X-Elerated Warcraft Guide Review – Best Wow Leveling Guide?

World of Warcraft’s level improvement guides have seen rapid user growth and competition.

The problem is which WoW pump guide to choose, so the next X-elerated Warcraft Guide will help you choose if the guide meets your requirements.

I’m not going to list all the benefits and features you’ve probably already read about! Instead, let’s see how this guide actually works and, more importantly, works with other guides available to WoW.

The guide focuses on the in-game guide to raising the level at which we will focus in this review of the X-elerated Warcraft Guide.

So how does the X-Elerated Warcraft Guide work?

The Warcraft X-elerated Leveling Guide has a unique but simple technique for calculating the best WoW development strategy, which is primarily a combination of individual research and grind.

First of all, the guide calculates optimized upgrade routes in single quests based on a simple formula that looks like this:

Experience gained for each mission, divided by the total time required to complete each mission!

This simple formula allows the guide to calculate the most optimized assessment route for your class.

The second part of the X-Elerated guide strategy is the old grind school, and it was here that I felt that the management began to lose confidence!

Not only am I annoyed by the squeak, but there are not many advantages, at least to later levels, where you can quickly destroy mobs using powerful combos and abilities!

How well does the Warcraft X-elerated guide work?

To be honest, the Warcraft X-elerated add-on was quite stable, without unnecessary hassle and clearly corresponded to the conditions of service Blizzards.

As with most additions to the game, the manual is constantly updated and will track your progress and calculate whether you are still following an optimized upgrade route, which should be said very well compared to other additions in the available WoW updates. .

Fast pumping in WoW?

For me, the Warcraft Guide X-elerated was a little hesitant in terms of performance-improving power in WoW.

The aspect of sharpening in the manual was a little overrated, but it offered some advantages for alignment purposes, although I was advised to start sharpening from the third level, which really didn’t make sense.

The process of calculating the route of the quest is simple, but effective and will definitely help you achieve the level of Power of World of Warcraft during self-exploration.

So is it possible to raise the level of the character in less than 4 days of the game?

We never succeeded, but we only tested it on one character! It took us just under 8 days of game time, which is still good considering that we had to learn to navigate and use the manual.


At the end of my X-sample Warcraft Guide, I’d recommend the X-Elerated Warcraft Guide for players who clearly want to raise the level quickly in WoW, but also love the combination of single quests and grind.

The level improvement guide isn’t the most effective than Ultimate WoW’s guide, which focuses mostly on single quests, but the X-elerated guide offers another in-game strategy that may be appropriate for certain types of players.

Want to align your characters in no time from 1 to 90?

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