8 Best VPS Hosting Seattle [Tested]

8 Best VPS Hosting Seattle [Tested]

The best VPS hosting Seattle in 2023. If you need a VPS server in Seattle, this list will help you get it.

Getting a VPS server helps you get a faster website, with a lot more  customization and scalability than a VPS server. However, getting a VPS server close to your target-audience just takes things to a whole new level.

Every single company on this page offers VPS servers from Seattle.  Obviously, that’s just one metric. To help you choose better, I’ve also discussed the other metrics you need to consider when choosing your VPS.

Let’s get you a Seattle VPS then?

How to choose best VPS hosting Seattle?

I’m confident anyone on this piece already know how to choose a Seattle VPS. However, just in case you’re new, I’ve curated a list to help you out.

  • Management: VPS servers are either managed, or unmanaged. Managed servers are servers which are completely managed from the company’s end. You do not have to take care of updates, security, software or any other issues. Unmanaged servers only give you the “server”. You need to take care of everything on the server from your own end
  • Root access: Most VPS companies offer root access by default. However, some do not, especially on their managed plans. Hence, be sure to verify its availability before you choose a server.
  • Refund policy: Verify if the company has a refund policy. If yes, how long.
  • The pricing: Your budget obviously comes into effect. However, as a thumb rule, it’s okay to spend a few extra bucks when it comes to servers. Do not always prioritize the budget if you can help it. Cheap isn’t always better with these.
  • Freebies: Check if the company offers any freebies. Free migrations, SSL certificates, and free backups are generally helpful and offered often.
  • Server quality: I’ve tested as many of these servers as possible and shared the results on this piece. Obviously, a faster server is the better choice.

The 8 Best VPS Hosting Seattle 2023

1. Hostwinds

Website: https://www.hostwinds.com/

Hostwinds VPS Seattle

  • Management: Unmanaged + Managed
  • DDoS protection (paid)
  • Root access (for both managed & unmanaged servers)
  • 72-hour moneyback guarantee
  • Paid backups available
  • 24X7 live support
  • Free migrations
  • Starting price: $4.99/month

Hostwinds is actually one of the more popular names on this list. I’ve used it previously when I was searching for VPS in the Netherlands. Seattle is just one of its 4 other locations.

It offers both managed, as well as unmanaged VPS. The managed VPS is like having a personal system administrator for your VPS. Hostwinds will take care of any and all issues on your managed VPS from their end. This includes updates, security, software installation and everything else.

I tested out its Seattle servers and the speed I got was sure impressive.

best vps seattle

This is impressive because my normal internet downloads average lower than 1.5Mbps! So 3+Mbps for a server from Seattle? Totally impressive.

Root access is available on both its managed, as well as unmanaged plans. This is important. Not all VPS providers offer root access on their unmanaged VPS servers.

The company also offers free migrations. Not just from a different provider, but also from a different server type (e.g. Shared to VPS).

Now, Hostwinds does have nightly backups. However, there’s a $1.00 base price + $0.03/GB monthly storage. It’s not very expensive, but it’s not  free as well.

DDoS protection too is available, at an additional cost.

Unmanaged VPS servers in Seattle start at $4.99/month. Managed VPS costs $8.24/month minimum. There’s a 72-hour refund policy.

As for support, there’s a 24X7 live-chat that’s pretty responsive.

2. VPSServer

Website: https://www.vpsserver.com/seattle-vps/

seattle VPS Server

  • Management: Managed + unmanaged ($49.95/month extra)
  • Root access
  • No free daily backups
  • 24X7 live support
  • 7-day moneyback guarantee
  • No free migrations
  • No free SSL certificates
  • Starting price: $4.99/month

I’ll be honest, do not expect a lot from VPS Server in terms of support or freebies. It sure provides you VPS servers in Seattle. Arguably, it’s one of the best Seattle VPS servers, but that’s about it.

I say that because there are no free migrations, free SSL certificates or free backups.

All servers are unmanaged by default. You can opt for “management” at any time, by enabling SLA. This in my opinion is a tad-bit expensive and costs an additional $49.95/month.

On the flip side, it offers a 100% free 7-day trial on most of its VPS packages. The plans start at a low $4.99/month.

The support is impressive though. There’s a live-chat you can connect to any time of the day and they help you out.

Root access is provided on all plans. I did test the network and it averaged out at about 2Mbps. Not the best on this list, but totally more than I expected. In other words, it won’t slow your site down.

3. UltaHost

Website: https://ultahost.com/usa-seattle-vps

UltaHost Seattle VPS Hosting

  • Management: Managed + unmanaged (on request)
  • DDoS protection (free)
  • Root access (for both managed & unmanaged servers)
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Free daily backups
  • 24X7 live support
  • Free migrations
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Staging environments
  • Starting price: $5.50/month

UltaHost is one of the most feature-rich VPS in Seattle. I say that because it offers a ton of freebies which most other options on this list do not.

So, by default, all its plans are “managed”. However, you can get in touch with the team and request unmanaged servers.

It’s one of the very rare companies on this list that offers a “staging environment”. This lets you “preview” your website without making it live on the web.

It also offers free daily backups which as you’ve seen most VPS providers do not. Then, there’s also free migration if you’re already hosted on some other server. SSL certificates too are taken care of without any additional cost.

Root access is obviously provided on all plans (yes, including managed servers). Basic DDoS protection is provided by BitNinja among some other features.

There’s a 24X7 live-chat support that helps you whenever you need. Plans start at $5.50/month. There’s a 30-day refund policy across all plans.

4. Cloudzy

Website : https://cloudzy.com/seattle-vps/


  • Management: Unmanaged only
  • DDoS protection
  • Root access
  • 7-day moneyback guarantee
  • No free backups
  • 24X7 live support
  • Doesn’t offer migrations for free.
  • Starting price: $7.95/month

Cloudzy is what most other Seattle VPS on this list would be like. It offers what most of you seek but nothing too extravagant or surprising.

So, I started out with a speed test. I must say I was impressed. At my location, given my distance from Seattle, and my normal speed, what I got from these servers was impressive.

vps hosting seattle

As I mentioned earlier, anything above `1.5Mbps is a very rare occurrence for me.

Then, you do get to choose from Windows/Linux options. Root access is provided with all servers. This offers you full and absolute control over the VPS.

The servers also have in-built DDoS protection.

There are a total of 4 plans to choose from. The cheapest plan is priced at $7.95/month. The most expensive plan costs $54.95/month.

Unfortunately, they do not offer managed servers. Free backups too aren’t included but that’s expected, most VPS companies have similar backup policies.

Now, there’s a 7-day moneyback guarantee in case you don’t like the services. As for support, there’s a 24X7 live-chat. It’s instant, very responsive does solve most of your problems.

5. VPSDime

Website: https://vpsdime.com/linux-vps

  • Management: Unmanaged + managed ($10.00/10 minutes)
  • DDoS protection
  • Root access
  • 72-hour moneyback guarantee
  • No free backups
  • No live-chat for unregistered customers
  • Doesn’t offer migrations for free.
  • Starting price: $7.00/month

VPSDime does offer VPS hosting Seattle with most, if not all the feature you seek. It has this very desirable “optional add-on” business model.

For starters, all its plans are unmanaged. However, if you pay an extra $10.00/10 minutes, you get complete management from their end.

This is better than committing to a much higher “fixed” management fee. You’ll only need management once or twice a month, or less. Why commit to such charges, right?

Then, it does offer nightly backups for a fixed price of $5.00/month. Again, The “per day” cost on this is negligible and it’s almost free, isn’t it? Each day’s backup will be retained for 3 days!

Similarly, you can pay a few extra bucks and get FTP setup, cPanel hardening, remote desktop setup and much more.

VPS plans start at an affordable $7.00/month. There’s a 72-hour moneyback policy on all its plans.

Unfortunately, there’s no live-chat for unregistered customers. It’s not very good with freebies either. You don’t get any of the free stuff (SSL/migration).

Basic DDoS protection is free. Root access is available on all plans.

6. RackNerd

Website: https://www.racknerd.com/seattle-datacenter

  • Management: Managed + unmanaged (on request)
  • Root access
  • No free daily backups
  • No refund policy
  • 24X7 live support
  • Doesn’t offer migrations for free.
  • No free SSL certificates
  • Starting price: $17.99/month

RackNerd is another VPS providers that offers VPS servers in Seattle. It too isn’t very generous with its free add-ons.

It does offer complete root access on all its VPS servers. All servers are unmanaged by default. You may be able to get management but there are no official plans. You can get in touch with the team, they do offer management in some cases.

Although,  no freebies are included. You don’t get the SSL, free migration or backups for free.

As for support, there sure is a 24X7 live-chat you can take help from.

The plans are on the higher end of the budget. The cheapest plan you can opt for is $17.99/month.  (There’s another plan starting much lower, but it’s only billed annually and is priced at $22.99/year).

There’s no refund policy whatsoever.

7. Premium RDP

Website: https://www.premiumrdp.com/vps-in-seattle-washington-united-states/

  • Management: Managed only.
  • Root access
  • No refund policy
  • No free daily backups
  • Live-chat exists, doesn’t work.
  • Doesn’t offer migrations for free.
  • No free SSL certificates
  • Starting price: $7.00/month

Premium RDP is probably the cheapest managed VPS on this list. It starts at a low $8.00/month. All its plans are managed and unmanaged servers aren’t available.

Root access is provided with all plans.

While most other freebies aren’t available, it does offer free DDoS protection. Multiple OS distributions are sure available and can be chosen from.

DirectAdmin Control panel is available for free. Most other panels can be purchased during signup.

8. PureVoltage

Website: https://purevoltage.com/vps-servers.php

  • Management: Unmanaged
  • Root access
  • No refund policy
  • No free daily backups
  • Live-chat exists, doesn’t work.
  • Doesn’t offer migrations for free.
  • No free SSL certificates
  • Starting price: $7.00/month

PureVoltage is low on this VPS hosting Seattle list for a reason. It only offers you the VPS, absolute nothing else. This is only being listed because it does offer VPS servers in Seattle. But, honestly? This should totally be your last choice.

All servers are unmanaged. There’s a live-chat that doesn’t always work and most of the time you can’t get a hold of a representative to help you out.

Root access is provided on all plans. You do not get free SSL, backups or migration. All of that is to be managed independently from a third-party.

Plans start at $7.00/month. There’s no refund policy.

Final words- Best VPS hosting Seattle

So, which is the best VPS hosting in Seattle? I’ll say Hostwinds.

Note that there certainly are VPS providers much better than Hostwinds. However, when it comes to “Seattle” as a datacenter, Hostwinds winds.

Obviously, any other provider with the list will make you happy (more or less). Do note that I’ve exclusively listed the “VPS” providers, and not the cloud servers.

Even though this wasn’t a “ranked” list, I’ll say the top 6 on this list offer the best VPS Seattle hosting, the bottom 2 are more of last straws.

But hey, your budget, requirements and everything else is subjective and personal isn’t it? So, I’d advise you start with Hostwinds and see if it works for you. If not, you can always switch to one of these other best VPS hosting Seattle companies, right?

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