cost anywhere between $8.00-$20.00/year. If you go with a host that allows free domain, you’re practically getting almost a free web host.
  • Drag & drop website builders: If you aren’t a web designer and have never designed a site before, these are a life-saver.
  • Pricing: Do not cheap out on the pricing. A cheap and slow server is worse than not having a website. It kills any potential of a returning customer. I’ve options here starting as low as $2.50/month, affordable, right?
  • Refund policies: Most companies on this list offer a 30 day or more refund policy, ample time, wouldn’t you agree?

The 7 Best Canada WordPress Hosting in 2023

1. Kinsta


Kinsta wordpress hosting canada

Primary features:

  • Montreal and Toronto servers
  • DevKinsta (build sites locally)
  • Staging environments
  • Free SSL and CDN
  • Free backups
  • Multisite
  • Performance monitor
  • “Anytime” refund policy
  • Starting price: $29.16/month

Kinsta is another premium WordPress host that offers servers from Canada. You get servers in Toronto as well as Montreal.

Kinsta migrates your website for free, regardless of how many sites you wish to get migrated.

It offers a local development tool called DevKinsta. Meaning, you can build your WordPress website offline, locally. This tool is 100% free for everyone, even if you aren’t using Kinsta to host your website.

Each Kinsta plan also includes a free staging environment that you can use. You do get free SSL certificates as well as CDN, however, no free domains are included.

Daily backups are free. There are 5 other types of backups you can opt for (paid) such as hourly, system-generated etc.

It’s perfect if you’ve more than one sites as multisite feature does exist (albeit, it’s on the more expensive plans).

It does have an in-built performance monitor. That’s real helpful if you’re one for analytics and data insights.

The live-chat is available 24X7.

Hey, don’t take my word for it. You can try Kinsta risk-free with its 30-day refund policy. Even after that, there’s an “anytime refund policy”. Meaning, if you cancel anytime after 30 days, you’re billed only for the days you’ve used Kinsta. The rest is refunded to you.

Kinsta plans start at $29.16/month (when billed annually).

2. Flywheel


Primary features:

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Migration 100% free
  • Free nightly backups
  • Genesis framework included for free
  • 10 free StudioPress themes
  • Client management/billing/invoicing dashboards
  • Exclusively for WordPress hosting.
  • Build offline
  • Staging environment
  • 14-day demo site
  • Multisite
  • Blueprint bundles
  • 60 day refund policy
  • Starting price: $15.00/month.

There are three primary sentences I can define Flywheel in.

Flywheel is the most unique option on this list. It totally can be the best Canadian WordPress hosting company especially for agencies and web-professionals. Lastly, it’s also the most expensive but more than justifies the pricing.

Let me explain everything I just said? It’s “most unique” because it hosts ONLY WordPress. It also offers a few features no other options on this list do. I’ve discussed some of those here.

It’s for web professionals and agencies because it offers a few features that only agency owners or website-professionals will use.

I say that because it gives you a dedicated client management portal. There’s also a portal for billing and invoices among other things.

You can create “blueprints”, these are basically themes & plugins you can bundle together and store for future projects.

It even has a “Development application” that lets you build WordPress sites offline. Then there’s the “Multisite” feature that makes managing multiple websites/clients extremely easy.

It bundles up Genesis Framework (one of the fastest and best frameworks for WP sites) on all plans. This individually costs quite a fortune if you bought it on your own. You also get 10 free StudioPress themes. Saving money there as well, aren’t you?

Of course, free SSL certificates + migrations are provided on all plans.

It also has this unique 14-day free demo site feature. You get a pre-installed WordPress site. You can edit the site and explore all the features Flywheel has to offer! You only pay once you’re satisfied.

Staging environments aren’t missing either. Sites are backed up every night, for free. These can be restored in a single click!

The support could be improved if I’m being honest. There’s a responsive and fast live-chat. The only problem? It’s not 24X7.  They’re only available during business hours.

The cheapest plan starts at $13.00/month. A very generous 60-day refund policy makes sure you get enough testing time! Of course, you do get Canadian servers.

3. HostArmada


Primary features:

  • Servers in Toronto, Canada
  • Free domain
  • Website builder
  • Free migration
  • 100% free SSL certificate
  • Free daily backups
  • 45-day refund policy
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • 24X7 live-chat

HostArmada certainly offers servers from Canada. It wouldn’t be on this list otherwise, would it? The server is located in Toronto be to be exact.

You get managed WordPress hosting starting at just $2.99/month.

Even at $2.99/month you get a free domain name! There’s also the free SSL certificate. Free website transfers are provided in case you already own a site and wish to migrate to HostArmada.

Being a WordPress host, it obviously allows for 1-click WordPress installs. Never built a site before? Its drag & drop website builder lets you do just that and is free.

It also offers 7 free backups everyday on the cheapest plan. The most expensive plans offer as many as 21 backups/day.

The security features you get will not disappoint. There’s an in-built malware scanner, malware removal tool and a firewall.

On its more expensive plans, you get “speed reaper”. It’s just a feature that offers more resources and less clients/server.

There’s a 45-day moneyback guarantee. I’m sure 45 days is quite a lot of time as far as testing a server goes, isn’t it?

You do get cPanel pre-installed on all plans. Unlimited e-mail accounts too are included. As for support, they’ve got a live-chat that’s available 24X7.

4. HostPapa

Website :

Primary features:

  • Canada based company
  • Canadian servers available
  • Free domain
  • Completely free SSL certificates
  • Free backups
  • Staging environment available
  • Free e-mails
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • Free migrations
  • Starts at $2.95/month.

HostPapa is not just a company that offers servers in Canada but the company is based out of Canada as well.

It does offer free migrations so for those of you who already own a site, migration wouldn’t be an issue. There’s free SSL certificate so Google won’t give you trouble either.

You even get a free domain for the first year. Worried about site backups? Those are provided for free as well.

Staging is available. It’s provided on all the plans except on the cheapest which is understandable.  WordPress is obviously pre-installed and it’s updated as soon as a new update is available.

You also get JetPack for free (only for the primary domain). Free e-mails are provided on all plans. The cheapest plan offers 10 email accounts.

It also has a security featured titled “Protection Power Website Security” that’s free for the first year.

A total of 4 Canada WordPress plans are available. Cheapest plan start at $2.95/month. The company offers very impressive live-chat that’s available 24X7.

5. GreenGeeks


Primary features:

  • Free migration tool
  • 1-click staging
  • Free SSL certificates and CDN
  • Drag & drop website builder
  • Free backups
  • 30 day refund policy
  • Starting at $2.95/month.

GreenGeeks is one of the best Canadian WordPress hosting companies on the planet. The server is based out of Montreal, Canada.

Already own a site? You can migrate your website to GreenGeeks absolutely free. They’ll migrate your website completely free for you.

You also get 1-click staging. This basically is a feature which lets you preview and edits your site without making it available on the web.

The free domain is of course included. No website in 2023 can succeed without SSL, can it? GreenGeeks offers one for free.

You also get free backups, every single day! A free CDN too is offered.

Never built a WordPress site before? Not an issue. GreenGeeks also offers you a drag & drop website builder that can be used without any prior experience whatsoever.

Each WordPress hosting plan also offers free custom e-mail accounts. Even on the cheapest plan, you get up to 50 emails.

As for support, you can get your questions answered 24X7 via their live-chat. Plans start at a low $2.95/month. The plan will of course differ based on your specs and management type.

As for refunds, you’re covered for 30 days. Cancelling a plan within the first 30 days gets you a full refund.

Oh and if this matters to you, GreenGeeks plant a tree for every server that they sell.

6. Web Hosting Canada


Primary features:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free migrations
  • Canadian company and servers
  • Live-chat
  • Completely free backups
  • Free $600.00 Google ad credit.
  • Free CDN.

The name says it all, doesn’t it? The entire company is dedicated literally to hosting in Canada.

I’ll be honest though, it’s not the absolute best in terms of speed or uptime. It’s great, but this list has better options. However, if you need a homegrown Canadian server that doesn’t disappoint, WHC should totally be on your list.

There’s a free SSL certificate as well as daily backups. All the backups support 1-click restores as well.

WordPress updates are automatically installed for your site. Free web migrations too are obviously offered.

It offers this unique $600.00 Google Ad credits once you sign up. CloudFlare CDN is offered and included for free on your site.

There also is a free staging area you can use.

While a live-chat is available, I wouldn’t rate it very good. I asked a simple question and was left waiting for hours before the chat gets disconnected.

Plans start at a low C$3.99/month.

Bonus: Excellent Non-Canadian servers

I understand most of you on this piece are specifically looking for services offering the best Canadian WordPress hosting servers.

The option below does not offer servers from Canada. However, it’s an industry-leader when it comes to WP Hosting. It also offer servers really close to Canada (U.S) which will work seamlessly even for your visitors from Canada.

7. ScalaHosting


Primary features:

  • Free domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Fully managed
  • 24X7 live-chat
  • Very fast servers (OpenLiteSpeed)
  • Free backups
  • WordPress Lock & SSheild for security
  • White-labelled control panel available
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • 2 X U.S and 1 X European server location
  • Anytime moneyback guarantee
  • Dedicated server/IP available.

There are multiple reasons why I’ve placed ScalaHosting here despite it not having a Canada server directly.

First, my personal experience with the company has been more than amazing. Secondly, it has won an arsenal of awards and recommendations from some of the biggest players in the industry:

Third obviously are the features, uptime and speed that it offers. That’s what I’ll discuss here.

First, there’s a free domain. All the top TLDs can be chosen from. And yes, you get this even on their cheapest WordPress hosting plan.

You also get a free SSL certificate as well as free CDN on all plans. Even free daily backups are provided! You also get unlimited email accounts with all plans.

There’s SheildSecurity which protects you from cyber threats. Pro Spam Protection helps you fight spam.

The speed is pretty impressive. It’s not something that just “is”, rather there’s technical background to why that is. ScalaHosting uses OpenLightSpeed coupled with the LiteSpeed cache plugin which make things extremely fast.

It also offers “WordPress Lock” a feature which prevents unauthorized code injection and changes on your site.

You can also choose either from shared or dedicated server for your WordPress hosting.

On the dedicated plan, you can choose the OS or even rebrand the control panel with your logo and URL!

The refund policy is something that you’d like as well. So, there’s 30-day moneyback guarantee which offers you a full refund. However, it even has an “anytime refund policy”.

Meaning, a refund is possible even if you don’t like ScalaHosting after your 30 days are over. You get a pro-rated refund (refund for the no. of days left on your account)!

They’ve also got a 24X7 live-chat that’s very responsive and isn’t just a gimmick. As for the plans, you can get started for as low as $2.95/month.

In a nutshell, its lack for a Canadian server can be ignored given its other features. It totally can be used by your Canadian visitors especially if you select its U.S servers. And hey, there’s always the 30 days + anytime refund policy for you, right?

Final words- Which is the best Canada WordPress hosting server?

Short answer- Go with Kinsta.

Long answer? There’s no absolutely best Canadian WordPress host. It primarily depends on your budget, the features you’re looking for, your skill-set, and other requirements.

In terms of “server quality” (speed/uptime/security) they’re at all almost at the same level.

I do urge you to not be cheap. It’s okay to spend a few extra bucks on a server. This website may literally be your product/companies lifeline. If your site doesn’t load, loads slow or isn’t secure, your entire business might be at risk.

Anyway, all of these companies offer generous refund policies. So I’d suggest try a few of these to find the best Canada WordPress hosting company that suits you?

What Are The Different Types Of Web Hosting?

However, you get your own specific amount of server resources that no one else touches. Your website will not be affected by high traffic on other websites and it will be easier to scale your plans in the future. Magento 2 Hosting This type of hosting is hosted on a dedicated server, which is best suited for large sites with high traffic. The company that wants to connect to the Internet rents a complete web server from a hosting company.

You will see traffic spikes, take care of updates and data backups and monitor the overall performance of your website. If your website is big enough and receives a lot of traffic, you may find that the shared hosting plan does not provide enough performance. One option is to rent an entire web server for your business instead of a small storage space on a shared server.

As an employer, you don’t have to worry about the technical problems behind your website. With a shared hosting plan, your website will be stored on the same web server alongside hundreds or even thousands of other websites. All websites that are stored on the same web server share server resources such as processing speed, RAM, etc. Sharing resources with other websites doesn’t seem like a good idea, but realistically most websites don’t require a lot of server power to run them. The only time your website falls under a shared hosting plan is when you get high traffic.

As you develop your plan, you will have to pay more each month – but you will have access to a larger amount of resources for your site. The user gets his own web server and gets full control over it (the user has Linux root access/Windows administrator access); however, the user usually does not own the server. The user has full administrative access to the server, which means that the customer is responsible for the security and maintenance of his dedicated server.

They have neighbors, but they are less dependent on them, and they can carry out restyling at will and organize their workplace on their own. This is a good choice for sites that require a lot of system resources or require a higher level of security. It’s time to think about dedicated hosting if you have very specific requirements for your device or you want more control over the privacy of your data.

They are distinguished by the type of technology used for the server, the degree of management and the additional services provided. A virtual private server is when a single physical server is shared, but works like several separate servers. This type of hosting is the most commonly used service after the site bypasses shared hosting.

In a cloud hosting environment, your corporate website already exists on several web servers. When traffic increases significantly, interconnected web servers can allocate resources on the go to ensure a smooth flow. This is great, but of course there are additional costs for this high-end web hosting option. Therefore, make sure that the provider offers a variety of web hosting services so that you can upgrade at any time.

It’s the hosting style between sharing and acquiring your own dedicated device. Browse website hosting reviews that contain detailed information about various web hosting providers. Most online reviews contain information about availability and speed, so you can see how the provider’s servers actually work.