Social Support in College: The Importance of Strong Relationships

Social Support in College: The Importance of Strong Relationships

Healthy relationships are crucial for the success of college students. According to research, more than 70% of university students struggle with homesickness, with more than 20% of college dropouts terminating their studies because of mental health problems. Evidence shows that social support is important in learners’ mental health and academic performance.

Understand that healthy social networks can enhance the student’s life and improve self-esteem. However, these relationships don’t just happen. Students have to work on how they relate with others. Here are some reasons why solid social relationships are crucial in college.

Benefits of Social Support

Research associates social support with broad factors like identity, better motivation, networks, and empathy. Support is also linked to healthier life choices and improved interpersonal functioning. Here are a few notable reasons why students need to work on their social relationships in college.

Improve Mental Health

One of the most important reasons why college students need to work on their social support systems is that it relates to their mental well-being. Experts often link having a perceived strong social support system with robust psychological health. Remember, social support means having friends and family you can turn to in times of need or distress.

These relationships can be critical whether you are going through a personal crisis or in need of urgent assistance. Your loved ones can also prove helpful when you just need someone to spend time with and share your worries. In addition, the experience can be therapeutic and serves as a stress relief mechanism.

Being surrounded by caring and supportive people helps students see themselves as better capable of handling daily stresses. They are also able to get tips on things like where to order custom essay writing service online.

Is Good for Physical Health

Another benefit of social support for college students is concerns about physical health. Evidence shows that healthy relationships lead to responsible choices and behaviors. Furthermore, when students participate in healthy social groups, it has a normative effect on their behaviors. In other words, students can get to change their attitudes about exercise and healthy meals when their relationships are healthy.

Of course, there are instances where social groups can negatively affect your behavior. For instance, peer influence can lead students to drug and alcohol abuse. However, group influence can also push students to make healthy decisions as well. Evidence also shows that social support leads to longer lives.

Supports Collaborative Learning

Evidence shows that educational experiences that are active and social tend to lead to deeper learning. According to experts, students who collaborate on tasks report higher-level thinking and better oral communication. Collaboration also leads to better leadership skills and improved self-management.

Collaborative learning is also linked to better knowledge retention and an improved sense of responsibility. These students engage in social interactions often and have a better understanding of different perspectives. What’s more, they become more tolerant of others and are better prepared for real-life social situations. Besides, collaborative learning helps students to cope with difficult assignments together and share their knowledge with others. It is possible, for example, to find a good argumentative essay writer among your group mates who can help you with writing tasks.

Improved Motivation

Learning motivation is the driving force behind students’ psyche that guarantees the progression of learning activities. Motivation gives direction when learning and results in learning activities, allowing students to pursue and reach certain goals. The factors shaping motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Extrinsic factors, in this sense, is the form of conducive learning situation and perceived rewards. On the other hand, social support is a necessary form of extrinsic motivation.

Recent studies have established a link between social support and students’ academic motivation. College life tends to be frustrating, and most learners struggle to keep up with the demands. Due to the challenges, the college dropout rate has risen as most people opt out of campus life. According to experts, healthy social support helps students remain motivated and can be a remedy for homesickness.

How to Establish and Improve Social Support

Growing a healthy social support system is a deliberate undertaking. It requires specific actions aimed at getting to meet new people and interacting to generate long-term connections. For example, students can grow their social networks by volunteering. When they pick important things and get more involved, the students meet people with whom they share interests and values.

You can also grow your social network by joining a gym or fitness group. In addition to allowing you to meet new friends, exercise is also great for your mental and physical well-being. Make sure you attend class to meet your coursemates and interact in meaningful ways.

Social support is an important factor in college students’ mental, academic, and physical health. This article highlights a few reasons students need to deliberately grow their social networks. Nothing quite matches the feeling of knowing that there are people who can support you whenever you encounter challenges. Review: All In One AI Social Media Tool Review: All In One AI Social Media Tool

Can it truly do what Canva, ChatGPT and Hootsuite do, combined? That’s exactly what it claims. Of course, that’s a tall order. 

Those claims are what we will be testing throughout this review. I’ll discuss every feature the tool offers, in detail. We will see how it performs, how good/bad the outputs are and lay those in front of you.

Oh, it’s free! That means you can have a very solid idea of its capabilities before you even need to think of reaching into your pockets.

I’m not saying it’s the best A.I design tool out there. However, if you’ve got a social media handle which needs content + design, I can assure you your time here wouldn’t be a total waste. 

What is is a tool that claims to have the combined superpowers of Canva, ChatGPT and Hootsuite. 

It’s an A.I that can generate content, create a professional video/animation/graphic, and auto-publish content on your social media handles. Review social media handles

Of course, that’s a simplified version of its capabilities. I’ll urge you to go through this review for a better understanding. 

Text to Post 

So you’ve got text, turns it into content that converts your viewers into buyers (or followers).

The feature itself has multiple options. You can start with “Text”. Now, even if you’re the dumbest person alive (which I’m sure you aren’t), “prompts” you. Review Text to Post 

These prompts help you start writing. E.g I selected the “Create Excitement about” prompt and entered the following text- A.I/ Graphic Design / Productivity. Yes, just 3 words. 

The results were more than impressive! It basically created an animated graphic that would’ve taken me hours to design  + animate! hours to design

Dozens of pre-designed video templates has dozens of pre-designed video templates. In a single click, you can apply any of these templates to whatever you’re creating. Review Dozens of pre designed video templates

For starters, you can choose the primary usage of the video. They can either be for “ads” or “stories”. If you select ads, the templates you’ll see will be more conversion-oriented. If you choose “stories”, conversion may take a back seat and story-telling/explaining may be prioritized. 

That’s not all! It even has filters. You can choose the “style” of the video (e.g. Abstract/Bold/Aesthetic/Creative/Elegant/Minimal) etc. and also the orientation (portrait/square).

The best part? There’s a button that says “Let me pick”, if you choose this, the A.I picks the best template for your text. Feeling lazy, eh?

Pre-designed Carousal templates 

If you think it only creates static images or animated videos, you’re wrong. can also create caraousels. Caraousals are basically a series of images, each containing information that’s generally about the same topic and often linked to the previous/next images/slides. 

I personally love these for Instagram as the format matches perfectly with Instagram’s “multiple photos” thing. 

The process remains the same. You enter your keywords and choose the template. Although, in this case, you click the Caraousel button. Review Pre designed Carousal templates

Again, the templates and what’s generated for me did make me happy in terms of quality! 

Meme Generator 

What’s the general meme generation process? You get your meme idea, then you search the web for the perfect meme template, then you edit your text on the meme. requires two steps. Enter your text > choose from hundreds of meme  templates. 

Not sure which template suits it? Simply click the “Let me pick” button, the A.I picks the template best suited for your meme. 

E-commerce product posts 

Thought Predis was only for text and memes huh? Well, it can do a bit more than that. In case you own an e-commerce store, Predis lets you create product posts in minutes. 

You can link your store directly if it’s on Shopify or Woocommerce. If you’re using any other store, you can upload a CSV of your products directly. Review products directly

As the screenshot above shows, you can choose a “theme” for your post. It can be a poll, behind the scene, promotional, educational, contest or so much more.

Rest of the process remains same. You choose a video template (or let the A.I choose the best template for your product) and your post is generated. 

Business to Post 

This is a more generic version of the “e-commerce product” feature. Here, you can create content for your entire business and it doens’t have to be centered around a specific product. 

You enter a few details about your buisiness, target audience, USP etc. Review Business to Post 

Based on these details, Predis creates posts for you that you can use to promote your business. 

One additional setting here is “assets”. You can either search for assets (graphics/ royalty-free stock images etc.) using keywords or upload your own.

You can also “let A.I choose the best assets for you”. This minimizes your workload and adds speed to the whole process. Review Promote Your Business

Then, if you click on the “Advanced” settings, you also get to “choose the tone of voice” (casual/witty/formal/persuasive etc.) for your headline & overall content. Review Overall Content

Again, I did like what Predis generated for me. 

Convert entire blog posts into A.I generated graphic images/videos 

This is the feature I love the most with, primarily because I run a blog, of course. 

So, Predis lets me paste any URL on its “Blog post generator”. The content of the blog post is then auto-fetched. I can then edit/make any changes if required. 

Anyway, within seconds, it generates a very professional graphic video/animation for me that sums up my blog post, yes, with music! 

Other things Predis can generate

By now, I’m sure you’ve a general idea around Predis. You select what you wish to create, enter your text, choose a template, the A.I does everything else. That’s the basic, isn’t it?

Well, apart from the things discussed above, can also be used to:

  • Quote designs (if you’ve got a motivational social media handle, or for any other reason).
  • Special day post: It basically generates a “buisiness to post” design for you but the theme will be centered around special days e.g. Independence days, labor day, women’s day and so on.
  • 100% manual edits: In case you think you’re more creative or better than the A.I, there’s also a manual mode. You can edit your content manually. That’s what I’ve discussed next on this Predis

Very advanced, Canva-like Editor

You don’t have to simply accept whatever generates. Rather, you get complete control over the content even after it’s generated.

It gives us a Canva-like interface. You can edit the text just like you’d on any other graphic design platform! review platform

For starters, you can change the entire template as the screenshot shows. A single click changes your template, no fuss. 

For text, you can change the font, size, orientation, formatting and of course the text itself. It even lets you add “effects” such as blur, text stroke, background, shadow etc.

Similarly, you can edit or change images entirely. This is how you can insert your logos. 

From the left-sidebar, you can add a number of things. If you select text, hundreds of text fonts and designs come up. Simply choose the one you wish to use, type your text, and drag it wherever you want it. Review Text FontsSimilarly, you can add your own images too. Now, there are three ways you can add images:

  • A.I suggested: These images are suggested to you based on your text, template and overall content. 
  • Unsplash & Pexels: You get integrated access to royalty-free images from Unsplash and Pexels. Simply enter your keywords and you can insert these images directly on your canvas.
  • Upload your own images: Of course you have the freedom of uploading your custom images if you want to. 

Of course this isn’t limited just to images. The same is true for videos and audio as well. Yes, you get A.I suggested videos and audio that you can insert directly onto your video. The search feature exists as well that lets you search for videos that fit your content. 

I liked the fact that Predis didn’t cut corners. They even included the “elements” feature. At times, you need arrows, shapes, logos etc.  Simply type-in whatever you need and Predis gives that to you. 

Video editor (Timeline + drag & drop)

Template editing isn’t where stops. If your content has a video/animation, you can edit that too. And yes, I mean the video/animation specifically. 

Just some of the things you can edit include: Review Video editor

  • The exact animation for the individual elements (in the screenshots above, you can choose from over 10 animation effects).
  • Three control points- You can specify an entry/emphasis and exit animation individually.
  • Control scene-time and delay for each element/animation individually.

In case you’re more friendly with a “timeline” interface, you can edit your entire video using that as well. 

Automatic Caption Generation 

Based on the text you’ve entered, your output also has a very long and detailed caption! In fact, “multiple” captions is the right word. Yes, this is true for any type of post/content you’ve created. Review Automatic Caption Generation If you read the captions, you’d see they aren’t just randomly generated sentences with your keywords, rather, they make sense and are actually good. 

Brand Management 

Remember we got the “Brand Pallete” option on the “e-commerce product” feature? So, has a dedicated brand manager. Review Brand Management 

You can set your band colour, font, social media handles, website, hashtags, logos etc.

Once set, these logos and colours are automatically used whenever you generate new content. 

Content Calandar 

So far, Predis has taken care of content “generation”. What if I said it can also automatically push/publish your content, for you! 

That’s what its “Content Calandar” is for. You simply drag & drop your content on the dates you want to be published. It schedules and auto-publishes your cotent. Review Content Calandar 

You can also use a clock that’s on the screen to manually enter the date & time if you don’t wish to drag-drop it. 

You can schedule content a week/day or month. 

Currently, content can be scheduled for Instagram, Facebook, Instagram stories, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter and most other major social media platforms. 

Idea Lab 

Idea Lab is basically the ChatGpt of Predis. You can ask it to generate reel ideas, ad-copy headlines, social media post titles and so on. Review Idea Lab

The question now is, is it better than ChatGpt? Well, the generated content surely wasn’t any lower in terms of quality than ChatGpt.

However, it does have one major benefit over ChatGpt. You get a “create post using this” button next to the text generated in the Idea Lab. You click on that and a new graphic post is generated using the text directly. pricing plans 

Let’s answer what’s probably the most important aspect for most of us on this review. How much does it cost?


Yes, lets you use the platform 100% free. All you need is an e-mail ID. And yes, you get access to all the features! 

The free plan allows you 15 generations. For higher and non-watermarked generations, you’ll need a paid plan. 

There are in total 3 paid plans. review pricing plans 

These start at $24.00/month,  $49.00/month and $115/month. review- final verdict 

So, let’s wrap this review up? What do I personally think of the tool? I’m in love with it. When I first read their tagline, it just seemed pompous and an overreach. After I spent some time with it, I’ll say they knew what they were doing. 

It truly eliminates the need to manually create compelling text, search for assets, videos, music, design it all together and even publish it! 

In case you’d like to make changes, the editor is more than advanced, wouldn’t you agree?

But hey, maybe I’m just trying to sell you, huh? After all, why should you even trust this review? Don’t. I’d urge you to go sign up right away and give it a try. It’s 100% free. I believe that will give you an even better idea of the tool, won’t it? 

33 Fun Ideas About Virtual Events For Online Social Networks In 2021

Internet missions are fun virtual social ideas that add excitement to your reunion time. These activities give online meeting a sense of purpose and eliminate any first discomfort. Online Office Games is one of the most popular virtual social events in the world. This activity is fully organized and includes icebreakers, curiosity and mini-competitions. These events are a form of remote teamwork activities and support virtual employee engagement.

However, the heart of a society is not profits; Society has to do with relationships and interaction. So instead of starting with a business strategy, we recommend that you start with your customer in mind. No matter how great its features and functionality are, if you don’t build your community from a customer-focused point of view, you stick with a virtual ghost town. Encourage members to share parts of their homes or spaces that have been their relaxing oasis at this difficult time. This helps people relate to each other by having life outside the square box where they live digitally. This is one of the virtual event ideas that works best with teams that feel comfortable sharing their lives with each other.

You can arrange a group of social events with the entire team or encourage individual members to have regular coffee dates with each other. Of course, no virtual coffee date is complete without coffee, so you can invite your teammates to a gift card, send a coffee sample, or instruct the team to make a favorite mix. To arrange virtual speed appointments, use Zoom Rest Rooms to create separate spaces where peers or small groups can conduct parallel discussions. You can pre-share users to specific rooms before the meeting, or you can number the workspace and then let attendees rely on the meeting to determine the space. Let each five to eight minute pairing speak before regrouping and dividing into new pairs.

We believe it is important to look abroad and see what others are doing to grow and develop, so that these ideas come from real global examples in different industries. You can use the ideas of virtual social events on this list as a springboard for your next meeting. Your employee’s preferences can also guide the planning of your online event. If your team expresses interest, feel free to take advantage of the social time opportunity. Finally, virtual events can also be measured: You can easily track how many people participated, how committed they were and how they felt about the event.

They can be used for both individual and group research, and because picture books are image-based, they can be quickly analyzed. From social media to pet visits and online education, here is a list of virtual event ideas for businesses to meet and connect their external teams. Successful and profitable virtual events are possible, and it is becoming increasingly important to be able to do so, as most live events are on hold indefinitely. With this in mind, here are 40 ideas for virtual events to inspire as you plan your next online event. Your online community has the potential to generate sales, build trust, improve loyalty and reduce service costs.

This attractive virtual event page will certainly be a memorable experience. When planning a virtual concert, it is important to produce it in a way that works well in the virtual environment. North Coast, New York’s hip-hop improvisation team Premiere for a live performance. To make it personal and interactive, the North Coast audience asked questions about their favorite parts of events. Before the show started, attendees had a lot of fun remembering special moments from their events in chats.

In a hurry to digitize conferences and offer programs externally, brands risk being wrong and challenging their effectiveness and credibility of their company’s social responsibility program. Public exchange has changed so far unnoticed with the COVID-19 pandemic. Blocks and quarantines have forced brands to seek tracing a spoofed phone number participation from the online community, especially in corporate social responsibility. You can arrange a crowdfunding campaign and request donations from your friends, family and people in your community! Crowdfunding is one of the fastest and easiest ways to raise money for a community service project.

Essentially, gamification is about using the game mechanism in a non-game configuration (p. Oak. online community). The key factor here is to choose the best ideas, and without a process plan it can be very challenging. Companies should base their participation in the online community on a deep understanding of their core competencies. This self-awareness allows companies to solve societal problems authentically. If you want to organize a community service project to improve your neighborhood, you will probably need to raise money. Whether you want to fund a program to help the elderly or need money to build a playground, crowdfunding is a great model to get the money you need for your community service project.

Businesses should consider three important factors when translating their CSR strategy into online community participation. Your crowdfunding campaign can serve as the center of your community service project; You can use it to upload photos and videos of your progress and write updates on how your project is going. One of the easiest ways to recruit others to help you with your community service project is to set up a crowdfunding campaign and ask for donations from people. This community service project was successful because they reached their $ 7,500 goal in leisure.

The Emotional And Social Benefits Of Online Games

The truth is that video games have many benefits, including developing complex problem-solving skills and promoting social interaction through online games. Video games can be a great way to boost your mind and improve your mental health. For a year and a half, dealing with a pandemic that has hit the world has made clear how important your mental and physical health is and that you must ultimately be responsible for it. While there are many ways to improve your health, many of which are well known, you may not have thought about the health benefits of playing online games.

There is little or no consensus among experts on the effects, positive or negative, that good video game consumption can have on mental health. Some expert studies make strong links between playing video games and improving mental well-being, while others find links between video games and depressive symptoms. As we go a step further, new research has shown that playing online games can help promote the development of a variety of social and emotional skills. With faster processing and response time, they are better in stressful situations, especially since playing games has prepared them by throwing them on time.

These negative effects of video games on mental health have led the World Health Organization to recognize the game’s disorder as legitimate addictive behaviors and a diagnostically identifiable disease. By improving physical brain function with the many cognitive benefits, to develop better social skills, games can have a positive impact in real life situations. In addition, strategies of successful players can also be used in the business world to focus on long-term growth.

Offline and online is no longer a dichotomy and this is especially the case for “online” and offline friends. For example, Pew research has reported that 89% of teen players report playing online games with pre-existing offline friends or family. Still, these friends are socially valuable and play an important role in our networks, as evidenced by the above evidence. As presented, there are many development and social benefits of playing online video games. This is of course if moderation is involved and this does not hinder daily activities and obligations.

Many of the games on offer today give players the opportunity to connect with others around the world. Whether you play against them or participate, you will socialize with others in real time thanks to the chat function in the game. Please note that if this is important to you, you want to search online games for multiple players who also offer a chat option in the game. Many of the best trend games offer this game mode, so it is not difficult to find.

The social aspects of the stereotype are of particular importance because they distinguish the stereotype of the online player from stereotypes of comparable groups, but it is also one of the most scientifically refuted aspects of the stereotype. In fact, in terms of social support or general kangtau88 conviviality, online players are not significantly socially different from their offline or non-game counterparts. In addition, after the same group of online players over time, playing online games or playing more often negatively affected their social skills over a two-year period.

Experts say, however, that playing video games for mental health benefits should not be considered a substitute for traditional therapy. While expensive conventional mental health services provide support, you may not be able to go through a game. Instead, experts say we need to find ways to make traditional therapy more affordable and accessible so that more people can get the care they need.