145 Nursing Subjects For Research

An evaluation of the community services for nurses available for pregnant women and newborns. A comparative study of nursing and medical care needs in different cities. The use of community services for nurses by patients after surgical procedures. Clinical treatment of hospital patients with cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. The role of nurses in improving the quality of medical services.

Discuss the major pain treatment therapies used in children to address post-surgery pain. Discuss the common causes of colds in children, natural prevention and treatment methods. Discuss the measures that nurses who care for elderly patients can observe to prevent stroke in their patients. Healthcare for the elderly is among the most necessary in society. Like babies, the elderly need constant medical attention. Discuss the role of nurses in controlling mental disorders and the gaps identified in the nursing profession with regard to the same.

However, students often also struggle to find the right subject of nursing research. If you chose nursing as a specialty, you probably know how challenging and demanding nursing research is. While many students are excited to finish their studies and work in prestigious hospitals and practices, they face a number of common challenges. The most common is to keep up to date with practical tasks and writing tasks. Qualitative nursing research aims to collect information about the subjective experiences of patients.

It is usually done in the form of interviews, notes and diaries. It helps to understand complex phenomena and is often used in psychology. Nurses are sometimes interviewed themselves about their working conditions. This type of research allows nurses to improve their practice by constantly learning from experience. If you have chosen an evidence-based practical research topic for nursing, find suitable subjects for your experiment.

Critical problems with the thesis on birth care are always a hot topic that is discussed. Your personal birth experience in your family can also help collect a lot of informative data. Choose wisely from the proposed topics listed below and work on them. This means that it has many research degrees for the care of the elderly in the nursing domain. You can also opt for emergency issues related to the elderly and paper ideas on nursing ethics.

However, not all nurses with doctorates do research activities. Table 6.1 shows that 75 percent of nurses with a doctorate work in nursing schools . Not surprisingly, the amount of time spent on research varies by type and place of employment, but in total less than 7 percent of nurses surveyed reported that research was an important function (ANA, 1981, p. 44). Table 6.1 also shows that nurses working in nursing schools spend on average less research time than nurses in other environments, for example other professional health schools. Since most nurses work with doctorates in nursing schools, this worries those who try to generate more nursing research. Home care as an alternative to hospitalization was the focus of several studies reviewed by Fagin, all of which pointed to potential or actual savings from home care over hospitalization.

Finally, we will list 110 main topics of nursing research that you can use today. Sometimes even spending hours assessing online journals and publications is not enough to develop a good nursing research theme. To help you, here at Study Clerk, we offer you the list of topics about nursing research. A common mistake students make is too specific; however, selecting the right subject is an elimination process.

For example, training patients to administer intravenous antibiotics at home reduced hospital admissions and treatment costs. Likewise, the average cost of home care for children who died of cancer was carefully coordinated by nurses and provided by parents was 18 times cheaper than those in a hospital for similar children. As you know, mental health problems are increasing day by day. So why not choose your paper topic on mental health?. But remember that these topics are a bit sensitive and require updated information on the topic.

Maybe there should be a disease or condition that interests you. Inspiration can come from your family, personal experience or friends. If he or she is interested in risk factors or prevention methods, subjects can be chosen. If students do not have a disease or condition, they can choose a particular health problem that interests them. They can take the time to think about what health problem has led them to enter the nursing profession in the first place.

Normally, students studying nursing or medical care study hard and have to investigate various complicated problems. One of the greatest difficulties nurses face is how to find the right balance between their studies and their work / internship. Essays In Nursing Nurses are often the ones who have to practice a lot, even though they still study. In addition, they are responsible for providing some specific medical instructions and providing care and support to patients when they are unwell.