Update 2.21 for Path of Exile will be available for the 3.19.0f patch on August 31

Path of Exile’s latest patch, version 2.21, introduced several changes and enhancements and was released today by Grinding Gear Games. This update is currently available for download on all supported platforms and has been given the official version number 3.19.0f. Read on below for details regarding the Path of Exile patch that went live on August 31.

Path of Exile Patch Notes for Update 2.21, Path of Exile Patch Notes for Version 3.19.0f, and Path of Exile Patch Notes for August 31Notes on the Patch: Version 3.19.0f Notes on the Patch

As was mentioned in the news post that was published the previous week, this patch lessens the impact of a large number of defensive Archnemesis modifiers. Additionally, it includes a few improvements to Metamorph and Legion Reflections.

Archnemesis Modifier Changes.

Toxic now has an increased Chaos Resistance of +25% against Damage over Time, up from the previous 40%. It is no longer possible for a Chaosweaver to gain an additional 10% to their maximum Chaos Resistance or immunity to Wither. Instead, the duration of the wither it causes to the user’s self has been reduced by sixty per cent.

Flameweaver no longer provides an additional 10% to their maximum Fire Resistance and now has a 50% reduced effect of Scorch, whereas before it provided an additional 80% reduction. Frostweaver no longer grants an additional 10% to a character’s maximum Cold Resistance and now mitigates the effects of Cold Ailments by 50% (down from 80%).

Stormweaver no longer provides an additional 10% to their maximum Lightning Resistance and now has a 50% reduced effect of Lightning Ailments, whereas before they provided an 80% reduced effect.

Assassin now has a 50% reduction to the Extra Damage that is received from Critical Strikes, down from the previous 70%. Deadeye no longer provides a reduction in damage taken of 60 per cent if you have not been recently hit, or an increase in evasion rating of 200 per cent if you have recently been hit.

Incendiary no longer has a +50% bonus to fire resistance and has a duration of 60% less when it ignites the user. In its place, PoE Currency trade is available, it has gained a +30% enhancement to its fire resistance against damage over time.

Sentinel is no longer granted an additional 10% increase to their maximum chance to block attack damage or an additional 10% increase to their maximum chance to block spell damage.

No longer has a bonus of +2 to Maximum Endurance Charges when using Juggernaut.

Steel-infused now has 30% more reduction in physical damage taken than it did before (it used to be 50%). Overcharged: Maximum Frenzy, Power, and Endurance Charges no longer have an additional +1 added to them. Consecrator no longer takes 30% less elemental damage while on Consecrated Ground. This change took effect immediately.

Flame Strider now has a reduced effect of Scorch by 50% (it used to have an effective reduction of 80%). Frost Strider’s effect on Cold Ailments has been decreased by fifty percent, down from eighty per cent previously. Previously, Storm Strider’s effect on Lightning Ailments was reduced by 80%; it is now reduced by 50%.

Ice Prison now has an additional 20% reduction in physical damage, up from 25% in its previous iteration. Lightning Resistance has been increased by 40% to a total of 60% for the Storm Herald.

Splinterer no longer has a 50% chance to avoid projectiles, but instead has a 30% chance to do so. Crystal-skinned now provides an additional 40% to all elemental resistances, up from the previous 50%. Instead of just dealing cold damage, the crystal explosions now deal equal parts of the damage from fire and lightning as well; however, the crystal explosions’ overall damage output remains the same.

The Entangler now has a +25% bonus to their Chaos Resistance, up from the previous 30%. Vampiric: Enemies can no longer leech mana from you; this effect has been removed. Touched by Lunaris, Touched by Solaris, Touched by Arakaali, Touched by the Brine King, Touched by Tukohama, Touched by Abberath, and Touched by Shakari no longer grant significant individual bonuses to a particular type of damage. They instead all grant a +30% increase to all resistances to the elements, a +20% increase to resistance to chaos, and an additional 10% reduction to physical damage. Both Innocence-touched and Kitava-touched items have their elemental resistances increased by 40%, their chaos resistance increased by 25%, and their physical damage reduction increased by 15%.

Lake of Kalandra Changes

In Metamorph Reflections, there is now a greater chance, regardless of difficulty, that the Rewards you receive from Metamorphs will be increased by a factor of two.

There are now three additional rewards available for Metamorphs in Reflection of Metamorph.

Reduced by one-half the amount of increased life that Metamorphs receive from Reflection of Catalysis’s effect. Even though the Catalysts that are dropped by Metamorphs are no longer duplicated, the rewards that can be obtained from this Reflection’s Metamorphs have been increased by 8.

The rewards that can be obtained from Metamorphs in the Reflection of Experimentation zone have been increased by eight, and any Catalysts that are dropped by Metamorphs are now duplicated.

The duration of Legion Encounters that can be found in Legion Reflections has been increased by 100%. Rain of Arrows, a skill used by the Effigy of Virulent Undeath, has had its damage lowered. Damage dealt by the Spectral Shield Throw skill of the Effigy of Wintry Undeath has been lowered.

Fixes and Improvements

You will no longer be required to complete Atlas Memories that do not exist to progress through the A Trip Down Memory Lane Challenge, and the total number of Atlas Memories that need to be completed has been cut down to four. If you have already finished four or five Atlas Memories, you can finish this challenge by using the /recheck_achievements command.

A bug has been fixed in which you were unable to move when entering the Karui Shores for the first time with one of the Arachnomorph Pets that can be purchased with in-game currency equipped.

Fixed a client crash that occurred when making microtransactions for the Arachnomorph Pet. Fixed a crash that occurred in the instance of The Tower of Ordeals. The patch notes are complete at this point. Path of Exile is now available to purchase for the Xbox One, PS4, and personal computers. Buy cheap PoE Curreny Items from aoeah.com, with constant delivery and a safe deal! 

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