We Read All AnonymSMS Reviews: Here is What You Need To Know

We Read All AnonymSMS Reviews: Here is What You Need To Know

Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly reluctant to give out their personal number when it comes to signing up for new services or similar activities. What was – was upon a time – a simple measure that was needed in order to sign up for a new account, has now become something that can greatly compromise your security and privacy online. 

The minute you enter and submit your number into a new app or service, it’s saved onto a huge database and, although it may lay dormant at first, it will ultimately end up being used to annoy you massively as the sales and marketing calls begin. That’s even before it’s sold onto third parties for more of the same! It’s for this very reason that services such as AnonymSMS exist. The aim is simple: to provide online temporary numbers to receive SMS online that totally eliminates the need of putting your personal number in to verify a service. The result? No sales or marketing calls and no compromises on your online security! We’ve gone through all of AnonymSMS’s reviews online to present you with the real facts and feedback of its service. 

What is AnonymSMS & How Does It Work?

AnonymSMS is a service whereby you can receive SMS for free online, all on temporary numbers. You can choose from numbers from different countries around the world, and use them to receive your SMS verification and one-time passwords without the need of putting your own number in and compromising your privacy. The service was designed to be super easy to use, and takes minutes from going onto the website to receiving your SMS. 

The steps to use AnonymSMS are as follows:

  • Go on to their website – Anonymsms.com
  • If you scroll down, you’ll find the country code that you can use.
  • Double-click on the specific number you’ve chosen
  • Input the number on the app you’re trying to register with
  • Wait for the SMS verification to appear on the AnonymSMS website under that number
  • Repeat the process however many times you need to

Why Should You Use AnonymSMS?

Using AnonymSMS is hugely beneficial for those looking for an SMS service online. If “User-Interface” matters to you, the site is extremely user-friendly, easy to use and understand. As soon as the page loads, it’s pretty clear what it is you need to do. The country codes are all listed, giving you a clear choice in terms of which one is for you. You’ll then be able to select a specific number or area code from the country that you choose. Upon double-clicking, the number is then ready to use. All in all, it takes seconds to get to the stage of being ready to use one of their numbers in place of your own. The site works quickly, with no lags or delays when it comes to receiving your SMS. Better still, the service is 100% free – you won’t even need to input your card details. You can use the service time and time again and even use a different number each time.

AnonymSMS – The Pros & Cons

We normally have no problems with listing both the positive and negative aspects of an online service; but when it comes to AnonymSMS, we fall a little bit short when it comes to any cons! Still, as a balanced review service, here’s what you need to know:

The Pros

  • Entirely free service
  • No registration necessary
  • Choose from many different numbers
  • Choose from different country codes around the world
  • New numbers are added daily
  • No lags or delays when SMS is being received
  • Site is very user friendly 
  • Numbers become inactive – no overburn 
  • Use for any service you need worldwide

The Cons

  • There could be more country-codes offered – having said that, it still covers a lot of countries. That is literally the only con we could come up with, and even that was hard. 

What Do Users Say? 

The below are a few reviews from TrustPilot:

So much valuable information about numbers. I know which is new number, which is overburn, active, inactive etc. love the service anonymsms provides.”

“To be the honest this is the best temporary number website i have ever seen. I am using this website on any kind of registration. The interface is quite easy to use and understand. You can use any temporary number to anywhere with the help of Anonymous. No doubt i am surely gonna recommend you all to try this app!!”

“I have visited multiple websites to get a disposable number, but this was the perfect one.”

As you can see above, AnonymSMS has some pretty amazing reviews. In fact, you could scroll page after page on TrustPilot and fail to find one single negative one. When it comes to how good a service is, trust the people! The reviews don’t lie.

What Makes AnonymSMS Better Than Its Competitors?

Each online SMS service is, of course, different, and each may have their own unique selling points. So it’s only fair to compare the standard aspects of these websites and leave the decision of which one to choose to you, based on their own bespoke services. When it comes to AnonymSMS, they seem to lead on a good few fronts. A lot of other services either offer a free-trial service before having to pay, are subscription-only services, or do offer a free service but with numbers that are overused and on a site that is full of ads. AnonymSMS is totally free and entirely user-friendly, meaning not only will you never have to pay a penny to use the service, but you’ll also experience no delays either. 

You’ll also have the choice to use numbers from around the world – still all free. Other services may offer you numbers from the US only, for example. You can even choose the specific number you want to use with an area code of your choice. AnonymSMS adds new temporary numbers on a daily basis, a very rare find for a totally free site. This means that not only will you be able to use a new number each time you use their service, you’ll also never experience any lagging or delays when receiving your SMS.