Teach Your Children the Art of Cooking

I have four children 13 years and younger. All of them have been cooking for several years. It started when they wanted to help me cook my food by kning out the dough or adding ingredients.

Then it gradually progressed and I let them cook while I watched them alone. It really got them interested in cooking. They searched my cookbooks for new recipes and tried to make desserts.

When my daughter was 10, she started cooking on her own. First she used recipes she found in a cookbook, or family recipes, then she started experimenting and creating her own recipes. One of the first dishes she cooked for us was chicken with lemon and ginger and pasta with angular hair. It was great, and this success helped her grow and learn to cook. About two years ago she created a recipe that is now one of our favorites.


2 pounds diced chicken
2 pounds diced steak
3 green peppers
3 onions
1 packet of Nacho crisps
1 can of white cheese sauce

How to get there:

  1. Place all the ingredients in a large frying pan and cook until the meat stops being pink and the vegetables are a little crunchy.
    Serve with nachos and pour over the curd sauce.

My 7-year-old son likes to get up in the morning and cook pancakes. He kneaded the dough and baked it without any instructions on my part. Don’t worry, I taught them all the safety rules in the kitchen, and they are very good at being careful and not fooling around to the stove. He is also happy to take the order for breakfast and cook for us.

Cooking gives them a sense of accomplishment. I also know that they will not depend on anyone, especially the boys.

So grab your kids and go to the kitchen, they’ll never be too small to start cooking !!!

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