5 Safest Chatroulette Video Chat Alternative

5 Safest Chatroulette Video Chat Alternative

Need the safest chatroulette video chat alternative? That’s exactly what this list is all about.

Every single site on this list will let you instantly connect to strangers, without registering. These are 100% anonymous and allow text+ video chats for free.

Obviously the level of safety they offer differs. Some platforms like Only2chat are transparent and use strong encryption and a “no log” policy, others may be opaque with their policies.

Either way, if you wish to talk to strangers on the internet in the next 10 seconds or so, this list is all you need..

1. Only2chat (recommended for safe & encrypted chats)

Website: https://only2chat.com/

Primary features:

  • No registration/name required
  • 100% free
  • 500+ active users at all times
  • Large female base
  • Extremely easy UI
  • Advanced encryption for safety
  • Text chat

You’ll love Only2chat for more than one reasons. First, it doesn’t demand registration. You do not have to fill in a name or basically anything else. You can literally just go to the website and start video chatting with random strangers.

Secondly, its user-base. You’ll never run out of people as I’ve never seen less than 500 active users on the platform at any given time.

And third (only applicable if you’re a straight male) its user-base is largely female. Additionally, the female on here aren’t exactly “shy” if you know what I mean.

The controls and interface couldn’t be any simpler. There are literally just two buttons- STOP and NEXT. Stop terminates your session entirely, while “next” connects you to a new user.

The company pays special attention to encryption. That’s what makes it one of the safest chatroulette video chat alternative. It encrypts everything before it’s transmitted. Moreover, the server doesn’t save any messages, they’re wiped once you terminate your session.

You totally can send text chats if you aren’t the “talking” type. Did I mention it’s 100% free? No hidden ads pop up either.

2. Omegle

Website: https://www.omegle.com/

Primary features;

  • No registration required
  • Extremely active user-base
  • Special feature for college students
  • “Interest” feature helps find strangers with similar interests
  • “Unmoderated” section for 18+ content
  • 100% free

I doubt anyone here searching for a Chatroulette website hasn’t heard of Omegle. It’s literally “the” most popular and active website for video chatting with complete strangers in an instant.

It has a massive user-base and you’ll generally find over 20,000+ members online at any given time.

Moreover, you can add your interests before you start a session. E.g. if I add #BTS Omegle connects me to other users who’ve entered the same keywords. This helps connect to strangers who’re random and yet interested in the same things as me.

There’s also a “college student” feature. If you’ve an e-mail that ends with .edu/.ac.xx/ or .edu.xx it’ll connect you to other college students.

Omegle lets you chat using either just text, or video + text.

Again, there’s absolutely no registration or identification required. There’s even an “unmoderated” section. You won’t find a lot of people here, but if you do let’s just say expect some “naughty” streams.

3. Chatrandom

Website: https://chatrandom.com/

  • Extensive gender filters
  • Country filters
  • Registration optional (required for using filters)
  • In-built masks for video chat.
  • Can hide location
  • iOS & Android apps available.
  • 100% free

Chatrandom offers a bit more advanced interface than the other two options mentioned above. For starters, you get to select a “gender” you’re interested in. It’s not just limited to male/females rather also includes couples and LGBTQ options.

Then, you also get to select the country you’d be most interested  to meet people from. It also has a special button dedicated just to connect gay folks to each other.

Do note that these filters are only available after you sign up. It’s free. You can still use Chatrandom without signing up but these filters wouldn’t ‘t be available.

You can add your interests as keywords here as well. The app then tries to connect you to people with similar interests.

It even has in-built “masks” you can use which stick to your face keeping you anonymous while still letting you use your webcam.

You can even hide your location, use automated intro messages, link to social media accounts and much more.

There’s also an optional “verification” feature. Getting verified gets you a badge and more connections, faster.

Obviously both text and video chats are possible.  The app is also available on both iOS and Android devices if you’d rather use a mobile phone.

4. Camsurf

Website: https://camsurf.com/

Primary features:

  • Gender filters
  • Country filters
  • Registration not mandatory, required for filters.
  • Private, encrypted chats possible.
  • Video + text chat
  • Mobile apps available
  • 100% free

Camsurf is another web RTC application (a program that makes real-time communication possible in browsers). The site claims to have a total of 5,632,249+ users although we haven’t verified this data independently.

Again, you get to select a preferred gender. It can be male/female/ couple and LGBTQ. Country filters too are available. Again, like Chatrandom these filters are only available for you if you sign up.

Again, two primary buttons dominate most of your time. You can either quit your session, or click the “next” button.

There’s also a “private chat” option. You can invite others to chat privately with you. Other users won’t get access to you and the private chats are unmoderated. Also, these are encrypted.

5. Chathub

Website: https://chathub.cam/

Primary features:

  • Country & language filters (free)
  • Gender filters (paid)
  • Separate room for adult chats.
  • Webcam+mic requiring filters
  • Anonymous, no registration required.
  • 100% free.

Chathub is without doubt another of the safest Chatroulette video chat alternative. For starters, you simply select your gender and you’re in. No signing up or forms need to be filled.

There are two primary rooms. The “Talk” room lets you use the platform for everyday conversations. The second room is the “Flirt” room, it’s basically the adult room.

It even offers you filters so you’re connected to people who meet certain requirements. You can choose to only connect with those “with face” (webcam), or “with audio” (mic),

There are gender filters as well. However, you not only have to sign up for those but also pay for a subscription which is $14.99/month. Fortunately, you can also select specific languages and countries but these are free!

The site does have a few rules but none against nudity, if that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in.

Final words – Safest Chatroulette video chat alternative?

I’d say just go with Only2chat.  It’s completely free, offers some of the safest and strongest encryption protocols and doesn’t store your messages ever.  Even the features are the best, especially if you consider it’s completely free.

Sure you can go with the other alternatives here if you like the features they’re offering. Just be sure to not share personal information or location (when possible)  with random strangers on the internet.

Why don’t you start with Only2Chat and then switch to the others if you feel like it? Go give these a try, that’s the only way to know for sure, eh?